About That American Airlines Seat Recline Video…

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I don’t know what’s more divisive — the topic of seat recline, or the 2020 presidential election (or heck, maybe just the 2020 democratic primary?!).

There’s now yet another viral seat recline video. I wasn’t going to write about it, but my gosh, so much has come from this.

My take on the seat recline debate

I’ve written extensively about my take on whether reclining your seat is a right or privilege. In my opinion it’s a right, but you should do the right thing and be courteous — you should recline slowly, make sure it doesn’t cause horrible discomfort to the person behind you, and if they beg you not to recline, maybe don’t do it.

If the situation escalates, don’t take it into your own hands, and instead get a flight attendant involved. More than anything else, just do your part to avoid any inflight confrontations, because they’re not worth it.

The viral American Airlines seat recline video

A Twitter user named Wendi shared a video of the man seated behind her rather violently punching her seat several times. This took place on a January 31 American Eagle flight from New Orleans to Charlotte, but only recently came out after Wendi didn’t get a satisfactory response from the airline.

According to Wendi, the flight attendant reprimanded her for taking a video, and gave the guy behind her free rum.

As the passenger explained the situation on Twitter:

I was returning from a teachers’ convention. The man asked me, with an attitude, to put my seat up because he was eating. I did. I then reclined it again when he was finished. At that point, he started hammering away at me. That’s when I started videoing and tried to call the FA.

When the FA came. She rolled her eyes at me and said, “What?” She then told him it was tight back there and gave him rum! She told me I had to delete the video! It’s against the law to video on a plane. I asked her name & She gave me a Passenger Disturbance Notice!

TMZ reports that Wendy was issued a disturbance report, which in part read as follows:

“Your behavior may be in violation of federal law. You should immediately cease if you wish to avoid prosecution and your removal from this aircraft at the next point of arrival. This is a formal warning.”

The reason? Because of the above video. The flight attendant demanded she delete it, but she initially refused. Eventually she did delete it, but then recovered the video in the “recently deleted” folder.

The passenger wants the man to be identified so she can press charges against him for assault, and she wants the flight attendant fired.

She’s also worried that she has medical problems resulting from the situation. Wendi says she has one cervical disk left that isn’t fused, and it’s the one that allows her some mobility. She is worried that this kind of injury could do it in.

Who was in the wrong here?

Who is at fault here — the man hitting the seat, the flight attendant, or the woman recording the situation? There’s one obvious answer, though I did want to share a few thoughts about the other parties involved.

The guy is a complete jerk, plain and simple

This guy is of course in the wrong. What a complete jerk to hit this woman’s seat repeatedly. What is wrong with people that anyone could think this is okay?

According to Wendi, the worst of the situation wasn’t even captured on camera. We don’t even need the other side of the story, because there is no circumstance whatsoever under which this is acceptable behavior.

What about the flight attendant?

As far as the flight attendant goes, we of course only have one side of the story. Assuming the flight attendant brushed this off, offered the guy a free drink, and ignored this woman’s situation, the flight attendant is in the wrong as well.

That being said, the woman was violating American Airlines policy by videoing another passenger without their consent, so the flight attendant wasn’t wrong for asking her to delete the video. It seems like the flight attendant may not have correctly been prioritizing the “wrongs” in this situation, given that this woman was being assaulted.

I’d say an onboard assault is more serious than violating American’s policy on taking videos.

Here’s a story from a few years ago about an onboard assault where the crew handled the situation much differently.

What about the woman recording this?

The assault that Wendi suffered wasn’t at all her fault.

That being said, we all have a responsibility to look after our own health and wellbeing, and it would suck if Wendi suffered long term health implications as a result of this.

I do think there are some things Wendi could have potentially done better to diffuse the situation, rather than exacerbate it. This is for her own health and safety, rather than because she did anything wrong:

  • When she was being assaulted she should have gotten up and confronted the flight attendant and calmly explained the situation, rather than videoing the situation and then calling over the flight attendant
  • Personally I think she should have put her seat up when this assault was happening long enough to get another flight attendant involved or figure out another solution
  • While I understand she may have wanted to document the situation, filming someone who is unhinged is generally only going to make the situation worse, rather than better
  • All of the above is especially true since it seems like Wendi is at risk of suffering long term health impacts because of this

Again, I don’t at all think this is her fault. But I do think there are some things that could be learned here to avoid a similar situation should you find yourself seated in front of a complete nut.

Bottom line

To me this is such a ridiculous situation. The guy deserves all the blame for being a jerk and assaulting the other passenger. It also sounds like the flight attendant didn’t do a very good job with handling what was a clear case of assault.

As far as Wendi goes, while she didn’t cause this at all, I also feel like she could have done more to diffuse the situation, rather than exacerbate it, given the kind of person she was dealing with, and given that this is apparently putting her long-term health at risk.

What do you make of this situation?

  1. He’s a horrible person and she saw it as a way to get social media attention. That’s the only reason to film that situation. The person across the aisle should have said, “Would you like to switch seats with me?” The FA probably knows/saw something we don’t but still shouldn’t have given the guy any booze. I pretty much hate everybody on this plane.

  2. Lucky, I have to disagree with you here. The only reason this is brought to light is because of the video. Without the video and a disturbance notice, who do you think the internet will believe? If she had done any of the suggestions you mentioned, she might even get removed from the plane for disturbance. The sad reality is that in this day and age, if it’s not on video, it didn’t happen. I’ve had bad experience with AA before and in retrospect I should have video the encounter because they simply refused to “believe” or accept what happened

  3. That man should be banned from AA for being such a jerk and for assaulting the passenger rightfully declined rightfully reclined in front of him. I don’t blame the woman all I’m front of him from pressing charges.

    The FA probably should be reprimanded. It is obvious that the man deserves the citation and not the woman.

    I also laugh at AA’s policy of not video recording anyone with our their consent—since I’m not sure any perpetrator of any wrongdoing would ever provide consent to evidence of their wrongdoing or bad behavior. When one person’s actions have a direct consequence and impact on someone else, consent is no longer required in my book to record such actions. If AA wants to press, they’ll lose the battle and they know it.

  4. What she did was instinctive, maybe evidence for a potential lawsuit. I certainly would’ve done it for exactly that, especially if I were medically affected. Guy was a jerk, and the uninterested flight crew seemed characteristically AA.

  5. @ Ben — The Queen’s likely response would have been “Punch my seat one more time, and I will punch your face.” The best way to fight back against a bully is with force.

  6. There’s fault everywhere here. The guy should not be punching a seat in ANY circumstance. However, I don’t think it’s right of her to just sit there tolerating it and filming it, particularly if she has back/neck issues. When the first punch happened, I would have cried out “Ow!” or something. I’m sure that would have alerted those around her and the flight crew that there’s an issue.

  7. The guy looks like a jackass, there’s nothing to be explained here. Probably in other aspects of everyday life he acts very similar.

  8. There is no way on God’s green earth that any US Attorney’s Office would charge the video-taker with disobedience of a flight crew member on these facts. I think “you have got to be f’ing kidding me” would be the response. They have actual criminals to deal with. Charging the assault is far more likely (but still unlikely).

    I recommend the Twitter feed A Crime a Day if you are curious as to how many things are “violations of Federal law” and could draw one of those notes.

  9. Ben,
    Are all jerks going to feel entitled now to slam the back of someone else’s seat???
    Thank Gawd you see that he is wrong. If you can’t recline the airline should not have recliners. But it’s a big selling point. Pitch this much, recline that much.
    I can see this going crazy now…

  10. They are both clearly in the wrong.
    That being said, I’ve frequently been in his mindset. Talking my issue over with my seatmate in front and trying to find a compromise always seemed to work.
    We don’t know, however, how Wendy behaved and how much she provoked him. Judging by her Twitter, she is clearly confrontational and hungry for her 5 minutes of fame. Plus I don’t see any reason to recline on a short-haul flight, really, even if you have such orivilege. I never do it.
    So who knows…

  11. All three need to grow the f’up.

    While the two people seated are immature idiots, the FA is an absolute embarrassment to the profession and needs to be reprimanded.

  12. Wonder if he would have acted the same if it was a male of similar size in front of him? Likely not, though who knows in this day and age. Curious if any other passengers noticed his actions and did nothing.

  13. “All of the above is especially true since it seems like Wendi is at risk of suffering long term health impacts because of this”
    Did you look at the video?
    In case of turbulences her seat would have shaken more.
    The guy is a jerk ok, but she is showing his face to millions of people on the internet without his permission.

  14. Guy has a mental illness. Look at him look up and mumble to himself/her and look back down. Crazy. Normal people don’t do that even when really angry. She sounds like a nut too with her claims of assault.

  15. First – Everyone is in the wrong. The airline (highest degree of wrongness), the man (jerkiest response to a bad situation), and the woman (why must you recline when you know it will cause that man additional discomfort?)

    The plane was an Embraer 175. The last row in that plane is the most uncomfortable place I’ve ever been in my life. I swear it feels like the seat has less pitch than other rows, sits more upright (so is less comfortable by default) and is right next to the lavatory. It is a horrible experience, he most likely paid the same as the woman, but got a markedly worse experience.

    That said, you don’t assault someone on an airplane. It’s just not right. Both of you should be upset at the airline. You should both complain about the situation to everyone at American and shame them into fixing the situation.

    Airlines won’t change unless everyone demands they change. Unfortunately we can agree on anything anymore.

  16. All this uproar concerns me. I have a bad back and I have to recline my seat when I fly or I simply experience crazy pain. What I usually do before we even take off on a flight, is stand up and talk to the person behind me and try to explain this. Most of the time they just kind of blow me off and say ‘do what you gotta do, it’s your right”. I do try to only recline the seat slightly so as not to make it too uncomfortable for the person behind me. I’m just hoping all this discussion doesn’t lead to airlines not allowing you to recline at all. I won’t be able to fly at all or I’ll have to be doped up on pain pills. A little courtesy on both sides seems to work most times.

