Video Of Today’s Scary American Airlines 767 Evacuation

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As many of you may have seen by now, earlier an American 767 bound from Chicago to Miami burst into flames as it was getting ready for takeoff.

Here’s American’s first statement about the incident (updated statement):

American Airlines flight 383, a Boeing 767 bound for Miami (MIA), aborted take off at Chicago O’Hare (ORD) due to an engine-related issue. The 161 passengers and 9 crew deplaned on the runway and buses are enroute to pick up the passengers and bring them back to the terminal.

And then here’s their follow-up statement about the incident:

All passengers onboard flight 383 have been bused back to the terminal. Seven passengers and one flight attendant reported injuries and were transported to the hospital to be evaluated. We are taking care of our customers and crew and are re-accommodating our passengers on another flight to Miami this evening.

Here’s a video of the plane on fire from the outside:

Regardless of the mostly positive outcome, this looks horrifying. I’ll be curious to see what they determine to be the cause of this.

  1. There’s another video showing what looks like flight attendants running back towards the burning plane to help someone who was hurt on the slide.

    Pause for thought next time we all b!tch about service.

  2. Scary
    Good to hear that pilots passengers and crew made it off the plane alive
    This is where the risks may be seen by using poor quality third party airline mechanics
    Like everything at American these days everything is up in flames
    The once great Frequent Flyer Program the lack of a decent consumer relations dept for American Airlines created issues where they hide in a bunker avoiding solving customer recovery
    All destroyed rapidly by its new leader DP
    After 20 years I have left after the decline of customer service and Americans stingy greedy
    business behaviors in every cabin and the way they now run their airline
    I’m on Virgin America Alaska Southwest and even unthinkable just a year ago United
    Overseas all Middle East carriers with a mix of Singapore and Cathay in premium cabins
    I know longer trust American with safety customer service or running the Iconic and first FF program that they did for so many glorious years
    Probably and inappropriate time to vent but there’s nothing like kicking an airline that routinely takes its customers for granted and reckless disregard

  3. More than a few people stopped to take their carry on luggage. Shame on them! Glad everyone made it out alive.

  4. Why in God’s name are these freaking people running out with their CARRY ON / BAGS!!! THEY COULD HAVE GOTTEN PEOPLE KILLED BY WASTING TIME GRABBING THEIR BAGS! Sure that 30 second video by that idiot making sure he got something for his Snapchat while people could have been killed was fine though, right? They’re lucky it wasn’t worse. This is the millionth time we’ve seen this and each time it drives me crazy. It was mostly foreigners and foreign airlines before, but still. I guess it doesn’t really matter who it is.

    Get it through your thick skulls people! NO BAGS, CARRY ONS! NOTHING!!! It doesn’t even matter if there is time for you to grab your things. Other people’s lives are worth more than all your phone numbers and documents and precious belongings. You can replace those you can’t replace lives.

    Just thank Jesus it wasn’t worse.

  5. Good news American is proactively issuing 2000 miles per passenger affected
    The bad news is they will be raising all award redemptions 15,000 to 50,000 per award

  6. I guess another fortunate circumstance about the accident was the relatively light load of the flight; there could have been about 50 more people onboard.
    Glad it all turned out well!

  7. Between this and the emirates flight evac posted not too long ago… Seeing all the people grabbing bags and impeding the evacuation. I hope the FAA makes it a crime to do so if not already out there. One of these days were going to lose somebody with an evac taking too long. Clothes and electronics are never worth someone not being able to go home to their families. Glad this one everyone made it out okay

  8. I didn’t see the overhead bins opening in this video like we saw on the previous one Lucky posted. Maybe I missed it but the two ladies I saw had small backpacks probabaly from under the seats. Wonder if the airlines will retrieve and return the carryon items and checked bags from this flight to the passengers since the plane is still intact? Let’s hope so. Glad everyone escaped. Bad couple of days for flying.

  9. These 767s operating Europe seem to have constant maintenance issues. At least five of my last six flights on these planes were canceled or heavily delayed. A couple of weeks back icnomig MXP flight to JFK was delayed 4 hours, my connection to Miami on that plane was delayed a further five hours.
    Starting to wonder how operational theses planes really are. Glad no one was hurt.

  10. Ok, so lets ask the question. I saw several people who did not grab bags of any kind and some who opened the overhead bins and one dragging a rolling suitcase, which is ridiculous. However, they’re planning to put everyone on a later flight. If they left all there stuff behind and didn’t have phone, id, money etc. just how are they supposed to take that flight or a flight home? I’m truly curious because I always thought you’re not supposed to grab anything in cases like this, just get off, but I saw some women with purses and then people with larger bags. It seems like they would have an easier time dealing with what’s happening next thereby incentivising people to follow suit so how are people who follow the rules and actually lose everything supposed to cope. Just shoving them on a later flight is going to cause a lot of long term issues.

