American’s App Allowing Some Incredible Award Routings

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All airlines have some sort of routing rules when it comes to the type of award tickets they will and won’t allow. Every airline has different rules, and I’d say American has among the strictest out there.

I’ve written about American’s award routing rules in the past, and they usually enforce them pretty strictly.

That’s why it’s worth noting that American Airlines’ app is allowing some pretty incredible award routings. These can’t be found on American’s website, but rather are only available via the app (unfortunately it’s not great for searching, but then again, American’s website isn’t great anymore either). Not only do these routings appear, but they’re ticketing as well.

I can’t speak to everything that’s available, but at a minimum they’re allowing some pretty incredible routings from the Middle East to Cardiff, in the UK.

For example, want to fly from Dubai to Cardiff? How does redeeming 42,500 American miles sound for business class from Dubai to London on the British Airways A350, then London to Doha on the Qatar Airways A380, and then Doha to Cardiff on the Qatar Airways 787?

Just to show you that routing on a map:

That’s not the only option. Similarly you can fly from Abu Dhabi to London to Amman to Dubai to Cardiff.

There are some truly incredible routings available. Much to my surprise they’re actually ticketing. A friend successfully booked one and has a ticket number.

Obviously this won’t be for everyone, since there are more direct ways to get from the Middle East to Cardiff. However, for anyone looking to try out some cool airlines in first & business class, this might just be the best use of American AAdvantage miles ever.

Happy booking!

  1. I wish such routings were available on paid fares (for the price of simple routing), would be a great way to stack up some Avois and tier points (ideally with stopovers allowed ;))

  2. Similar routings used to come up on the Alaska airlines award booking site also, with emirates

  3. It’s a mistake. Who would ever want to do that. Sounds pitiful. Luxury travel is great when it’s replacing coach travel. But it’s not better than being at the destination.

  4. Ryan I am sure that there are multiple people who care more about the journey than the destination. That’s to say that getting to try a couple of new products for the price of one could be a highlight of the trip and quite an experience

  5. There is still the option to do something similar on Alaska using BA.

    US – Africa/India/Middle East (with a sub 24h stopover) – London prices at 60,000 in J and 70,000 in F

    Again, not for everyone but potentially 30-35 hours in BA first for 70,000 miles.

  6. @ryan totally agree. Needlessly flying around and eating reheated food and sleeping on a 2 foot wide mattress is not for me. Totally great instead of coach but I’d rather eat in a real restaurant and sleep in a real bed.

  7. I just downloaded the app and tried a couple of routings to and from the Middle East. Take Singapore, for example. On the website, there are several days that show Etihad first availability to or from Singapore originating or departing from the Middle East. On the app, however, only the business class flights come up, none of the first class Etihad ones do. The same thing happens when you search from the award bookings page on the website versus from just the main booking page on the website. Seems like you have to use both the app and the main website to find all available award flights?

  8. And one more thing, I should add that there is more availability of Premium flights if you search for a routing that that does not end at a hub, for example, instead of a flight to Etihad’s Hub in Abu Dhabi, ending in Kuwait city. Ben, I think you’ve mentioned this point in the past, too.

  9. I flew from Tulsa, Oklahoma to St. Louis, Missouri via Atlanta and Portland. Crazy routing indeed. Not award travel, just crazy routing. And all for miles.

    TUL -> ATL -> PDX -> STL & STL -> ATL -> TUL

    or something like that…

    The article is a good reminder to explore the options. I never bother with the app for AA bookings. The IHG app, as an example, provided more detailed information on the revisions of the bookings over time.

  10. Delta is almost identical for routes into Europe that don’t terminate in Paris or Amsterdam. Delta’s options are less out of pocket. E.g., One way in biz on AF from DXB thru CDG to LHR is 42,500 Miles and approx $60

  11. This is because Qatar is the only One World carrier flying into Cardiff, complicated by the rest of the countries in the region boycotting Qatar. It’s really a one in a million scenario.

  12. Wow, that harkens back to the days of my beloved dividend miles and their geographically challenged agents.

  13. I wouldn’t stop collecting AA miles — its gems like this pop up and are useful.

  14. The reason for these routings from DXB and AUH is because of blockade on Qatar by UAE (and KSA, Bahrain and Egypt) cannot fly direct from UAE to DOH. For example, if you try KWI to CWL, the routing is just KWI-DOH-CWL.

  15. As with mistake fares, some things best remain unreported because the airline is sure to “fix” it fast.

  16. I am trying to book a trip from Detroit to Paris. I can do it for 45,000 miles, which is fine, but then they want $400 in fees!

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