  17. @Vito maybe not to such an extent, but I’ve been on a couple of intra-EU flights (where legroom on legacy carriers tends to be smaller than that in US3) where there have been heated arguments.

    Although I am aware that people may recline their seats, it just seems to me inconsiderate to do so, especially when legroom is so limited and to be honest I don’t fully blame it on the guy. I’m more inclined to 70-30 level of fault on him since he seems to be a bit too old to throw such a tantrum. At the same time, if that woman’s conversation is accurate, she doesn’t seem to ask him if he doesn’t mind reclining. Being polite and using basic manners goes a long way. Sort of sad to see a teacher lack said manners.

  18. The man needs to be hung by his heels from a lamppost Like Mussolini! Set on fire and cast into the sea!
    But seriously he is entirely at fault, I hope she sues the shit out of AA and him. Internet find his identity and ruin him!

  19. What has happened to communication? He lets her know he needs space to eat. She lets him know that she has back problems and needs to recline. They come to some form of agreement. If they are not able to come to an agreement, that is when you involve the FA who would have probably tried to move the passengers to seats where they both could be comfortable. This is how a civil society is supposed to work. Both reactions of punching the seat and recording without permission are wrong. The FA probably over reacted as well.

  20. The guy’s a jerk, but am I watching the same video as everyone else? In the twitter link above the guy was just shaking the seat in front, there’s no “hard punching” or “assault” involved. I mean, if that’s assault then I’ve been assaulted quite a few times while watching a movie, when someone kicked the back of my seat.

  21. He’s wrong. She’s over the top, but has every right to be. She’s had surgery on her cervical vertabrae. I have no doubt her medical past put her on high alert from the get-go. The FA sure should have dealt with this better. The guy pounding the chair needs to be identified by the airlines and reprimanded.

  22. I would have been mad if I was this guy. But instead of punching the seat I would have just kept hard tapping the seat back IFE….oh wait this was on AA…

  23. Bogan says:
    February 14, 2020 at 3:16 pm
    What has happened to communication? He lets her know he needs space to eat. She lets him know that she has back problems and needs to recline. They come to some form of agreement.

    I don’t know what kind of agreement you can reach given these needs. Clearly the issue is space and being in the last row with no recliner. If he had said I absolutely need the space and she said no, then what’s the resolution?

    I don’t know how full the flight is. If there are empty seats, the FA should absolutely have offered to reseat either of them

  24. Cant both of you children act like the adults you are suppose to be? Lady if that hurt you, you have serious medical or mental issues. Maybe both of you clowns are just selfish brats.

  25. If the woman has been receiving medical treatment as a result of this he can expect to hear from Goldberg, Goldberg , Silverstein , and Rosenthal.

  26. The guy is a jerk. The FA is useless. The passenger is a snowflake that needed to make a video to try to get money. They all could have done better and we wouldn’t be wasting our time talking about it.

  27. @David: LOL!!!! Exactly. Snowflake generation calls what happened to all of us on a movie theater “assault”. And they videotape that to become news and hopefully make some money.

  28. What is even more ridiculous is that apparently someone bought the rights to the footage and they couldn’t show it on the news.

  29. Because of the airlines trying to squeeze more and more seats, they have absolutely no consideration for their passenger’s comforts. It has come to the point that it’s dangerous in the event of an emergency.

  30. He’s in the wrong but why is seat pitch not included here? If airlines decide to limit seat pitch then they should also limit recline.

    As for the video, how often do we see stories like this minimized, that there’s no way a person would do this to someone. Without the video we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. And if he eased up on intensity once the video was taken it shows that it didn’t exacerbate the problem but helped limit it.

    If I had been Wendi and if the guy refused to ease up I’d have asked the FA to put me in a different seat.

    Also, if everyone agrees this was assault then why didn’t FA have police meet the plane?

    There’s clearly more to this story that hasn’t been told.

  31. So now FA’s are expected to know everyone’s medical condition. I wonder if anyone asked the Jackass his mental medical condition?

    The whole thing is such an over reaction because as someone else asked, :Is this even a thing anywhere except America”?

  32. @kevin – that’s why economy seat pitch has been the same for the entire history of flying. Please feel free to read up on reduction of pitch so you can look more informed when you comment.

  33. @Kevin – you really think that we’re all that stupid to not realize we can buy up? My wife is 6’2″ and all leg. The minute she sits her knees are hitting the seat in front of her. If it reclines she’s in pain with nowhere to go. Because of this we always buy into extra legroom of F seats. You fail to acknowledge that extra legroom seats are what economy used to be. Airlines have a simple option if they keep seat pitch where it is…just limit recline.

  34. Everybody is guilty here, but especially the airline. Airlines should provide more pitch, or no reclining. As a 6’4″ guy, I understand the frustration of the guy when the person in front of him reclined her seat. That’s why I try to reserve an exit row seat whenever possible, but those seats are limited, so it might not always be possible. The guy did act like an asshole, but we don’t know his side of the story, the kind of conversation they had before. Based on everything I see, I would not be surprised if she acted like a bitch when he asked her not to recline. As long as they keep reducing the pitch, airlines should stop allowing seats to recline if they want to avoid more scenes like this, or they should install fixed shell economy seats like some of the asian and middle eastern airlines. Increasing the pitch would be ideal, but I doubt that is going to happen anytime soon.

  35. I bet it was one of their Embraer planes. You can not be comfortable in those seats. I swear they were based on a design from the Spanish inquisition. It is why I rarely fly short haul on American.

  36. Hey Lucky, I wouldn’t call that violently punching the seat. I would also say they are both in the wrong. As for the exchange with the flight attendant, who’s to say? I certainly wouldn’t take the word of some woman who is suing over something so ridiculous.

  37. @miami305 – I mostly agree with you. But regardless how cramped he is there’s no excuse for being so aggressive about it. At least there wasn’t IFE for him to damage…

  38. The guy is totally at fault. She had every right to recline her seat and did comply with his request to not recline while he was eating. He chose the last row in what appears to be business or first class. It’s always going to be uncomfortable there. Too bad for him. That he’s uncomfortable does not give him the right to assault the woman by repeated blows to the back of her seat.

    The FA made it worse by perceiving some attitude on the woman’s part and inexplicably siding with the jerk other than the demand to the woman to stop filming the jerk.

  39. Cabin crew here. I would have given them both a warning and then file a flight report. The plane is not a kindergarden and it is expected that issues of such simple a nature can be resolved by two adults. I might also treat the guy in the last row to something (preferably not alcohol) in an effort to compensate him for the trouble of being stuck in thr last row behind a reclined seat.

  40. You’re wrong again Lucky (Ben). American Air is at fault for selling a child’s size seat to an adult, and then allowing the seat in front to further diminish all available space.

  41. I am sorry but that was NOT an assault by any means. The guy is a jerk and in my opinion is in the wrong and should have been warned, not the woman As long as airlines allow seats to be declined this will continue to be an issue! Make seats bigger with more legroom and you can resolve a lot of these issues. And no I don’t have an issue with her videotaping this. AA you need to educate your FA your reputation is almost as bad now as UA

  42. Lucky, you’ve mentioned an AA policy against photographs of other passengers. Please post such a policy.

    I have heard that there is an internal policy that crews are not to be photographed, but no evidence of that either. US law is not German law. Public recording is considered legal due to a lack of expectation of privacy in public. Policy is not law, but I’ve never seem one like that.

    So… please post it or refrain from referencing it.

  43. It’s a right? Like freedom of speech? Well freedoms come with consequences like calling someone a racial name. You have the right but it’s just not cool.

  44. Isn’t the back side of the seat actually his space? His tray table, his seat back pocket, etc…. it would seem that if he wants to beat up his part of the plane then that is between him and American airlines. I’m not really sure why we’re even discussing the lady other than she obviously just wants to sue for a million dollars or something.

  45. Chivalry is indeed dead. What a miserable excuse for a man. Pathetic. No excuse for his behavior at all. AA should ban him from future flights before he creates a real issue.

  46. – She claims he was “punching” the seat but nothing vaguely resembling a punch is shown on the video.
    – She claims a litany of injuries caused by the incident that don’t line up at all with what is seen on the video.
    – She hired a media agency to represent her video property.
    – The flight attendant sided with the guy who was acting like a petulant child.

    The guy was acting like a jerk, but the fact that the flight attendant sided with the male passenger combined with the specious parts of her story make me strongly suspect that she’s significantly shading the story if not flat out lying about the incident. Everything she says makes her seem like she’s attempting to set up a lawsuit.

    I don’t believe the neutral arbiter (the flight attendant) would have sided with the man based on his behavior on the video unless the woman had given the flight attendant plentiful reason.

    His behavior is wrong, but I think we are getting a very deceptive one sided story.

  47. Lucky and others. You are quite right, there does seem to be a lot of fault TL go around here for all three parties involved here.

    But when I read this headline, I rolled my eyes because, of course, Lucky + AA = Clickbait Headlines. Especially now that that long waited Starlux review is over and done.

    But then I was promised in the first paragraph, “ I wasn’t going to write about it, but my gosh, so much has come from this” What more? WHAT? What more has come from this highlighted on your website that hasn’t been discussed ad nauseum on other sites, discussion forums, or even just you discussing at great length how you, O Lucky, think people should be reclining their seats. (Which is pretty ridiculous in terms of irony considering how much you seem to never fly in seats that don’t FULLY recline)

    Once again, your personal agenda seems to be undermining your website’s


  48. I have sat in a similar seat, last in the isle and the seat does not recline back at all which means he was terribly inconvenienced by the seat in front of him reclining back. The airline has some blame by designing such a seat situation as it is the most uncomfortable seat on the plane and shoud come with a warning. Both the woman and the man would have benefited by being courteous to each other.

