Excellent New Amex Gold Card 60K Bonus!

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The American Express® Gold Card, which I consider to be one of the most underrated cards out there, has a phenomenal new publicly available welcome bonus.

Amex Gold Card 60K welcome bonus

The $250 annual fee (Rates & FeesAmex Gold Card is offering a welcome bonus of 60,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $4,000 within six months:

  • I value Amex Membership Rewards points at ~1.7 cents each, so to me that bonus is worth a massive $1,020
  • You have six months to complete minimum spending, which is much longer than usual, and will come in handy for many who may be spending less nowadays

Redeem your Amex points towards some exciting future adventures

Amex Gold Card bonus eligibility

For those who haven’t had the Amex Gold Card, there are some (positive) things to be aware of when it comes to eligibility and approval odds for the card:

  • The welcome bonus on the card isn’t available to those who have or have had the Amex Gold Card or the Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card; however, you can get the card if you’ve received a bonus on any other card
  • The Amex Gold Card is a charge card rather than a credit card, meaning it doesn’t count towards the typical American Express credit card limit (see here for the usual Amex credit card restrictions); even if you’re maxed out on Amex credit cards, you’re likely still eligible for this card
  • In my experience Amex charge cards are among the easiest to be approved for if you have excellent credit, so even if you’re someone who struggles to be approved for Chase or Citi cards, you may be pleasantly surprised if you try to apply

I find Amex charge cards fairly easy to be approved for

Why you should consider the Amex Gold Card

The Amex Gold Card is an extremely well rounded rewards card that earns Membership Rewards points, and arguably it has a rewards structure that’s perfect for this new era we live in.

The card offers:

  • 4x points at restaurants, 4x points at U.S. supermarkets (on up to $25,000 per calendar year), and 3x points on flights booked directly with airlines; earning so many points per dollar at supermarkets and restaurants (including takeout) is great
  • Up to a $120 annual dining credit and up to a $100 annual airline fee credit (the airline fee credit is going away in 2022, but it very well could be replaced by an even more exciting perk)
  • Lots of the great perks you typically associate with Amex cards, like the Amex Offers program 

See this post for a full review of the Amex Gold Card.

Earn 4x points on dining globally with the Amex Gold

Bottom line

The Amex Gold Card has a new publicly available bonus of 60K points, which I value at more than $1,000. There are lots of other reasons to get the card, from 4x points on dining and U.S. supermarkets, to up to $220 in annual credits.

On top of that, the Amex Gold is quite easy to be approved for, in my experience, and thanks to it being a charge card, it won’t even count towards your American Express credit card limit.

The following links will direct you to the rates and fees for mentioned American Express Cards. These include: American Express® Gold Card (Rates & Fees).

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  1. Lesson learned for me on Amex offers:

    Per Lucky’s post, I saw I was targeted on this card for $150 at Four Seasons if I spent $750. Great! I’ll plan a trip!

    I did just that. Lined up everything, bought plane tickets and then I went back on my Amex to “add” the offer to my card.

    Gone. Zilch. Even though we are *far* front be expiration displayed.

    Lesson learned: offers are limited and temporary, and you must add them to your specific card before you “have” it. Even if you will never redeem it.

    No doubt thousands of people added this offer who will not use it. I am going to a FS next weekend and missed out on $150 because I waited to click “add.” Bummer!

    Hopefully this helps someone out there.

    I guess the move is just to add every single offer as there is no downside and all upside to doing so.

  2. So if I have a Platinum and got my 60k sign-up bonus from that (about a year ago) I can still get this and get another 60k? Am I reading this correctly?

  3. @Daniel

    You might have been maxed out at a 100 offers so new ones came up. Did you try adding other offers so it could come back up? I always try to keep my offers under 100 so I have access to all available offers.

  4. @Ben

    Are you sure you have 6 months to meet the spending requirement? When I clicked on your link it shows 3 months.

  5. When you consider the 3 for all referral bonus, now may be the time for me to refer my wife for the Gold.

  6. does anyone know if the round-town perks (groceries, etc) apply the the Business Gold Card as well?


  7. I chatted with 2 AMEX ops to see if they can see my history with the Gold, they both said no records. When I applied the popup showed up, so i backed out. I had it ~2012 but heard they wont see it after 7-8 yrs, guess not exactly.

  8. Apparently the AMEX Gold Card is losing the $100 airline credit in 2022 (see: Points Guy), as they’re going to do a different benefit.

    I wonder if it’s going to edge that card away from being a travel card to being a lifestyle/dining/grocery card, and they’ll leave Green and Platinum to be travel cards.

  9. @Ryan – try again in 30 days, same thing happened to me and my FICO is 795, first time not approved second time was instant approval.

    I also check the pre-qualified offer on amex.com and was able to get the Gold with 75K sign up bonus and spent in 6 months not 3

  10. 800 FICO, have Hilton Aspire Card, approved with bonus. More intelligent wife currently 760 FICO (which is bizarre, she has all the money), has Hilton Aspire Card and Blue card, denied the bonus offer. Strange.

  11. Yup. That ANA business flight you’re not taking because FREEDOM!

    Ben, you’re lucky you have another passport, but I would bet that still doesn’t get you into Japan.

  12. You may want to mention to readers that Amex has announced that the $100 annual airline fee credit is going away as of 2022, not that it was very easy to use the airline credit. For a $250 AF card it leaves a lot to be desired. Used to be a good card but now I am looking at it and not seeing the value. I can get a $95 citi premier card and get 3 ThankYou Points for restaurants
    supermarkets, gas stations and also on air travel and hotels. All this with a 60k SUB. On top of that I dunno if building up a credit card point balance is the best move in this environment with travel soo restricted and who knows what devaluations we will see when travel comes back.

  13. @ Daniel — Sorry to hear about that. It is indeed possible that it disappears as sign-ups are limited, though it still sounds a bit strange that it disappeared that quickly and won’t return. I’d keep a close eye on your account, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it reappear. I assume you don’t have 100 offers on your account, because if you do, adding some could make it reappear?

    Hopefully the offer comes back, but you took away the right lesson — always add offers, even if you’re not sure you’ll be able to use them.

  14. @ dc_nomad — That’s really strange. The official marketing materials say six months, and when I click the link, that’s also what I see. Maybe try a different browser, or clear your cookies, because the offer should be for six months to complete spending…

  15. @ Mark S. — The business version of the card has different bonus categories, so it doesn’t have the same ones for dining, groceries, etc.

  16. @ Andrew — I know most of us probably aren’t going to visit Japan anytime soon, though I do think it’ll be possible again within the next couple of years. So I see nothing wrong with dreaming about my next trip there…

  17. @ eponymous coward — Personally I think the whole airline fee credit concept needs to be refreshed at this point, especially as we’ve seen most major US airlines eliminate change fees. I don’t view it as a huge loss, and hopefully it’ll be replaced with something more grocery/dining related that’s still valuable.

  18. Amex Gold is well worth it without any airline fee credit as 4x dining and 4x grocery is worth a net $130 fee (account for the Grubhub credit). If they replace the airline credit it is a net positive.

  19. Used your link to apply this morning, and got an instant approval. At first the welcome offer showed a 3 month period to complete the $4000 spend requirement. After switching to an incognito window in the Chrome browser, and clicking your link, the 6 month terms appeared. I noticed you had mentioned that might work in a previous comment, and sure enough, it did 🙂

  20. If a person is a current authorized user on someone else’s Gold Card, is that person eligible for the bonus when applying for their own card?

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