You Might Be Targeted For An Amex Platinum 100K Welcome Bonus

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The CardMatch Tool, which is offered by, often gives people access to bigger targeted card welcome bonuses. In order to use the tool you have to enter your name, address, and last four of your social security number, and based on that, it may make certain targeted offers available to you.

Last November I wrote about how there was a targeted 100K welcome bonus on the Amex Platinum Card through the CardMatch Tool. The bonus stayed around for a while, then it seemed to disappear for a while, and then it returned again in February. Doctor Of Credit reports that a new batch of people have now been targeted for this offer, so if you haven’t taken advantage of this offer in the past, you’ll want to see if you’re targeted.

To see if you’re eligible for this bonus of 100,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $5,000 within three months, enter your info through this link. You might have to click on either “Pre-Qualified” or “CardMatch Special Offers” on the left side of the page to find this offer.

This is significantly better than the current publicly available bonus of 60K Membership Rewards points.

Again, this is targeted, so not everyone will be eligible. However, in general it makes sense to check the CardMatch Tool periodically to see if you’re targeted for any offers. Hopefully some of you are eligible for this 100K Amex Platinum Card offer and can take advantage of this.

The Amex Platinum Card is one of my all around favorite credit cards, and comes with so many awesome benefits, including:

Get access to Amex Centurion Lounge with your Amex Platinum Card

If you are targeted for this offer, then I highly recommend taking advantage of this killer deal. The CardMatch Tool may also have targeted offers for some other cards (including the Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card, which sometimes offers a targeted welcome bonus of up to 50,000 points), so I recommend checking it out to see what you’re eligible for.

Were you targeted for an Amex Platinum Card 100K offer (or anything else interesting) through the CardMatch Tool?

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  1. @lucky, both in February and on this offer, the CardMatch tool says that it can’t find a credit record for me. Very strange as I have the AMEX Everyday Preferred, the Chase Sapphire Reserve and Chase Freedom, as well as a Discover card. Moreover, I’ve been at the same address for 2.5 years. Any suggestions here? I regularly am targetted my AMEX and Citi for additional cards, but not sure how to see if I am eligible as I’d far prefer the 40k + add on.

  2. I’ve tried this multiple times for a some time and I never got this offer. Can I call Amex to ask for this offer? I have other Amex cards and I am preapproved for the Platinum card on Amex’s website.

  3. So I didn’t get the 100k MR, however I got an offer for 50k MR points for $1000 in spend on the gold card

  4. @Max

    You can get 100k bonus twice on separate Platinum products (e.g. regular Plat and Mercedes-Benz Plat), which is what I did a few years ago.

  5. I never get any amex offers from this. I have the delta platinum and spg amex cards and have been waiting for a 100k platinum offer to apply for it. Anyone know if amex would “blacklist” me because I filed a better bureau business complaint with them a few years back ??

  6. Will this fail if you have a fraud alert on your current credit history? I have such an alert set and never get this offer.

  7. I got the 100K offer on Cardmatch, which is confirmed as pre-approved when navigating through to the Amex site. BUT when clicking to apply, before entering any information, Amex says the offer is no longer available. Retried several times with the same result.

  8. Update – tried again, and Amex application actually opened on the 11th try. Even better – approved immediately. Posting on OMAAT must bring good luck…

  9. I don’t have any offer from Amex as well, and I’ve checked every time I read about it since last November.

  10. What is the real world value trade-off of getting 5x points booking to airline directly with Plat vs 3x with chase Res but getting travel insurance?

  11. @iamokej — Are you accessing from outside the U.S.? I was also getting the 403 page until I turned on my VPN and routed through the States.

  12. No Amex deal for me, but several for Chase. If a Chase offer shows up, does that mean I would qualify for it despite being over the 5/24 standard?

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