  49. Know what I say when someone in front of me reclines and make me uncomfortable? I say to myself, “shouldnt have been a cheap ass and bought economy” and suck it up….its my fault for buying Cattle Class

    If space was a big deal for this douchebag, there are plenty of seats up front to upgrade….there is a reason people in front pay that premium…..

    If you pay for Cattle class…….well then, expect cattle class

  50. @santistico
    U got the point right! Everything we want is the money. How to get money quick? Sue the big company! There’s nothing to lose in the help of “media” and internet barts right?

  51. Punching idiot booked late and got a rear bulkhead seat that doesn’t recline. Obviously pissed off at his own sorry self, he decides to take it out on the passenger in front of him who CAN recline. Plus, it looks like they are both in aisle sea I ts, and he looks to be a good distance from the fuselage wall, and it doesn’t appear anyone is to his left, so why the didn’t the ass just move over? Maybe because in front of that seat, next to Wendi, was a 250-lb guy that would have knocked his teeth down his throat if he’d pulled the seat-punching crap with him? Too bad it was Wendi in that seat and not Ronda Rousy.

  52. Sad that none of us are really surprised by the AA flight attendant’s attitude. She just wants the self loading cargo to be quiet, so she can get this over with.
    I know they give us the sing song about them being there “for our safety,” but this was very far from a reassuring performance by the person that is supposed to be in charge.

  53. Guy should have bought a seat that reclines. American Airlines appears to have the worst reputation for customer relations. Flight crews can falsely have people kicked off and charged for little or no reason. That’s a lot of power and some people get power and don’t hesitate to use it. Wonder if the flight attendant in question is a Nazi or Communist.

  54. A. This was not assault. At least in this video there was no real pinching, no real physical intimidation. The guy was just being a jerk.

    B. Please stop it with the “they should work it out” narrative. The recliner has an absolute right. He can ask politely and she can tell him to go fly a kite, and that’s that. If the seat reclines, it’s your right. Full stop.

    C. So what he can’t recline in the last row? So if he can’t recline, then she can’t recline and then the one in front of her can’t recline, till the whole cabin can’t recline? Because that’s what u are saying. His inability to recline is irrelevant.

    If the person in front reclines, suck it up. That’s life. There is no negotiation, being considerate, etc. You are plain out of luck.

  55. Has anyone ever had a seat reclined on them while reaching for their bag from under the seat in front of them? Please at least look behind you before reclining.

  56. This is a classic case of an American inflating their medical issues to sue and get some money. At the same time, it just shows the lack of general decency people in the west have. Go to Singapore or Japan and they’ll never behave like this. #entitled

  57. For the past few years …
    I always buy the seats at the back of First Class
    I recline when I enter the airplane … nobody is behind me except the bulkhead
    But, I hope she sues that guy for assault

  58. This is a bogus ethical dilemma. Perhaps the woman was wrong videoing the incident and then posting it on social media. The guy was obviously wrong. But forcing passengers to take an ethical stand on whether passengers have a right to recline is entirely the airline’s fault. Today the CEO of Delta said passengers should ask the person behind them if it is ok to recline….WTF. This problem is only a problem because airlines keep packing more and more people into smaller coach seats. This is just wrong headed. Why not remove a row or two of seats to give everyone more space and just charge everyone more per ticket? Who would really know the difference if their seat cost $20-$50 more? They would certainly notice a few inches of extra leg room.

  59. He is right. He occupies the last seat on the plane, unable to recline and she reclines her seat straight into his face. Be considerate. But, I forgot, it’s 2020 and Trump teaches selfishness. Sorry.
    And of course “unfused disk”. How about “foot bone spurs”?

  60. While I agree the guy was a jackass, based on the video, NO WAY I’d call it assault! He didn’t even touch her, just the seat back.

  61. another of the crew trying to cover up by asking passenger to delete the video. same with KLM issue.

    In my case, Im seeing is the crew at fault here much more than the guy. They are the only one that can do anything about it and refuse to do so, so threaten the customer.

  62. Do away with the reclining feature already. It brings not much, if any, comfort to the recliner, and it irritates the hell of the the “reclined” given how little space every economy class passenger has to begin with.

  63. So I’m probably going to get flak for this, but I’m going to play devil’s advocate from a position of experience.

    Here’s what I think happened before the video, dude punching her seat, has asked her not to recline (no just because your seat reclines doesn’t mean you should, airlines pack us in like sardines and when you recline your encroaching on my personal space) miss teacher copped an attitude and at the first opportunity reclines her seat again, Mr seat puncher again asked her to refrain and she had some choice words for him that closely resembled you can go Chuck yourself.

    If you’re a larger person and the ass clown in front of you reclines their seat this can make for an extremely uncomfortable flight, I’m sorry miss teacher has a disability but her disability does not allow her to make the next 2-6 hours uncomfortable for me

  64. Assault? He was an a-hole for sure. But I think saying that he assaulted her is a bit much. They might consider going out on a date….they both seem to deserve each other.

  65. Wendi Whiner? Yes, she was a jerk, as well as the guy behind her. Maybe Whiner’s seat was defective and was back too far. She could have mitigated her problem, by meeting the poor guy, half-way.

    Instead of giving consideration, she acted like an A-Hole. As far as the guy was concerned, he can use the defense of she was assaulting him, because of her actions and was trying to get her attention.

    How about putting the blame Republic Air (they chose the interiors) and Embraer, because their 175 is too damn small?

  66. You made your bed, now lie in it. It’s harsh, it’s unpleasant, but the guy will learn from this. He purchased the last row in the plane and doesn’t have the capability of reclining. She didn’t and does. Hopefully, a lesson learned for future purchases.

    Certainly, though, nothing can be said in his defense.

  67. I typically don’t recline on short flights in Economy, and if I do I’ll recline slowly and not when snacks/drinks are served. I’ve had passengers in front of me just slam their seats back, and it is annoying… But I’ve never done anything like this guy did, and the seat reclines for a reason… We can’t really get mad at someone for using their seat in the way it was intended.

    That man should absolutely face consequences (although going viral might be a little too vigilante), as he was 100% in the wrong. There is no reason to do that to her when she is using the seat exactly as it’s intended.

    The FA should’ve been able to work something out and diffuse the situation, rather than make it worse… But that’s AA’s customer service for you.

  68. The woman was wrong for videotaping the situation without consent, but with that said without the video, she lacks verifiable evidence of the assault/situation. Then again, she should have put her seat up right when she clearly knew the guy was uncomfortable. Yet, he should have acted as an adult and not repeatedly punch the back of her seat and get an FA involved. The FA was not having a good day and did not diffuse the situation properly. Need more training. AA is at fault for the ever shrinking seat pitch and seat width. I personally do not like seat recliners especially those Thor recline all the way for the entire flight. Even during meal time, they need to be consistently reminded not to recline the seat. I really hate the ones who sit in the first row who recline all the way especially since they have so much leg room. Plain rude and discourteous.

  69. Granted the guy that looked like a serial killer was wrong clear as day.
    But if you’ll notice he was sitting in the seat against the bulkhead. That seat doesn’t recline. Too many times I have been on a plane (even when they had more room) and someone just slammed their seat back….right into my already cramped legs. Anyone over 6’ knows the leg room is a potential cramp feast! But if you are able to recline your seat it helps some.
    These days with even less room, and even more less room in a commuter airline space is precious! So should anyone’s curtesy be toward fellow passengers.

    A neck injury huh? Sounds like another potential airline lotto game to me.
    Looks like punch boy and selfish recliner need to be respectful of each other and others

  70. Tommy and Stuart — He didn’t have to touch her for it to be an assault; there had to be physical contact only if she alleges assault and battery.

  71. A couple legal distinctions should be helpful here.

    Assault generally requires two components: Act and Intent.

    The former (act) is important in this context. Verbal engagement alone does not constitute assault. Assault requires a physical act that puts a person in fear for her/his safety.

    The latter (intent) means that a person has to consciously want to affect the other person. Physical harm is not necessarily a requirement; an intent to scare or frighten another person constitutes intent.

    So we have an overt physical action with an intent to unsettle (I’m using the most conservative term I can think of after watching the video) the passenger.

    All other content aside, this guy fulfills these two requirements.

    If you want to say that this isn’t assault, then you need to say it is battery. To commit battery, you must act physically in a harmful or offensive way; you must be acting intentionally; and you must not have consent from the victim. This action is obviously offensive, it is intentional, and he doesn’t have consent.

    A first year law school student could win a conviction on this one.

    Let a judge decide if her claims vis. suffering are valid in a court room. Don’t say that she isn’t a victim. She very much is.

  72. It’s probably just me, but I have never heard of someone being assaulted THROUGH a seat before. Is there case law out there somewhere?

  73. What kind of TTT logic is that? I highly doubt any DA would charge someone with assault for shaking the chair. For all the hoopla, I thought the guy was punching the seat with force, like how some little kids in the back kick my seat.

    Are you trying to argue that the man is trying to physically harm the woman?

    This Karen is trying to milk for $$.

  74. So because the guy punches your seat you should say okay fine I’ll move it back? What world do we live in where the agressor gets what he wants and the rest of us just need to let them? I shouldn’t have to reward his bad behavior by moving my seat. I guarantee he has done this before and the other times those people moved their seat which just emboldened him. It’s called taking a stand. This lady took a stand to make sure this guy didn’t get away with what he was doing and I applaud her for that. If you don’t want to pay for hurting someone who may have a spine condition, don’t punch people’s seats. She doesn’t have to move cause she’s getting punched. He has to stop punching seats! That’s the correct way of thinking.

  75. There is absolutely nothing wrong with recording someone who was just assaulting you. The victim claims that he was punching her seat hard repeatedly which is unambiguously assault. Enforcing a ban on video recording in this circumstance would violate public policy.

