One MAJOR Change To American’s Newly Reconfigured 777s

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Yesterday American quietly put a Boeing 777-200 into service with their newest business class product, featuring B/E Aerospace Super Diamond seats. This caught me off guard, since I thought American’s Boeing 787-9 would be the first to feature American’s newest business class seats.

American’s newest B/E Aerospace Super Diamond business class seat

There are several things that I found strange about this:

  • The 777-200 that American reconfigured with their newest business class seats was one that was only recently reconfigured with American’s previous version of business class seats, rather than them reconfiguring a 777 with American’s oldest, angled business class seats
  • American plans on installing premium economy on their 777s, so despite reconfiguring this 777, they didn’t add a premium economy cabin (that means it will have to be reconfigured yet again)

New-American-Business-Class - 1
American’s previous “new” business class product

One of my biggest issues with American’s longhaul fleet is that there’s no consistency as there are so many varieties of their business class seat, and with this change there’s yet another configuration.

At first I thought American only changed the business class cabin on their 777s, though as it turns out there’s one other major change American made.

Here’s the seatmap for American’s newest reconfigured 777:




Meanwhile here’s the seatmap for their previously reconfigured 777:




Notice the major difference? Yep, Main Cabin Extra now features 10 seats per row, rather than just nine seats per row. When American first began reconfiguring their 777s they put only nine seats per row in Main Cabin Extra, while they put 10 seats per row in economy. They announced that they’d eventually install 10 seats per row in Main Cabin Extra, and it looks like that time has now come.

I guess that explains why American was in such a rush to start reconfiguring their 777s. Not only do the new 777s feature fewer business class seats, but they also feature significantly more economy class seats.

  1. They could have reconfigured economy this way because they plan on installing premium economy soon.

  2. Ultimately I have a feeling the 9-across vs 10-across MCE issue will become a moot point once Premium Economy is installed. I bet even the 773s will be reconfigured to 10-across MCE at that time.

  3. @Jeff, look again at images posted by Lucky. Rows 13-25 show 10 across. Lucky is referring to the newest configuration when talking about 10 seats per row in MCE. Not the previously newest configuration …

  4. Well, actually it’s rows 14-24 that show 10 seats abreast … but I think one gets the idea about which picture I am talking 😉

  5. @Ralfinho, I see it better now. Was reading this on my phone before and missed the first picture. Yeah that kind of sucks. Airlines are just trying to squeeze more $$ out of each flight.

  6. Things have been getter “better” for some time now, what with fully flat seats in J, and planes with Suites, Apartments, and showers. It seems we have hit the top, and are now headed back down.

    With FC gradually becoming ancient history, J is the “new FC”, PE is the “new J”, MCE is the “new PE” and Economy is the “new (ie much worse) Y”. We have seen the future, and after all that previous improvement, it’s a big disappointment.

  7. Typically, what would an airline do with seats that are no longer in use, especially the Zodiac seats are so new? Are they disposed/recycled or do they try to sell them to other airlines?

  8. Are the B & K bulkhead seats in economy truly ‘non seats’ ?
    I’m just glad to have participated in the ‘golden age’ of air travel,
    Now just burnin’ my miles…..

  9. So when premium economy comes to these planes will they have 3 economy subdivisions or will MCE go away?

  10. So expected fewer business class seats for purchase or upgrade and expect a much tighter economy cabin. OUCH!

  11. So when AA finally upgrades a 777 they reconfigure an already new business class instead of one with their old 90’s angled crap WTF are these US execs high or something

  12. Just flew this aircraft the other night from MIA to SCL in J. I had Seat 7L, which I selected when I thought the aircraft was going to have the old new configuration. Seat itself was fine. Your legs go quite far under the side of the seat in front, but the space was not restrictive.

    Two notes about 7L: 1) there is only one window; and 2) there is no curtain blocking light from the galley and entrance/snack bar area. If you do not like sleeping with eyeshades, you will find it to be very disturbing.

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