  11. Ideal to write a letter to aa and bitch and moan and get some free miles. Hope the blogger will show us how to do it.

  12. In other videos posted on Twitter by a person whose father was on that plane I can see many people running on the Tarmac with their carry-on’s. Sad this happens every time during an emergency evacuation where the time between life and death could be few minutes.

    It is a very common human tendency to worry about your belongings while traveling. And it is not restricted to Indians. #EK521

    I am glad all are safe.

  13. I ageee 100% that one shouldn’t bring carry on bags out in an emergency.

    While we all like these videos of the EVAC, I would argue that the person filming the video is putting themselves and other passengers at risk by filming when they should be concentrating 100% on the EVAC.

    Lucky. What do you think?

  14. 383 is a BAD flight number for American. In 1965 American flight 383 crash landed in CVG killing most passengers onboard. I think its time for AA to retire 383.

  15. It drives me crazy to see people just staring at the plane bursting in flames. If I were on that plane I would get out as fast as I could and get as far as I could from it. If that for some reason had exploded those stupid people there making videos would not be alive to post them.

  16. I wear a money/phone belt so I wouldn’t bother with a purse or bag. And I sure as hell wouldn’t stand there recording everyone’s panicked screams. Nor would I stand so close to the plane after I got off it! WHAT is wrong with a lot of these people?? Have they never seen an explosion?

  17. I was on an aborted take off American Airlines flight once and mine didn’t burst into flames
    Though there was much smoke around the outside of the plane and went off the runway
    It is was very scary at that the time
    The reality is most of the passengers were in shock and totally quiet if not silent
    When one is in shock at least in my own one experience no one knows what to do or how to react
    Our flight attendants looked very worried but until the captain spoke which seemed like eternity
    most just sat in their seats like deer in headlights in silence until instructed what to do
    Obviously the flight in this most recent case was in a far more serious and dangerous emergency situation

  18. The crew was awaiting information to ensure safety for their passengers. Correct information keeps passengers from exiting an unusable exit, impeded by fire, water, debris, etc. Sometimes, it is safer to remain within the aircraft unless it becomes untenable or the command is “Evacuate”. The flight attendants were utilizing crew resources and were attentively determining the passengers’ safest options. Concerned, yes; trained for emergencies, yes. Trained to save your butt –

  19. Now where are all the frothing at the mouth Nazi/alt-right/Breitbart scumbags that were on here ranting on about how uncivilised Indian people are for scrambling for their cabin baggage when the Emirates plane crash landed in Dubai, hmm.


    Uncivilised, barbaric, savage, low-IQ, culture-less, Neanderthal descent Americans running out of the plane with their cabin baggage when death is right around the corner. Oh dear, they’re so backwards. There – I set it right.

  20. Those who took time to get carry on bags should be criminally charged with failing to obey the orders of flight crew and could be charged with murder/manslaghter if someone could not make it off the plane alive.

  21. Never been in this situation before, but do the FAs yell “Leave your luggage! leave your luggage! ” as they order the evacuation? If not, they should! All you need on a domestic flight is your wallet, which will be in your pocket anyway! Oh, and if I got hit by someone’s f*****g rollaway on the chute, they should expect a whole world of legal trouble! And don’t travel without some sort of travel insurance, tightwads!

  22. Julian, some of these 767’s are 30 years old. WestJet bought some old ones from Qantas and have a lot of issues with them. It’s essentially a 40 year old design and while there are even older designs out there (737 and 747) I don’t like flying them.

    Funny thing is, Boeing is still making them

  23. Conor – Don’t be so absurd. You can’t legislate on how to react wine you’re panicking in an emergency…

  24. Please don’t stand beside an aircraft full of fuel and watch it burn. Please run. It was leaking fuel. We watched many fires in f/a training and it’s unpredictable

  25. Legislation gets people thinking. Thinking about how you would react ahead of time can effect how you react even in stressful situations. If you’re planning on sitting in a chair going 500 mph when it’s 80 below 0 at 40000 ft. consider how amazing and potentially volatile this vehicle is. If there’s a problem you can escape, escape as far and as fast as you can

  26. Glen. T. Good question. Yes weve always been taught to yell leave everything. As of about a year ago we’ve been trained to yell that command first before we yell release seatbelts. We now yell that command first and often. Concerned about a pax being interviewed afterwards who proudly stated that she ignored the f/a command. I’d think a federal prosecutor will consider whether or not that fits under Interfering with duties of flight crew. May not.

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