  76. I agree with Lucky. It is a reclining seat. I will recline it if I want to. I will if course be courteous.

    If I wanted a non reclining seat, I would fly Spirit (reclining seat is a put the only difference anyway lol).

    If YOU want the guy/woman in front of you to not recline, buy a first class ticket, or fly Spirit. Greyhound is also an option.

  77. It’s clearly the airlines fault. Why have a recline feature that doesn’t work and causes discomfort. They need to find a solution by fixing the design of the aircraft and seating. Over economization and crunching of passengers is to blame. Why should there be an etiquette to accommodate a business model that clearly is not customer centric or friendly?

  78. This is difficult. What he did is unacceptable and childish.

    Yet almost nothing angers me more than seat recliners. It is the ultimate act of selfish douchebag behaviour. The airlines have squeezed us in to narrower seats with tiny seat pitch. When a seat is reclined, you can’t reach your bag, can’t use your tray table properly, can’t see the IFE screen properly. It’s claustrophobic and upsetting.

    The man is blame in this case. But seat recliners are also to blame for being selfish jerks. And airlines are to blame for packing people in so tightly.

    I’m conflicted.

  79. Whenever someone is rude enough to recline their seat, I make sure that I accidentally bump the seat when they’re taking a drink. Seriously, folks. You don’t need to recline your seat into my face.

  80. I think the real problem is the distance between passengers. All these ass clowns pointing fingers. In the end you idiots only have a video clip of a small portion of the ordeal. Perhaps the woman was a complete asshole about reclining her seat, perhaps not. Perhaps she is just looking for her 30 seconds of Fame, perhaps not. I don’t give a flying f who is in front of me. If the rows are slammed and you lean back on my knees I’m pushing you back up. I am the 270lb man who bench presses your BMW. It’s rude an inconsiderate to assume that your luxury is somehow more prestigious than those around you. It is nice to have space, and I don’t recline when the plane of full. I suffer just as those around me suffer. Now, should there be a very small person behind me I may ask to recline. However, my back would hate me severely for the poor posture. Planes are not ergonomically friendly. They put people in cramped situations after going through some crowded airports and you’re asked to keep your sanity. Maybe more leg room is an answer. Redrawing how the seats arrange on the plane so that everyone can have space to recline a little and have some knee space. I don’t care what the guy did, what I do care about is that everyone is taking her word on what happened…You have a miniscule amount of the event…You have one portion of the story. So it’s some dude behind her, who cares, if it was a lady would you approach it differently? Sexist much? Personally I’d tell everyone to just shut up. Demand more from the Airline in terms of comfort. They cram people on like fish in a can to maximize profit, which I get it…But how about looking for other ways at being efficient and cost saving that doesn’t create an environment of discomfort for some. Sure, it’s been looked at for years, but seriously your answer is to have people in economy class sitting on top of each other. That’s no good. I’m just gonna say it isn’t your job or anyone elses right to pretend to have a say in this matter. No one knows who was in the wrong here because who was wrong is about perspective, and none of us were sitting in those two seats or attending to the passengers as flight attendants. Ergo STFU

  81. How likely is it that the guy is a MAGA trump “cult” follower? This is the attitude trump seems to suggest is acceptable. Be tough, counterpunch, civility, decorum, respect is weak.

    Why can’t people respect others anymore????????

  82. I have a question- how awkward was it when the plane landed and they both stood up and had to retrieve their carry on from the overhead?? Did they both just ignore each other?
    But please everyone just stop with all of this self entitlement and just have some common courtesy-

  83. Sorry but you’re dead wrong on this. It is not a right to recline your seat, especially if the person behind you can’t. He also never assaulted the woman, you can clearly see on the video all he is doing is essentially pushing the seat back and forth with a fist. All of her claims of health issues are completely false and anybody with half a brain can see that. Should he have been more polite about it? Absolutely. But that doesnt excuse the fact that this lady dumped her seat into his lap while he is just trying to make it to his destination. The amount of you defending her childishness but calling his out is alarming and sad. Just because she is a woman doesn’t make her a victim.

  84. It’s all about self entitlement- just because the seat can recline doesn’t mean you have to! How about a little common courtesy? Maybe he should have just asked her to not recline all the way? And remember folks- it’s not WHAT you say- it’s HOW you say it-

  85. Jimmy, silly you bringing the POTUS into this. Just how pathetic and obsessed are you?
    As for the trio in this drama, Wendy whiner is a drama queen and that is teaching children? Scary.
    Man is a pig. Should have asked for a seat change. His tapping isn’t anything other than annoying. Assault? Only if Wendy is looking for some cash.
    The FA? Derelict in her duty to these passengers. Needs a refresher course.
    All 3 need a seminar in adulting and good behavior in public settings.

  86. The jack hole here is what America has become in the Trump era. Three short years and the country too the fast slide into 3rd world status.

  87. All you idiots who think the woman is at fault in any way are brain dead. As for the guy the typical bully who sized up some one he thought he could bully. If I was sitting there he wouldn’t have even dreamed of doing it to me or any other male. When you pay your seat it includes the reclining button and you don’t have to get permission from the person sitting behind you.

  88. The guy would have gotten punched in the face. Period! What a douchebag. Pls disclose this ass&[email protected]’s name. Expose, expose, expose. And pls show the FA as well. She is a disgrace. Some FA’s think they are of a superior level. Brainless and useless, this one. And to ALL airlines, that last row should be omitted. Absolutely offering no dignity with that row. Same price but not the same accommodations. Every single seat should have the capability to recline.

  89. America continues the fast slide into 3rd World status. I keep wondering when will the MAGA start. Maybe the adage “you have to hit bottom first” applies and Americans are striving to hit bottom.

    To those that don’t think this is assault, you shouldn’t have skipped your Law 101 course that day. It is. For those claiming she shouldn’t have video taped the behavior, American Airlines would lose that argument if pressed. Shall we all stop being attacked, ask the aggressor for consent, then continue?

    Bottom line: America has lost its moral compass and is no longer seen in a positive light. And sadly enough, the Americans will want 4 more years of this. Then in 20 years they will wonder what happened and rewrite the history books.

  90. Having been subjected to this on a 9 hour flight to Brazil. My Husband and I could have massaged the scalps of the people in front of us. We were in the last row next to the bathroom. It was terrible and so uncomfortable for us.
    It was so incredibly inconsiderate of the people in front of us.
    They had no care or regard for us.
    This women was a jerk. She deserved how she was treated.
    The gentleman did not deserve how he was treated. It could have been handled better. She’s a teacher? The fact that she’s a teacher makes it worse. How do you handle conflict in your classroom? Like this? Sounds like she is trying to get a paycheck. But it takes two to …
    The FA also make a terrible situation worse. They’re all at fault The selfish woman, the man and the FA!

  91. @FRGll…..very well said. I agree 100%. Now hopefully someone identifies this guy so that they can teach him not to bully people.

    They’ll find him eventually. He has to of pissed someone else off several other times, so I’m sure someone will come forth with some info.

  92. The one point that I have seen no one make regarding how limited his seat space may be: his tray table is down and he is using it to look at his cellphone. If he’s feeling crowded, why not put up the tray? Also, how does having the top of a seat closer affect ones LEG room? No part of her seat is actually causing a problem that he can’t adjust to. He appears to be perfectly able to lean forward and view his phone and move easily.

  93. I’m not usually a gov’t regulation guy, but if the FAA started to require a minimum seat pitch of say 33″ or 34″ (for safety sake or whatever), I wouldn’t be opposed. Would enable people some recline…while also allowing people to use their laptops, etc.

  94. By law, as crazy as it seems, assault can be performed through extensions (without physically touching body), such examples are smacking a camera out of someone’s hand, hitting the seatback where her body was physically altered from its original position.

    As for video, “policy” is not law, does not trump law and AA can not make someone delete a video. The fact that they are in public and in such close proximity to each other’s bubble equates to no “expectation of privacy”. Just like when you drive down the road with a dashcam, no one has standing to sue you for filming. Gray area could be found under the plane being private property, but that may not be a case I’d take up.

    I see 2 “jackholes” in the video and chances are the FA was a 3rd.

  95. When I travel, especially on long flights, I do not want to get a stiff neck from my head bobbing up an down due to seats that do not decline enough. Those are my needs, so I research airlines that have a steeper pitch for their seats and purchase tickets on those airlines. No one has a right to tell me I can’t recline other then when meals are served. If you are tall those are your personal needs so you should research as I do and find airlines that offer more leg room. Or purchase first class. If you can’t afford it then go to the airport early and request exit row seats. But you don’t have a right to demand someone give up their comfort so that you can have yours. It’s up to the consumer to do their homework. Your lack of preparation is not someone else’s responsibility.

  96. >That being said, the woman was violating American Airlines policy by videoing another passenger without their consent

    F*ck that. In this day and age of the pervasive smartphone, video recordings are one of the few ways to ensure those who commit crimes are held accountable.

    I would very much support legislation making it illegal for common carriers to forbid video recording in their carriage terms when the act of recording is expressly in the interest of a crime being committed.

  97. So glad I rarely ever fly economy…. with that said, I recently flew one of those new thinly padded business class that Lucky said AA will be installing soon…. or perhaps they have already started to install those… they are so uncomfortable!! Thank god it was an 1.5 hour flight….

