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I first wrote about this promotion in April, but wanted to post a reminder of this, given that more people are starting to travel.

If you’re not a member of American’s Business Extra program and plan on taking a flight by June 30, there’s an incredible promotion at the moment.

What is American Business Extra?

For those of you not familiar, Business Extra is American Airlines’ small business rewards program. This is run in addition to AAdvantage, meaning you can double dip — you can earn miles with AAdvantage and points with Business Extra for a given flight.

Through this program you earn two points per $10 spent on eligible flights. While you’re not earning as many points as you do with AAdvantage, redemption rates are also much lower. The other cool thing is that you can credit points from multiple people to your Business Extra account, and over time rewards should nicely build up.

You can redeem your Business Extra points for all kinds of things, ranging from free flights, to upgrades, to nominating someone for AAdvantage Gold status, to Admirals Club memberships.

See here for a guide to the program, which is a no brainer to join if eligible.

Earn 2,000 points for joining Business Extra

As noted by View from the Wing, Business Extra has an amazing sign-up bonus right now:

  • Register for a Business Extra account with the promotion code 202KMM
  • Take any American Airlines flight by June 30, 2020
  • Earn 2,000 bonus Business Extra rewards points

Since you ordinarily earn one point for every $5 spent, that’s equivalent to the points you’d usually earn for spending $10,000. This promotion is marketed as offering a free roundtrip domestic award ticket, though there are potentially better uses of those points.

My favorite use of Business Extra points is redeeming them for BXP1s, which offer one segment one cabin upgrades within the US. There are some fare class restrictions, but I find this a great option for securing upgrades on routes where I don’t think I’d clear for a complimentary upgrade.

2,000 points would be more than enough for three one-way upgrades, which is awesome.

Bottom line

This is a fantastic offer from Business Extra, though the June 30 expiration date is coming up relatively soon. If you’re traveling in the coming weeks then this could be a good option.

If you’re not traveling by the end of June then I’d recommend not registering for now — you never know if the promotion will be extended by a couple of months. If you do end up flying, you can always register last minute.

  1. Gary, note how Ben linked your blog name and not some insignificant word like “has” in the sentence.

  2. Just be careful of enrolling any promotions by AA as they will terminate your account as they wish. I will stay away from them.

  3. When you sign up, you have to provide EIN and other business documents for AA to verify so unless you have a real business, not worth the hassle.

  4. I have had bad experience with this. The award availability is terrible, you get the voucher and later it is difficult to generate a flight that will be awarded. It sounds great, but in the end I have tried booking awards 11 months in advance and too many stars have to align; when You think you got one, you call in and the attendant says it does not apply. I have tried landing in countries nearby my intended destination to increase my chances, and still can’t get a green light for an award, 11 months in advance. Ive lost more points than I have redeemed.

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