Awesome Video Commemorating American Employee’s 75th Anniversary

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As I’ve already written about, on Tuesday an American Airlines mechanic celebrated his 75th anniversary working for the airline. The 91 year old has been working with American since he was 16, and American put on a big celebration for his 75th anniversary, as they should.

When I first wrote about the story I shared some of the festivities that they had planned for him (he set a Guinness World Record, American’s CEO was there to congratulate him, they commemorated a plane to him, and they took him on a flight around New York with “his” 777).

American has just uploaded an awesome four minute video about the Tuesday festivities, which are so cool to see, if you’re interested:

I know people have different perspectives on the guy working for so long. Personally I think it’s awesome, and have the utmost respect for this guy’s passion and skill. Based on his speech, he still seems incredibly sharp. Seeing this video put a huge smile on my face.

Once again, huge congrats to Al!

  1. For once, credit to AA for pulling off a spectacular event! 91 and still working… phenomenal! Talk about experiencing change… he has seen decades of aviation and of planes coming in and out of service!

  2. This made me smile ear to ear. I’m so glad American celebrated him as he should be. Thanks for sharing, Ben. PS love your blog!!!

  3. That was really nicely done, AA put a lot of thought and effort into that, and it’s absolutely deserved.

  4. Just want to point out to any skeptics…

    American Airlines is definitely unionized, while I’m not familiar with the intricacies of the American Airlines maintenance worker’s union, I can almost guarantee he would have qualified for their pension at least 25 years ago. He is choosing to work, and I wouldn’t personally do that myself, I can commend the man for having found his passion and sticking to it for 75 fucking years holy shit.

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