  98. Agreed the guy was in the wrong, but a few points here:
    1) she exacerbated the situation by videoing him. Someone already irritated by a pax in front crushing his legs in an ERJ175 gets taped..
    2) there’s a lot of “according to Wendis” in this story. We don’t know the full picture. We don’t know he hit her seat before the video. Apparently she spilled a drink on him. She says she didn’t on Twitter, but it probably happened when she reclined – hence the replacement drink. Again – a lot of assumptions here that I’m sure the FA is clearing up.
    3) She’s sold the video and her story to TMZ and some media outlet, monetizing this. I think we’re getting to the reason for the video being taken vs the pax getting up and going to an FA if the alleged banging actually happened. $$.
    4) Reading through her Twitter posts, her story is changing day by day.
    5) The flight MSY-CLT was 1hr 23mins take off to landing, and 1hr 4mins above 10,000ft when the seatbelt sign usually goes off which is when seats can usually be reclined (although I’ve seen some reclined as soon as the FAs sit down prior to take off). This isn’t a transcon or TATL flight. Can’t sit up straight for an hour?
    6) If she’s that disabled, there’s special accommodations for that. Why didn’t she ask the airline?
    Anyway, as I say, based on the video alone, the guy was being a moron, but we don’t know the full story.
    Maybe the best solution if AA continue the sardine can cabin layout is just do what they do to seats in exit rows and disable all seats from reclining. Even in a regular seat, especially on an E175, reclining is a pain (and I’m 5’10”). Who knows what it was like for the guy at the back stuck behind Wendi and her iPhone and TMZ contacts.

  99. All the questions above in the comments about what a jackhole is, please see every self-entitled person in the comment thread that insists they have an absolute right to recline their seat no matter how much pain or discomfort it causes the person behind them. I have certainly been injured and assaulted by these inconsiderate people on many flights, with their self-entitled attitudes delivering actual injuries to me and my knees as they slammed their seats back into me, or wedged me into a position in excruciating pain.

    While some people in the comments debate the definition of assault, I assure you that an entitled person in the seat in front of you can be just as guilty of it.

    I agree that the guy in the video was a jerk, but so are the people defending the woman’s right to selfishly make him as miserable as possible without consideration for anyone but herself.

  100. What an unprofessional article. Written by a high schooler. Anyway he was rude and inconsiderate but she shouldn’t recline. I never ever recline Because it’s just rude. All seats should be remade not to recline. There’s barely any room

  101. Passive aggressive person leans way back because they can. Doesn’t contacting the person behind constitute an assault.
    An educator authority on board dude, stamp your feet all you want, she’s not budging.
    He should have just farted.

  102. Flights were more comfortable to fly on back in the 70’s. I surely miss the atmosphere of Eastern airlines and Piedmont flights. Real dinners and real comfortable seats. The airlines could actually put customers first and stop flying people around like sardines jammed in a can. It’s not like they can’t afford more leg room or reclining room.
    However. I disagree with today’s culture of “why is it ok for one person’s comfort be another person’s discomfort”?
    If she has those kinds of health issues, there’s always 1st class, where it’s more comfortable. Also this recording isn’t showing the entire scenario. We’re only seeing video ‘after’ the incident started. We don’t know what else she said or done before her recording started. Which could explain his anger.

  103. Who is in the wrong? Everyone. Re adults misbehaving. One women sounding like someone who is trying to pull an insurance fraud. The guy was an ass but that wasn’t assault. She violated airline policies regarding recording people. But the reality is that I personally don’t want the fly much anymore. The seat size shrinks every year and anyone that is anywhere near average can’t sit in comfortably. I don’t like to be touched by strangers. Yet I have to have to rub shoulders with for hours on end and it becomes stressful. Tired of feeling like cattle… But no wonder more and more people snap.

  104. Why is AA not responsible for creating such an uncomfortably and stressful travel experience that it drives people to violence? This type of incident is not isolated as AA jams more seats into their planes.

  105. What adult acts like that in public to a perfect stranger. If he has a problem with lack of space to eat or read or whatever, then buy a ticket in 1st class, drive or take a train next time.

  106. Here is the problem in a nutshell. People in society today have nothing better in their lives than this waste of time. The women in the seat is wrong for being such a jerk and was obviously looking for a confrontation and was fully ready to record it for her own gain such as a free flight possibly. Secondly he was a jerk for shacking not violently punchingvit like the article says. Thirdly what the hell do you expect the poor flight attendant to do with a couple of obvious idiots like these two. We all need to grow up and stop all the over reaction for attention. How about starting with putting the damned phones down and talking to other human beings again. So iety is in a sad state these days when this crap is in the news every day. Grow up people!

  107. The woman should NOT have reclined her seat unless the passenger behind can also recline and that’s that. I also bash the seat when someone reclined too much in my space. Ans then they move forward again. When no luck you will hear from lawyers. SMITH.JONES AND WILSON. USUAL LAWYERS NAMES.

  108. If my seat reclines and yours don’t is not my issue you don’t touch my seat end of the conversation. He is lucky it was that nice lady. I could be polite until you start acting like a morron. Is not her fault and if you start throwing a temper tantrum because my seat don’t recline and yours don’t stop flying with AA there is no space between seats and the staff is very nasty. I would waited for his punk ass outside of the airport and beat him to death, hitting him on the same spot of his head he was hitting my seat while flying and wait for the police to let them know I killed him.

  109. The true blame falls on the airlines who install reclining seats for our “comfort” yet place the seats so close together that they cannot be used. It’s no surprise that conflict will arise between passengers. The passengers are reacting to an extreme situation but we’re ignoring the real issue. Too many people crammed together in discomfort and stress.

  110. ALL three are at fault here.
    Analogy: You walk to a street intersection. The pedestrian has the right of way to walk across the street, as cars MUST YIELD at a pedestrian crossing…….. you are an idiot if you think you can cross without getting hit. Who is at fault? Both the car for not stopping and the idiot who thinks the cars will stop.

  111. You don’t mention that the guy was in the last row so he couldn’t recline. That she tossed his meal by reclining. Told him off when he asked her if she could wait to recline. They told him off when he asked if she could sit up a little bit then reclined more.

    Also, if that is assault then 8 year olds everywhere are in trouble for felony prosecution.

    That lady was 100% the antagonist and it shouldn’t even be a question if you bother to look into the incident.

    It is also not even a right. If that is a right so would paying to jump on people’s laps without their permission. Airlines are starting to limit or remove reclining seats so it is not a right. Wow. The article feels clickbaity.

    People defending that lady are either really tiny or jerks. Reclining into some is more assault than throwing a tantrum and banging your head against the back of a seat designed to survive falling from the sky. If you antagonise someone enough that they turn to that, you are a jerk and she should be banned from flying. There is not a single back injury that is helped by reclining. It is the other way around, reclining agitates back injuries. And you should not be flying anyways with a back injury. That is the same as running a marathon with a torn mcl.

    If she presses this she will find herself on the domestic no fly list.

    This being said by 6’2″ woman who’s only time flying behind first class involved a jerk who smashed their seat into my needs and dislocated a knee and then turned around and told me to let him recline which my partner got the flight attended and he was arrested off the flight. So that tells you how much a right it is. I had to go to the hospital instead of continuing on over seas and the airline gave me a refund and tons of vouchers I never used because the only reason I took the flight was because my usual airline cancelled their flight and all they had was economy plus on united. There is a reason United limits how far you can recline. It’s because jerks don’t care that people are different than them and can’t be bothered to ask politely or see that someone is having to be crammed into the size that the average tiny person has to cram in.

    Sure say it’s a right and do it. If it is me I will pick you up and dump you in a waste bin off flight and maybe pull your pants off so your pasty white legs are wiggling in the air trying to get your self out of it. Or I will get a flight attendant to speak with you and they err on the side of the one with most discomfort which is everyone behind a jerk.

  112. To Recline or not to recline is the choice of each passenger in each seat that provides the ability to recline as designed. First of all, the deranged moron who was assaulting the passenger who had reclined in “her seat”, was either too stupid, too cheap, too lazy or some combination thereof, to have more carefully chosen or reserved whatever seat configuration Might satisfy his infant tantrums, rather than accepting the last seat in the aisle as “he did”, which does not recline, but that was his seat, which no other passenger had chosen.

    Chances are, with his obvious shortcomings between his ears, he pre-planned to provoke an innocent passenger with physical assaults just as he ultimately did. Life is full of personal dilemmas and since short people get extra leg room in automobiles too, taller angry people just have to suck it up with their own personal circumstances and buy a bigger car if they don’t like other people being more comfortable than they live in their own miserable lives.

    The flight attendant wasn’t attending to anything by condoning the abusive behavior involving an ongoing assault and worse yet with a reward of a drink no less. Clearly the airline doesn’t like passenger videos simply because they don’t want any airline negligence documented for the world to see. I hope the assault victim is relentless with her pursuit of justice, because I know I sure would be!

    Simply said, if you don’t like the seat arrangements on any particular airline, find your own comfortable alternative in your own little world. The flight attendant should be looking for another job too!

  113. Ah screw it! Ban all reclining seats! They’re just a PITA anyway. Always being told to move your seat forward, people behind you getting pissed, and it’s just an all around nuisance. If one has back issues, then upgrade the seat. Plus it’s one less thing the world has to mindlessly b*tch about.

  114. This argument that she isn’t allowed to recline because he can’t recline is as stupid as they come. If she can’t recline as you try to reason, then nobody can be cause the same logic would move all the way to the front of the plane. But of course, all of you wanna be lawyers that also say it isn’t assault would argue that if the woman was drinking and wearing a short skirt, it isn’t really rape.

    Anyone that can even attempt to mitigate or justify his behavior must be a real moron on flights.

  115. I am not so sure about that privacy rule to be honest. Granted I am not a lawyer, and I am sure one on here can agree or disagree, but my thought is state law superseded company rules? In many states, only one party is needed to consent to record another party…usually meaning the video recorder. I am not sure if the states the plane was flying from or to has this rule, nor Texas to where AA is based. I am not also sure how it works when multiple states are at play with the given fact that the plane was in the air travelling. Though…maybe a judge could decide this one?

