Transfer Amex Points To Aeromexico With A 25% Bonus

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Through November 30, 2018, you can receive a 25% bonus when you convert points from the US Amex Membership Rewards program to Aeromexico Club Premier.

Amex points usually transfer to Aeromexico at a 1,000:1,600 ratio, given that Aeromexico uses kilometers as their currency. That’s the transfer ratio you’ll see on the Amex site.

Earn Amex points with the following cards:

While sometimes you’ll see Amex offer a transfer bonus, in this case it’s actually Aeromexico offering the bonus directly. So you won’t see the bonus when you transfer the points, but rather you’ll see it posted to your Aeromexico account.

In order to be eligible, you’ll first need to register using your Club Premier membership number. Based on the terms it seems that the bonus points should post around the same time as the normal points.

Since the transfer ratio is usually 1,000:1,600, this means you’d get 2,000 Aeromexico miles for every 1,000 Amex points during the promotion.

I have to be honest, I don’t know that much about the Aeromexico Club Premier program, because every time I’ve looked at it, it didn’t seem like there were any great values, and it’s not worth the general challenges of dealing with a program you’re unfamiliar with.

However, if I’m looking at this correctly, here’s their SkyTeam award chart for travel originating in the US:

These prices are roundtrip, though you can book one-ways for half the cost of a roundtrip, as far as I know. Furthermore, they do impose carrier imposed surcharges when that airline would do so as well.

So factoring in the 1:2 transfer ratio you’d get right now I’d say there are some pretty good values, though I’m not sure I see any values that are so good that I’d go through the effort of booking through a program I’m totally unfamiliar with.

Has anyone booked an award ticket through Aeromexico Club Premier, and/or plan on taking advantage of this promotion?

(Tip of the hat to Frequent Flyer Bonuses)

  1. Not sure what availability is but south south America business class for 75k amex points round trip seems decent?

  2. @Lucky this for flights originating in Mexico. Some interesting redemptions when you look at origininating in US.

  3. this july, i noticed that earlier this year AM devalued their award chart by A LOT. they gutted it! All the sweet spots from before have been wiped away. It seems like a 50-70% price increase across the board FOR BUSINESS CLASS awards.

    For example:

    USA-Europe: used to be 128,000kmp round trip in Business (80k miles round trip)…now it’s 220,000-228,000kmp (137.5k-142.5k miles round trip)

    USA-Middle East: used to be 160,000kmp round trip in business (100k miles round trip)…now it’s 257,000-285,000kmp (160.6k-178.1k miles round trip)

    Did anyone get notice of this????

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