American Airlines Adds Charlotte To Honolulu Flight

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American Airlines has plenty of wide bodies and not much to do with them (given international travel restrictions), so the airline is adjusting to demand and launching its longest route yet to Hawaii.

American adds Charlotte to Hawaii flights

Between May 6 and September 7, 2021, American Airlines will operate 6-7x weekly flights between Charlotte and Honolulu. The flight will operate with the following schedule:

AA569 Charlotte to Honolulu departing 11:10AM arriving 3:10PM
AA552 Honolulu to Charlotte departing 3:30PM arriving 6:30AM (+1 day)

American’s new Charlotte to Honolulu route

American will use a Boeing 777-200ER for the route, featuring 273 seats, including 37 fully flat business class seats, 24 premium economy seats, and 212 economy seats. As you can see, the same plane won’t be turning around in Honolulu, but rather American will swap planes in Hawaii with one of the other services.

The ~4,700 mile flight is blocked at 10 hours westbound and nine hours eastbound.

Unfortunately as of now there’s not much in the way of saver level award availability or upgrade availability.

One of American’s 777-200ER business class seats

How this complements other Hawaii service

While this will be American’s longest flight to Hawaii, it will be one of only five routes, as American also flies to Honolulu out of Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Phoenix.

As of now this route will only be operated for the summer season, though I imagine the route has the potential to be extended, depending on how popular it becomes, and also depending on how demand recovers otherwise.

As far as the overall service between Honolulu and the east(ish) coast goes, this will be the seventh route:

  • Delta Air Lines will fly from Honolulu to Atlanta
  • Hawaiian Airlines will fly from Honolulu to Boston, New York JFK, and Orlando
  • United Airlines will fly from Honolulu to Newark and Washington Dulles

Hawaiian Airlines operates three routes to the east coast

Bottom line

Airlines have an incredible amount of spare planes, in particular wide bodies, given international travel restrictions. We’re seeing American cut all kinds of long haul international flights, and at the same time find other ways to redeploy the planes, ranging from transcon flights to Hawaii flights.

This is a cool addition for the local Charlotte market, as well as for anyone originating on the east coast who wants to connect for the longest nonstop flight. Then again, there aren’t that many places that can be connected one-stop through Charlotte but not through Chicago or Dallas.

What do you make of American’s new Charlotte to Dallas flight?

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  1. Does anyone fly Miami to Hawaii nonstop? Seems like it would be a good route considering Caribbean/South America connections.

  2. My home airport is CLT, although I am near PIE for the holidays, this is an interesting addition. I can only assume that the primary reason for the addition is that CLT is AA #2 connecting hub behind DFW. While the greater Charlotte area is a large market, I can’t see demand to Hawaii even marginally supporting a direct flight. Most people wouldn’t mind visiting Hawaii but our weather isn’t bad enough for snow birds and Florida is less than 2 hours by plan or a day’s drive by car. **Mandatory flight content – I just flew Saturday from CLT to TPA via AA First Class on a A321. There were 6 people in First and we all were spread out. Kept mask on whole time. No problem. I work out at the gym with a mask on so sitting in a chair for 1 hour 45 minutes is no big deal. $228 One Way First. Basically no premium over economy considering 2 checked bags. **

  3. USAirways did in fact operate this same route , using a 767 that often would need to stop for fuel in LAX before heading onward. As for the time, it was winding down about the same time as the volcano erupted in Iceland shutting down Atlantic air travel,whatever year that was. I flew it and headwinds were light so we avoided to fuel stop

  4. That eastbound schedule is horrendous. Terrible timing for sleep, flight will be more than halfway over before Hawaii-time body clocks will be ready for sleep. And that early of a departure time basically means no beach time on the last day.

    Needs to depart at least 3 hours later, IMO.

  5. This is an interesting route. Even though Charlotte is a major American hub, only about 40% of the traffic is local traffic. A huge % is connecting. The local market won’t be able to support this so depending on economic recovery nationwide will determine whether this becomes year round.

  6. Dan, I wonder if they are mapping out some sort of a code share freight plan. With all the issues around flight crews having to isolate in a specific hotel under guard, AA may be doing some sort of OneWorld handoff in Hawai’I and then hauling back to CLT from there,with no crew tied up for days

  7. Jim, interesting idea, but most freight would probably transit in Anchorage. First its on the great circle route, and second it has been a freight hub for decades.

  8. When do you think this will be loaded? I have a HNL trip to book and would much prefer to be on this aircraft.

  9. I’m confused. Based on the schedule you posted, you’ve got it blocked at 9 hours westbound and 10 hours eastbound.

  10. I agree with others. The flight times suck. If you’re not going to do a quick turn and fly the same aircraft back, make the Honolulu-Charlotte flight 6:30 or 7 p.m. 3-something p.m. is just nuts.

  11. BTW. My last comment is as someone who did about 15 trips to Hawaii in 2018 for business, including two or three times turning around upon landing on the mainland and going right back.

    I always, always took the last flight of the night to Los Angeles or Seattle and then connected onward because it allowed me to have a nice dinner in Honolulu and then drink 3-4 glasses of wine at the Sky Club in HNL. I was normally asleep, even in a 737-900 or 757 with domestic first-class seats, before takeoff or shortly thereafter.

    All of the Delta lie-flat flights (at the time, ATL and MSP) left too early for anyone doing business or anyone who needed to sleep.

    After doing it so much I can see why Hawaii has zero Fortune 500 companies. It’s basically impossible to do any kind of business there between (1) the flight distance and (2) time zone difference. There is probably more business between Hawaii, the Pacific islands and Asia than Hawaii and the East Coast. I had to get 3 a.m. wake-up calls and work until about 10 a.m. Hawaii time. It was brutal.

  12. No, @Fcflyer, it’s 10 hours west-bound and 9 hours eastbound. Remember, it’s summer and Hawai’i doesn’t have daylight saving so the Hawai’i-East Coast time difference is six hours not the five it is now.

  13. WOW Clearly there are lots of people in route planning that need to substantiate their jobs- will this route really get off the ground

  14. Not specific to this flight, but I am quite curious how US travel patterns shift to US territories with established vacation and tourism industries like the USVI and Puerto Rico.

    This really begs the question on why the US has such a huge tourism industry dependent on Hawaii and Florida, when we’ve got undersupported territories like PR, USVI, Guam, and American Samoa which could do well with tourism from their territorial overlords.

    Why do we see US tourism propping up military juntas, dictatorships and autocracies in the likes of the Maldives and Thailand, while entirely neglecting US Territories?

  15. Basic answer: I don’t see any sense in this. Who is going to take it? I guess local CLT traffic. Maybe a few people connecting in from nearby outstations (RIC, ORF?). But who else? Realistically, I can’t imagine anyone from the northeast connecting through CLT when they can more directly get to Hawaii via ORD, DFW or LAX (not to mention so many other gateways on other airlines). And it’s a 777 no less! How in the world are you going to get enough pax on the plane to pay for each flight?


  16. I really don’t see why people think these flight times are so horrible. You have to be out of your accommodations by Noon usually so a 3:30 PM departure is fine. Arriving on the East Coast early in the morning is fine as a gives me a full day to recuperate before heading to back to work.

  17. As previously noted, US flew this route years ago. At the time I was working for EN and my buddy since 3rd Grade took his new wife on that flight to HNL for their honeymoon thanks to a couple of buddy passes. The Observer made a big to do about it because at the time it was the longest direct flight out of CLT.

    The long-term strategic goal of Douglas leadership has been to get a direct flight to Asia. Unfortunately, the failure of this route the last time has been a big barrier to getting that crown jewel.

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