  116. One other thing too, sorry… because the flight attendant made the flyer delete a video of a possible crime, does that not now make AA responsible for obstruction of justice, and or possible accomplice to the crime or conspiracy for the crime? Ie crime being assault… finally… how can a private company force a private customer to delete anything off of their phone… that is a complete invasion of rights, correct?

  117. Neither TX nor NC have laws requiring mutual consent to record, so unless the airline industry is regulated by a state other than the origin/destination of the flight, then the woman was not breaking the law.

    But a better question… literally every flight I take has one dead head or non-rev uniformed crew member as a passenger. I’ve seen them used to reseat passengers all the time. Why not make alternate arrangements for one of these two customers?

  118. Woman is at fault. She reduced the space he has paid for, without obtaining permission. If you don’t want the seat rocked, don’t put it in someone’s space when they don’t want it there. If anyone absolutely needs to recline her health reasons, buy a second ticket for the seat behind. The airlines make oversized people do this when the body encroaches laterally.

  119. Must not have been any real men on that flight. Had I been on that flight I would have stood up for that Women. That Dude needs a good ass whipping.

  120. I hope the guy’s name gets published! He chose the seat with no recline against a wall and he is acting this way. I bet he would never have behaved this way if it was a huge bodybuilder sitting in front of him. This guy is a classless jerk!

  121. Lucky, I usually agree with you, but I think Wendy with an I is most at fault here. It’s rude to encroach on other people’s space. As a rule of thumb, I only recline my seat if I notice the person behind has reclined theirs, or I ask if its ok.

    BTW, “Punching” is a bit dramatic and she shouldn’t be traveling if she’s so fragile.

  122. Benyamin,

    Grow a pair man, she should have gone over the seat and rearranged that punks dental work. I like you bro, but this Civilized pacifist shit has gone long enough. We live in the era of a Nazi Douchebag in the White House, lets get physical.

  123. Why aren’t the gender dynamics being discussed? Have you heard of a woman doing this to a man when he reclines? Or a man doing it to another man? Not bloody likely.

  124. Wasnt even AA operated ..

    Republic …

    But of course that part is never mentioned by our paid by delta blogger

  125. Sorry but I have no sympathy for anybody reclining their seat in the majority of circumstances. Last night I was in a United economy plus seat and the guy in front of me had reclined. Even with extra legroom it was almost impossible to open my laptop on the tray table and it was about a millimeter from falling off. The guy then proceeded to flail himself backwards at least a dozen times each time causing the seat to smack my laptop. I have no problem admitting that I gave the seat a few kicks.

  126. Mary, did you ask him to not recline quite so much? That seems to me more appropriate than giving him a few kicks.

  127. Got to wonder how Wendi coped sitting in a non-reclining seat at CLT for 5 hours after this ordeal, waiting for AA1938 to Norfolk.
    Sarcasm intended.

  128. Given that you are a strong advocate of your right to recline, I wasn’t surprised that you gave the woman the benefit of the doubt. You also have a bizarre definition of the word ‘assault’. There was no “violently punching” or “hammering” of the airline seat. He repeatedly pressed on it. Kids (and some adults) exert much more force when they reposition their feet on the back of the seat in front of them.

    Before reclining her seat, she should have been a decent person and checked to ensure that he wasn’t using his tray table. Like most self-centered passengers, she attended only to her own needs. I truly doubt that the man made the request with “an attitude” as claimed. I do believe that the woman took his request not to recline as a personal affront.

    The woman is an entitled drama queen who magnified the incident for maximum outrage and media interest. Just compare the language she used to describe the incident with the video. Regardless of what you think about him rocking her seat, there was no violence in either action or speech on the part of this man. Sorry, I’m not buying her victimized performance.

    She did nothing to prevent escalation of the situation. That she immediately resorted to recording a video rather than summoning the FA to handle the matter also suggests that she has a high threshold for confrontation. When she didn’t get the reaction she expected from the FA, she became irate and called for her to be fired. What adult does that? She also demanded the man’s identity so she could press charges for ‘assault’ on an airline seat, justifying it by playing the disability card. Perhaps to set up a potential PI suit against both the man and the airline in order to collect damages?

  129. Lots of issues, bad ideas, and mistakes about law and rights in the comments.

    A) A aircraft is NOT a public place, it’s private property belonging to a business which only clients are allowed to enter, so yes, they can legally forbid filming regardless of the law for recording in public spaces.

    However, due to the circumstances (ongoing crime) any attempt to prosecute the victim for recording would rightfully be laughed out of court. In addition, a flight attendant ordering such recording to cease and be deleted is likely both issuing an unlawful order and unwittingly coercing commission of an additional crime (destruction of evidence).

    B) The recorded behavior qualifies as either an assault or a criminal harassment in most states and as an assault under federal law. “An attempt with force or violence to do a corporal injury to another; may consist of any act tending to such corporal injury, accompanied with such circumstances as denotes at the time an intention, coupled with present ability, of using actual violence against the person.”
    Guarro v. United States, 237 F.2d 578, 580 (D.C. Cir. 1956)

    Per federal caselaw, the interposition of an object (seatback) between the striker and the target does not prevent this from being assault. It also fails the “common sense” test; otherwise I could hold a phonebook in front of your face and repeatedly punch it, breaking your nose, but NOT have assaulted you because “All I did was hit the phonebook, officer!”

    Additionally, per federal caselaw, no injury need be sustained in order for this to constitute assault. Mere “unwanted contact” or “offensive touching” is a criminal assault.

  130. The woman is obviously a first-class B to escalate this. FA was dead right to side with the guy. Reclining is never acceptable unless the seat behind is unoccupied. Seats are too close together these days.

  131. Seats reclining is a option any passenger can exercise. The passenger in front of her could have done the same. Since that is an option, she doesn’t have to check if someone is using the tray! A seat in front of you reclines 2″ to 4″ and unless you are seated right up against back of the seat in front of you, that only bothers your ego! If you are tall, get a comfort seat upgrade so your ego wont be hurt! When they remove the recliner, I’ll stop using it!

  132. Seats are designed to recline! The cost is figured into your ticket! There have never been rules that say you can not recline once the aircraft is airborne and not in landing mode!

  133. The seats are designed to recline. It does not matter what anyones opinion is. A person can sit up straight or recline – their option. If anyone does not want to sit behind someone who might recline, then put out more money for the first row of seats or for first class. Better yet, take another route of transportation. The woman paid for her seat and it has the ability to recline, which she has the right to do. The immature jacka** does not have the right to assault her and harass her like he did. FA should have notified first officer or Captain (pilot) and made arrangements for him to be detained/arrested when the aircraft landed.

    The bigger issue, is that several airlines are re-designing the planes to make the seats smaller and the area for those in the seats to have less room for elbows, legs, etc. They have even made travel on sizes smaller because they made the overheads smaller. By doing this, they have perpetrated this type of annoyance, but more importantly for them, they get free publicity (like this), they generate more revenue because larger people (remember there is an obesity epidemic in this country) have to purchase two seats because they are too large to fit in one -same goes for some pregnant women and people with disabilities, etc. They made more seats in a row and more rows in the same plane….so they are making a bundle more money and that is all they care about.

    My point – instead of arguing about this woman’s right to recline her seat – because it is made to do that…get mad at the airlines for literally cramping us in and practically sitting on top of each other. I have boycotted AA for years because of their corporate culture of arrogance and not giving two hoots about their customers. This story, in and of itself, proves that with the way the FA very poorly handled the situation.

  134. The airlines are also at fault for allowing seats to recline to the point that they physically harm passengers behind. I would love to see a lawsuit there! Seriously, business class has 3″ more room ahead and 2″ more aside, keeping your larger neighbors from spilling into your seat, and it makes a world of difference. Just make that the law. It’s about time!

  135. The guy’s a coward, plain and simple. Highly doubt he would have done what he did to a man even half his size.
    The FA is the arrogant b**ch and should be charged as an accessory to an assault.

    F**k You, American Airlines. But I’ll continue to fly you and sue the S**T outta you if this happens to me.

  136. The woman and the guy behind her are both jerks.

    The guy was definitely a jerk for repeatedly pushing the back of her seat, but she’s a jerk for exaggerating the significance of it. An assault? Give me a break.

    He’s basically tapping the back of her seat, just enough to get her attention. Describing it as violent or hard punching is ridiculous. It was a pretty weird thing for the guy to do but defiinitely not assault.

    The airlines are jerks for selling those last seats with no recline. That’s just obnoxious.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that there is more to this story than we know.

  137. It’s common sense and basic etiquette . When you reclining ,just make sure its okay for passanger behind you. Guy seats at last row. His seat probably does not reclining at all. Already very tiny space got even less comfortable. Having said that, I dont see why guy is constantly punching the seat. I would stand just next to her untill flight attendant solve situation .
    This is vey unfortunate common problem not only in aviation. People became very egoistic “I dont care what you think , I’Il do it, whatever.. Both sides are wrong. No sense .
    Creating problems with absolutely no reasons. Only when your life is damn boring…

  138. > If anyone does not want to sit behind someone who might recline, then put out more money for the first row of seats or for first class.

    I seriously can’t hear the argument that the person being hurt by an inconsiderate person reclining their seat should be putting more money down. If you cannot sit on a plane for 2h without slamming your seat back, maybe you need to buy into a higher class.

    When I fly economy, I do so with the knowledge that it will be a miserable experience. I do not intend to make it more miserable for somebody else to make it a little less miserable for me.

    (This is not defending the behavior of the man pushing her seat. Calling this “punching” and she may have broken here back due to this seems to be an exaggeration at least, a money-grab lie at worst)

  139. He’s at fault. Location and whether the seats recline are factored into the ticket price. Her seat reclines so she gets to recline.

    That said, common civility is missing in all of this. I don’t know what was said prior to the interaction but she could have notified him that she is going to recline her seat and he could have asked her politely not to. They could have come to some compromise, maybe halfway recline or something.

