American Airlines Is Introducing New Cookies & Beer

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Warm cookies seem to be a major point of contention in our community, so I figured I’d at least pass on this news, even if I’m not personally terribly passionate about this one way or another.

American has let me know that they’re introducing new beer and new cookies on flights as of today.

Here’s the information they’ve shared:

American’s New Belgium Voodoo Ranger beer

American is introducing a new beer for sale on board. Voodoo Ranger is an IPA made by New Belgium Brewing and will be available on all mainline domestic and international flights, and will be added to regional flights later this year. The cost is $7, and of course it’s complimentary in first & business class, or if you’re an Executive Platinum member in economy. While I’m not a beer drinker (even if I’m bringing great shame to my heritage), I at least appreciate American adding something other than the major beer brands.

American’s new Christie Cookie Co. cookies

American is changing their onboard cookie suppler. Domestic passengers in first & business class (except on regional flights) can expect these new cookies, with the flavor choices being between chocolate chunk and snickerdoodle. I can’t say I love American’s current cookies, so here’s to hoping that the new ones are better. Based on the pictures the cookies at least look chunkier than the old ones (which basically fall apart), so that’s good at least.

I still don’t get why American doesn’t sell freshly baked cookies in economy. Can you imagine how well they’d sell, with the smell of warm chocolate chip cookies throughout the cabin?

Anyone familiar with New Belgium Voodoo Ranger beer or Christie Cookie Co. cookies?

  1. I can’t imagine many people wanting to buy fresh baked cookies. It’s kind of an indulgence that’s hard to justify. Now if they gave them as their snack or dessert on flights with meals, it would get them a lot of good will. I for one didn’t mind the previous Cookies. Even chips ahoy when warmed up taste a million times better.

  2. Never cared for those old cookies. Tried them once years ago. Hated them. From then on, the smell of baking chocolate chip cookies made me nauseous every single time. I wish they would step away from their obsession with added sugars, including on first class breakfast options, where 3 of 4 items on a tray (other than fruit, also sweet) have added sugars. Whoever is making their meal/food choices obviously has a sweet tooth that needs taming.

  3. This is the same company in Nashville that makes the Doubletree cookie. So it should be delicious.

  4. AA cookies and pies back in the 90s were amazing…before the invent of GMO’s

    I’d also like to see the ingredients, since there is a ton of petroleum by-products (yes, you read that correctly) in food out of the USA.

  5. @Elijah – Oh, the Doubletree cookies are mind blowing delicious (although I need to investigate the ingredients).

  6. Denver based here. Voodoo Ranger isn’t the best IPA around this area by a long shot (IMO), but I’m happy they are putting some true craft beers in the cabin!

  7. @jordan: GMOs are not “bad.” French fries tastes better in the 90s too, because they were commonly fried in lard until everybody started freaking out about saturated fats. If anything, you can thank subsidies and lobbyists for the high fructose corn syrup pervasion in prepared foods available in the US. HFCS and the desire to make the cheapest product are probably the culprits for the change in taste of these cookies, not GMOs.

  8. Any of you remember the fresh baked cookies on Midwest express? I remember if they would have left overs, you would get more than just two.

  9. Good to see some craft beer on-board as opposed to the usual mainstream industrially produced rubbish.

  10. I remember the days when one could go to the mall and buy a delicious fresh baked Mrs. Field’s chocolate chip cookie for a buck. I haven’t been impressed with the chocolate chip cookies in AA lounges or onboard flights in the past. Just about anything would be an improvement.

  11. Anna says:
    August 1, 2017 at 7:34 am
    I can’t imagine many people wanting to buy fresh baked cookies.

    ….These cookies are in first and business class. No buying in that class of service.

    Domestic passengers in first & business class (except on regional flights) can expect these new cookies, with the flavor choices being between chocolate chunk and snickerdoodle.

  12. Years ago, Air Canada served freshly baked (inflight) chocolate-macadamia nut cookies in Executive First along with Haagen Dazs.

  13. “Leave him cookies and beer – He’ll be back to your house first next year.” – I Am Santa Claus

  14. Great to see an airline stepping into the 21st century and selling something else than the commercial crap. Every country has its own beer, so it makes sense to me for each airline to showcase its countries micro brews (even if some aren’t so micro)

  15. As nice as freshly baked cookies in main cabin sound, there are no ovens in aft galleys of narrow body AA aircrafts.

  16. I LOVE COOKIES. The BEST cookies Ive ever had are from Bens Cookies, a London based cookie store that has a branch in NYC, Dubai, etc. SO GOOD.

  17. One reason my family and I loved flying Southwest whenever we would visit my grandmother in Florida was the free chocolate chip cookies. I was so disappointed when I flew to DC in 2015 and they had gotten rid of them!

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