Video: American Flight Attendants Sing & Dance For Million Miler

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I… I… I… I… am speechless.

There are some airlines, like Southwest, that are known for their charismatic flight attendants.

American Airlines is not one of those airlines, though. You most definitely wouldn’t expect this, let alone from what appears to be a rather senior crew (based on the fact that they’re working a Phoenix to London trip, which requires a lot of seniority to hold).

Check out this video that a Twitter user shared of two flight attendants putting on a little “performance” on AA194 from Phoenix to London:

Apparently they were recognizing someone who earned million miler status on the flight. I find that rather confusing, because unlike Delta and United, I don’t think American does anything to recognize million milers on their “achieving” flight (at least I didn’t get anything). Maybe the passenger let them know that he earned million miler on that flight, or maybe things have changed?

But this video is unlike anything I’ve seen before on American.

Does the guy say his name is Captain Ike? And does he really say “when you’re flying with us, you’re flying with friends?”

I’m not sure what part of this I like most — “Captain” Ike, or the incredible background dancer.

This is a lot to take in. In all honesty, though, I do appreciate their enthusiasm — it’s so nice to see people who come to work and seem to enjoy their jobs, rather than people who show up with a bad attitude.

  1. Wow, this is pretty stark in contrast with that description of your Million Mile flight you published a few years ago. Seems more like that daydream version of it (with the Dom Perignon I believe it was)…

  2. Sounds like a one-off PR/Marketing stunt designed to go viral. Well done to the AA creative marketing/social media team or whoever came up with the idea, but lets not kid ourselves to think that this is more than a one-off.

  3. There’s some good flight crews out there. American does well on their London routes.

  4. Justin,

    I guess something positive at American does not fit into your narrative of doom and gloom, wishing that AA fails in all endeavors. if this happened at Southwest or Delta you would be singing their praises.

    Quit griping, at least for once, and at least give a little credit where it is due.

  5. American has some really good folks out there always did
    Let’s not forget American was a fairly good airline with a world class FF program before Drug Parker came in and destroyed almost every positive left @ American including much of their morale
    Yelling screaming attitude and ignoring passengers now seem like the norm
    For me they are one of the last resorts now to do business with
    Never 20 years ago could I ever imagine flying Alaska Delta and Southwest because American had all I wanted and needed in one relationship
    I have never recovered from the destruction of their world class program that I once fully participated in for over 25 years and the benefits I earned earning 8 million miles in their program
    Appreciate the post was nice to see despite the state of American today

  6. @ryby: I’ve never actually flown American and absolutely have no dog in the fight on whether its a good airline or not. Since I’ve never actually written about AA, you’re leaping to an enormous conclusion about me having a “narrative of doom and gloom”.

    I don’t know where the comment “Quit griping, at least for once” comes from since I don’t recall EVER commenting on AA before. I do have opinions on marketing/social media campaigns though. See my comment on the China Airlines’ post and boy did I have opinions when Air Canada tried to copy Westjet’s seasonal giveaway videos a few years back.

  7. “Captain” Ike’s career began with PSA in the mid 1970s, and through mergers and acquisitions AA is now fortunate to have him as one of it’s outstanding employees. He’s genuine and caring, and always leaves the passengers smiling.

  8. The guy that wrote this article has a poor attitude. I am a flight attendant at AA and can do without your negative criticism

  9. It is always nice to be recognized, even if it is a bit embarrassing…I had a bottle of champagne given to me as a thank you for 1 Million Miler then another flight attendant in First came and gave me one of the amenity kits…very thoughtful. I do think however that most airlines just do not value those who are at the top of the rung. They know who those people are on every flight and when flying long haul and in Premium Economy it would really be nice to be just make good sense.

  10. Ike is a former PSA flight attendant and is now with AA after the PSA merger with US and then with AA

    Great guy.

    PSA . . . THAT was an airline.

    [I see someone else just posted the same info.]

  11. Gee … I got absolutely *nothing* in the way of recognition from United Airlines flight attendants back when I cracked 1 Million Miles during an international flight! However, United’s Premier 1K telephone service agents are always grateful and polite to their callers …

  12. This is what I mean BillC, they really lack in this area…we spend a lot of time up in the air and on long haul flights they have the time to do this…they know who we are and could take a moment and say Hi and welcome. On long haul flights there is usually a person who does that in BC so why not do it for those in the back…I always feel like a second class citizen in that area and I am 1K and a Million Miler….I should not have to feel that way….

  13. @Donna — I totally agree with you 1000%! Flight attendants (on United or otherwise) should be more aware of their passengers achievements, since they always have a passenger manifest that lists such status info! Crossing Million Miles takes a few years to achieve and should be better recognized … or perhaps there are just too many Million Milers on United international flights for them to even care, anymore?

    On other occasions I *did* have the onboard pursers come by towards the end of the flights (in Polaris Business Class) and thank each of us individually for flying United and being a Premier 1K flyer … but these courtesies have become practically extinct nowadays, as I’ve observed (since I flew internationally across the Pacific to Asia monthly)!

  14. Capt Ike is an amazing man. We all started flying with PSA (Pacific Southwest Airlines). He has now gone through three airlines and this man is genuine. There was no pr stunt or anything from the AA. This is Ike!! He’s amazing and loves his job.
    I started with PSA also and had flown with him for years.

  15. I too got nothing form United on my transition/threshold flight (a long one) when I crossed into the 1 million mile mark….I even told the FA in passing conversation.

  16. How many million milers are there? There can’t be too many of um. A little recognition on their acheiving flight wouldn’t be that hard….

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