    I fly American constantly (EXP for 6-7 years in a row) and the quality of service and ability for flight attendants to manage situations is abysmal. I’m not sure why I continue to submit myself to this airline.

  140. Blame this all on the airlines and their pursuit of profits. It’s the same thing going on with housing developments cramming more homes into less space by eliminating the yards and creating more lots for sale. The greed and pursuit of more money by the wealthiest people in our society is creating inhumane conditions and our society is reaching a breaking point. Incidents on airlines are increasing as personal space is decreasing. Road rage is increasing in large cities, where more people are battling for space on the roads. The problem with our society is most people don’t use the 5 Why’s to get to the root of a problem. Most people see things at face value without digging deeper. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll see the passengers on the plane didn’t start this fight. Unfortunately, they are the ones facing all the criticism for it.

  141. She was seated in front of a nutcase obviously. He should have received the warning. The stewardess should have also been reprimanded! I am glad it wasn’t me cause I would turned around and started wailing on the nutcase…

  142. How much you want to be the A-Hole had his seat reclined and would’ve thrown a fit if someone hit his seat. In these situations the flight attendant should have them swap seats.

  143. I have never complained when someone reclines even though on some planes, when the person in front is reclined, it is impossible to use the tray table in its 100% position. Of course the man hitting the seat was wrong but I am genuinely curious – if we both paid for our seats, why does his right to recline trump my right to use the tray table? I look forward to everyone’s responses.

  144. Contrary to assertions by whiners who don’t like seats to be reclined, the additional 2 to 4 inches of space needed to recline, is allocated to the person in the reclining seat, as is designed for the purpose of reclining and the additional 2 to 4 inches does not belong to the person sitting behind a reclined seat, even if they belong to the “entitled club” of losers. Personally speaking, since I happen to be shorter than average, I get extra legroom everywhere, such as in hotel beds, automobiles and of course while flying, as examples.

    I’m actually looking forward to the airlines realizing the only way to pacify the chronic whiners is to simply just do away with reclining seats and make more profitable use of the extra 2 to 4 inches between every row of seats, by adding as many more rows of seats the extra space will contribute to (with just 30 rows @ 4 inches saved space between rows, would reap the airlines another 10 feet of extra space for another very profitable 3 rows of seats or so) although as usual, the whiners would still be whining about something!

    I just want to laugh at the whiners when they find themselves wishing there was still additional space for seats to recline when they will miss the bonus extra space they could at least occasionally enjoy when sitting behind an empty seat -lol

    I just hope the “no-reclining” whiners get exactly what they pout for, so the airlines can tighten up the rows more with even more seats for additional profits and maybe even save each passenger a few pennies with the additional revenue that can be made by doing away with reclining seats.

    In the mean time, as long as the airlines provide me with a reclining seat to “enjoy”, I’m going to enjoy reclining whenever I choose too!

  145. This guy is probably some liberal professor at a community college somewhere. Antifa wannabe. He’d have never done that to a guy his own size. If he did that to your mom, sister, wife , or daughter OMG! Teeth on the CURB AHX!

  146. All you A holes that recline your seats without asking the person behind are the primary problem.
    You think ITS ALL about YOU.
    What ever happened to the morals YOU were supposed to be taught
    Growing up.

  147. All you Aholes that think I have to ask your PERMISSION to recline my seat seem to think it’s ALL about YOU.

    I dont need YOUR permission to recline my seat, let down my tray table or stretch out my legs.

    Get over your it’s all about ME attitude and realize there are things you cant have power over in this world.

  148. I don’t know that I agree the guy was in the wrong – You don’t know the whole story. He may have asked her politely several times to not recline; he may even have escalated to the flight attendant. We have only Wendi’s side for what happened – and honestly just the way she’s acting doesn’t encourage me to give her the benefit of the doubt.

    That said – I don’t agree that reclining is a right. When you recline you are intruding into someone else’s personal space. I am 6’2 and have had people recline and I am stuck practically smelling their hair with a seat gouging into my knees. Even when you ask them to please raise their seat back they refuse – and then they complain that every time I move I am jostling their seat as if theirs in. the only comfort that matters.

    And then airlines ban the knee savers. Unless seat pitch is increased – there should be no reclining.

  149. For those who never tried to research the story, here’s more info.

    She declined her seat and his drink got knocked over. He asked her to put the seat up. She did. After meal service was o er, she reclined again.

    According to her, he punched her seat hard several times, at which point she began to film. At that point what you see is him just leaning forward, hitting her seat but less hard.

    I see neither he nor the FA have decided to tell their side of this story.

    For those of you who are fortunate enough not to have back issues, you have NO idea how miserable it is to fly with someone hitting the back of your seat, either punching the entertainment center or some kid with his feet on your seat back. The occasional bump happens, the repetitive hitting becomes uncomfortable rapidly.

    As long as airlines allow reclining seats, the person has the right to decide whether or not to recline.

  150. Ridiculous situation – woman should have “accidentally” spilled coffee on this guy in response to one of his physical interactions with her seat.

    And the FA is an idiot thinking the solution here is to embolden the antagonist and shame the customer using their seat in an appropriate way. If this response is company policy, then the airline is partly at fault – if not, a change in policy should be applied.

  151. People who recline their seat are demonstrating their belief that the only needs that count are their own.

    Can the man behind here eat a meal or read a book or reach into his under-seat item or do anything with this lady’s seat shoved in his face? No!

    Is the lady who started this whole problem concerned about anyone else except herself? No!

    The man behind her should have politely ask that the lady with the camera put her seat in the upright position. If she refuses, she should lose the right to fly on this airline.

  152. To the idiots talking about the price of the seed that is irrelevant because he is in the last row hello hello hello is the last row charge less because it cannot decline that is the question until that question is answered your all speaking to nowhere and you won’t know what the answer that question is

  153. I just read an article that he has called the police on him saying she was sexually harasisfn him by taking the video. Asking for 1 million dollars and for her to be registered as a swx offender for videoing him

  154. The belief that anyone has “air rights” to use a real estate term in the seat pitch space is absurd. As long as the airlines provide reclining seats, the purchaser of that seat has the privilege of reclining, subject, of course, to the common courtesy of easing back, not slamming back toward the passenger behind (had not previously read that when Wendi first reclined, she knocked over his drink). No requirement of asking for permission. If the passenger behind the recliner is made uncomfortable by that recline, he or she may ask the recliner perhaps to recline back a little in order to lessen the discomfort. If the recliner refuses to do so, the aggrieved passenger might ask for assistance from the FA, e.g., moving him or her to another seat if available that might not have the same issue, e.g., a bulkhead seat. Bottom line for me, however, is all three, jerk, Wendi, and the FA, mishandled the situation. I hope American is reading all these comments and incorporates role playing in its FA training to deal with this situation.

  155. She’s a drama queen. There’s better ways to handle it. My solution is, remove the reclining seats in cattle class. Get it over with! If adults can’t be nice, remove it!

    About that guy, he’s a jerk.

    I am not done, I see seats shake that much during heavy turbulences for hours. Again, she can get over with it.

  156. The very reason I REFUSE to fly with American Airlines is the cramped seating. War Machine had it right. We should demand better from the airlines. I never, but never recline on a plane unless I am in first or business class. It is rude, ill-mannered and inconsiderate. We invest too much money to fly uncomfortable. Often when I get off a plane I am very stiff. Yes, he was rude, but so was she. Two wrongs never make a right.

  157. She annoyed him by reclining into his already limited space. he annoyed her by shaking the seat pressing into his space. The people in the wrong are those that are allowing this to become such a big deal. No one was violently hitting a seat back or assaulting anyone. No one that is medically capable of dealing with turbulence would get hurt, and those that could shouldn’t be on a plane. Dont allow this non issue be made into something by some trying to get something for nothing. that is the crime

  158. The endless parade of selfish self-centered flyers in this thread of comments who are convinced that everyone else should suffer if it makes them a little happier is astounding. Just because the airlines haven’t removed the reclining function from the seats during the years that they have squeezed the rows ever closer together, does not mean that you have some unquestionable right to make everyone around you as miserable as possible. Often, as noted, when those seats are reclined, the passenger behind you cannot use their tray table, they can’t eat, they have their legs or knees painfully crushed, and you block their ability to hold a book or magazine in any position that would allow them to read it. All they can do is sit in miserable pain that you have chosen to cause them as they spend the entire flight staring at the top of your head which you have also inconsiderately placed two inches in front of their face for the duration of the flight. I can’t imagine how awful it must be for the people who have to work with you or deal with you on a daily basis. Their lives must be made perpetually miserable.

  159. to cure this problem in the future….without confrontation…..when the person in the seat in front of you reclines their seat into your space…..simply reach up to the air vent nozzle and open the nozzle to full force……then point the nozzle directly at the top of the head of the person in the reclined seat.
    they can either endure cold air blowing on their head or avoid the cold air by putting their seat upright.

  160. HERO! Not all heros wear capes, some are bald with glasses. Don’t be a douche and recline, ESPECIALLY if the seat behind you can’t also recline (he didn’t have a seat behind him, those seats often don’t recline), or if the person happens to be tall. Or if it’s a day ending with the letter “Y.” This man is a hero and should be given all the rum he wants. Stop being discourteous on planes, we all have to suffer through the sardine box plane rides together.

  161. @Wjflyer

    Your complaint is with the airlines who haven’t removed the recline function. The passengers are simply using what they paid for. Simple really.

  162. As someone who has severe nerve damage to his back as well as a significant amount of metal and donor bone in his right leg, I feel I must weigh-in (if only momentarily). I do not dispute that there are larger (pick any dimension) people in the world, and that they are put in discomfort by reclined seats. I do not dispute that airlines have some significant share of the fault for acting only in an anti-consumer fashion. I only can state the following: I try to be as considerate as possible, but I am physically unable to stay in the upright position for more than about an hour and a half without severe pain. I do not mess with the seat if I am on a hop flight, and I try to be conscientious and warn those behind me. Yet… from what I am seeing here, I am the villain for being disabled. I would buy a better class of seat if I were able to, but I cannot. I certainly can commiserate with the discomfort felt, but there simply is no other option for me. Until and unless some relief is brought from the airlines, I simply don’t see any universally positive outcome. Until then it is a zero-sum game, and one in which I have had my share of uncaring hate and neglect, no matter how kind and sincere I try to be.

    With apologies to any who get stuck behind me.


  163. I’m disgusted that AA doesn’t think it’s their responsibility to keep a passenger safe from another passenger! Totally unacceptable answer from the flight attendant! AA you should be ashamed! #look to fly another airline!

  164. To all the people calling out Wendi for “whiplash culture”, I have injuries similar to hers, but not quite as bad. I spend at least an hour a week with a physical therapist to keep the limited range of motion I have. I’m pretty sure she does too. If she was to lose that last unfused vertebrae, her neck will be locked in one position for the rest of her life, and no amount of therapy could give it back to her. That would mean she couldn’t drive anymore, not to mention the discomfort from having her neck in only one position. I know we live in a litigious society, but the law recognizes that the condition of an injured person prior to the injury matters. It’s similar to what would happen if you caused someone to lose an eye, but they had already lost the other eye. So please, try and find some compassion. She’s in a lot of pain that should never have been inflicted on her, and the flight attendant needs some serious retraining.

  165. @Wjflyer-I feel sorry for those that work with you if they have to listen to you go on, and on, and on, over how people shouldn’t use what they have paid to use. My guess is you check the supply room hourly to be sure nobody took two pens when they can only write with one at a time.

  166. @Ray 2 – It certainly speaks volumes about your character that you mock suggestions that people be treated with kindness.

  167. @Reginald – I agree that the airlines are largely at fault for packing the seats in too tightly, but with regard to your comment that “The passengers are simply using what they paid for. Simple really.” It is not actually that simple. A flyer’s “right” to use the seat’s recline function ends at the point where it begins to cause pain or discomfort to another passenger. I think it is amazing that people don’t agree on that common courtesy. Since I would never deliberately cause another passenger pain or discomfort, I don’t recline my seat. Excusing a decision to hurt other passengers because the capability happens to have been built into the seat is a poor excuse for choosing to hurt people. Such behavior should not be excused.

  168. @Walter

    He did ask her when the seat was struck in his face. Probably with “attitude” since she couldn’t have been stupid enough not to notice he was in last row that did not recline.

    She then stuck it in his face again. From the video it is clear he could hardly see his phone.

    I assume a game of pushing the seat upright followed by another recline followed. Then a game of wiggle the seat back if it’s in my face followed.

    The FA clearly saw who was the narcissistic protagonist and rewarded the victim with a well deserved drink and told the woman to behave herself.

    For those who sided with wendi you either didn’t see the video showing how far the seat back was in his face or have never been assaulted by a flying seatback.

  169. Why can’t I ever get drama on a flight?
    All I have to say ” give me a break! She may have permanent damage, due to the soft Punch’s she received from this creeping looking guy?” What if there was child behind her kicking her seat the whole flight? Would she have permanent back problems? Move the seat forward, stop the phone crap, and let everyone be comfortable. Seriously everyone in this world is cracked! Can’t we all just get along?!

  170. Sorry but the fault here is primarily with American Airlines on two counts-
    1. It is evident that their crews lack basic training on how to manage such situations onboard.
    2. Moreover, American Airlines (along with many others) need to rethink their seats in economy. There is going to be a time when cramming in so many seats is going to turn into a health and safety hazard.
    3. American may wish to disallow reclines in main cabin for its oasis configured flights.
    I do not condone the man’s behaviour at all however imagine if she had sided with the woman and forced a really tall man to endure knee crunching pain. Ultimately, the crew are helpless given that they can potentially be lynched in both situations.
    Instead of blaming the crew, the airline should be blamed and the only way this will stop is if people start boycotting airlines that inflict such agony on their passengers.

  171. What about removing a “recliner” function from all seats? One day, a passenger in front of me tried to recline his seat pushing the water bottle which I placed in the seat pocket. I asked him to stop pushing until I removed the water bottle from the seat pocket. He ignored me and repeatedly pushed his seat backward and finally the water bottle exploded splashing water all over passengers behind him including passengers next to me. He didn’t apology to anyone. I was really upset but didn’t say anything to him because dealing with a selfish and stupid person is not worth my time. Fortunately, nobody was injured by pieces of the exploded plastic bottle. but I wondered who would be liable if someone were injured in this case. Clearly, there is a problem with the seat design: Seats should not recline when there are obstacles behind the seats. Recliners do not provide much comfort anyway and cause potential disputes between passengers. Personally, I wish airplane companies would remove all recliner function to avoid in-flight incidents like this.

  172. The AA flight attendant was wrong about the video. AA’s photo and video policy states, “Use of still and video cameras, film or digital, is permitted only for recording personal events.” It goes on to say, “Photography or video recording of airline personnel, equipment, or procedures is strictly prohibited.”

    The video in question didn’t show airline personnel, equipment (Okay the seat is considered equipment but AA allows photos which include their seats all the time for personal photos.) or procedures. She recorded the personal event of getting hammered by the creep behind her.

  173. Assault?? He is a jerk, but its far from assault. Wiplash?? Really?
    And she could have handlet it better too.

    Personally I dont recline my seat if Im on an economy seat and an adult is sitting behind me. Even Im far bigger than her and therefor could need space more than her.

  174. @Wjflyer

    If me reclining my seat causes a person pain, they shouldn’t be flying. They can drive, take a bus or train, or ferry if they need to cross a body of water.

  175. The guy is most definitely at fault here and a complete A$$ about it. I mean who purposely chooses the seat that he did when it doesn’t even recline due to the wall behind it and then complain about the person in front? AA flight attendants.. I have NEVER met one that even cares to be working there let alone have to deal with any sort of confrontations.

  176. @Reginald
    or conversely, since that other passenger also paid for his or her seat and has just as much right to be there as you do, perhaps instead of you demanding that they give up all flying and instead drive or take the bus or train or ferry, you should be the one to find another form of transport…or does your solution suddenly seem unreasonable once you are the one being told to give up air travel?

    On the other hand, a simpler option would just be that everyone be courteous to each other in a cramped and uncomfortable space and choose not to make it worse for each other. Do airlines really have to take the recline function away from everyone in order to stop a few people from making travel worse for their fellow passengers? Just because a function is possible does not mean it should be used in all circumstances. Most of the time it is probably fine, but when it isn’t, please be courteous to your fellow passengers.

  177. Ben, it’s unfortunate you wrote this editorial based only on one side of the story. What Wendi left out of her Twitter post is that the reason the flight attendant brought the guy a fresh drink was because Wendi knocked his drink over when she reclined her seat and spilled it all over him. Granted, his response was stupid, but basing an editorial on incomplete and biased information does you and your readers no service.

  178. Sorry, but the guy committed assault and battery and the flight attendant enabled this criminal act. They need to face the consequences. End of story. Period. How about stop blaming the victim?

  179. Sorry @KO

    The victim here was the poor guy caught between a fixed upright seat and an entitled narcissist looking for a headline and notoriety.

    Nobody should have to put up with the aggressive actions of someone slamming a seatback into your face when asked for some consideration.

  180. Airline seats on a domestic flight should not recline. Just tough it out. Next, the clown behind the lady in 33-lavatory, is another reason to fly first class. Lastly, never fly American Airlines even if they offer direct service. Spend you money on air travel with a company that will not tolerate juvenile behavior.

  181. The same thing basically just happened to me with American Airlines on Monday 2/17/2020. I was told to put my seat in the upright position because the lady behind me was bigger. I said I have sciatica and have been traveling for several hours and at the time my right leg and arm was going numb and throbbing. I was then told I had to put my seat in the upright position and then the FA ask if I wanted a beverage and I said no I would like to be comfortable he proceeded to roll his eyes at me and say something to my husband who was seating in the row across from me. My husband said he couldn’t make it out and that he thinks he was complaining about me to him. I am a fairly tall woman and I have long legs and my seat was not completely reclined back, I had it reclined back maybe a inch or two so I didn’t think much of it. Maybe I should speak to the same person this lady is about my experience as well. Here today on 2/19/2020 I am in so much pain and may need to go and get a cortisone shot and some anti-inflammatory as well to relieve the pain and tingling.

  182. I agree, people are nasty these days. I had some people harass me where I used to live, but no one would do anything about it. I went outside 1 night and saw 20 of them, must have been a gang that paraded past my house at 10pm, when the streets are normally quiet. The police said, that if they did not personally witness it, they could not do anything. (no wonder people hate them) The gang drove by my house every 15 mins, making as much noise as they could in order to keep me from sleeping. It went for 3 days straight when i decided we would sell the house empty – we were moving out. After getting to where we were heading, mom pasted away. They caused it!

  183. Anyone notice he is in the last row of the aircraft up against the lavatories.Those seats dont recline, so he was angry and took it out on her!

  184. Just to put things in correct context for Wendi is not being completely truthful. She only told a part of the story to make her look like a complete victim. According to USA Today’s Steven Petrow, the only reason why he got the free alcohol was because she spilled his drink when she reclined. He was probably upset for a number of reasons: her recline during the entire flight; his spilled drink, and she also did not act like a human being to apologize for it let alone offer to buy a new drink. Cannot trust just one side as there are many sides to a story. @Lucky

  185. I think the problem is much deeper. You can’t crowd humans together like a basket of gerbils and expect them to be civil to each other.

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