American Introducing Awesome New Cole Haan Amenity Kits

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While I don’t consider amenity kits as such to be a vital part of an airline’s product, they can to some degree set the tone for the quality of a product. If you get a super-cheap amenity kit, generally the onboard product will reflect that. And airlines which invest in amenity kits generally have a good soft product.

There are some exclusions, like Singapore Airlines, which doesn’t offer amenity kits in business class. Instead they just give you slippers and eyeshades, and have the rest of the amenities you’d want available on demand. I don’t think that’s a bad system, given that it’s a lot less wasteful — a vast majority of people don’t seem to bother taking amenity kits with them.


Which brings us to the snazzy new amenity kits American Airlines is introducing.

American has just announced they’ll be introducing new amenity kits, which will feature products from four American brands — Cole Haan, 3LAB Skincare, C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries, and Clark’s Botanicals. The new amenity kits will be available starting in March 2016, and will be distributed in four rotations of various colors through March 2017. The first rotation will last four and a half months beginning with gray, blue, and red kits.

Each kit will include a toothbrush, toothpaste, eyeshade, socks, and ear plugs. Each kit will also have a discount code providing 20% off the skincare brand in the kit, and $75 towards a future Cole Haan purchase. That’s awesome, as 3LAB makes some fantastic skincare products. I’m also curious about the exclusions with the Cole Haan discount.

Here are the details of the amenity kits, which are different for international first class, international business class, and transcon first class:

International First Class – Cole Haan/3LAB

  • Featuring perforated detail and available in six different colors, this kit’s bag is inspired by Cole Haan’s design and innovation collection, ZerØGrand.
  • 3LAB Skincare products (M Cream, Perfect Hand Cream, and Perfect Lips (Balm), tissues, hand sanitizer, mouthwash, pen and foam headphone covers.


International Business Class – Cole Haan/C.O. Bigelow

  • This Dopp Kit design is versatile and is available in eight different color combinations.
  • C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries products (lip balm, Lime & Coriander body lotion and mouthwash), tissues, pen and foam headphone covers.


Domestic Transcon First Class – Cole Haan/Clark’s Botanicals

  • This kit’s bag resembles an envelope with its folds and stamped exterior and is available in six different colors.
  • Clark’s Botanicals skincare products (Smoothing Marine Cream, Ultra Rich Lip Balm, as well as Moisturizing Hand Cream and Refreshing Hand Wipe, both created exclusively for the American Airlines kit), toothbrush, toothpaste, eyeshade, socks and ear plugs.


America presently has collector’s edition heritage amenity kits, acting as a tribute to the airlines which became the new American.


They’re a cool concept for aviation geeks, though that’s probably lost on many. They have amenities from Red Flower, which is a decent enough brand, though likely isn’t anything you’d take home and make a purchase decision from.

Bottom line

Kudos to American for these new amenity kits. They’re partnering with some great brands, and have products I’d actually want to take with me. The discounts for the products in the kit are pretty awesome as well.

What do you make of American’s new amenity kits?

  1. I’m glad that the kits are changing. The current ones are not practical – things fall out of them. The picture of the business class amenity kit looks better to me than the first class one, but maybe it will look different to me once I get one of them.

  2. I kept my kits from Turkish Airlines. I used the items inside and kept the cloth bag to use. They are fantastic and remind me of my trip.

  3. Most important is to teach their FA with better understanding of providing great service and onboard experience

  4. Much prefer the Tumi kits that Delta offers – I have tons of them and they’re super handy for carrying cords, chargers, other stuff. And I like the Malin-Goetz products a lot too.

  5. I’d imagine that only orders/purchases over $200 (at absolute minimum; I’m thinking more like $300-$400) will be eligible for the $75 discount… And sales/clearance items will probably be excluded as well. Regardless, those are nice looking kits. I like the J bag, but the transcon F bag looks flimsy and impractical.

  6. How come none of you bloggers are calling AA out for cutting amenity kits from transcon J? Funny how Gary is all over AA’s nuts about these new kits too – and also conveniently neglected to mention the removal of kits from transcon J. Score yet another one to JetBlue.

  7. I’m sure, as others suggested, the $75 coupon will come with lots of exceptions, but–if it doesn’t–that’s a damn good value. Not that Cole Haan shoes are that great, but I’ve seen their $150-$175 loafers on sale for about $100 before. I’ve had a couple pairs. They last about a year with three or four days of wear every week.

    I liked the old soft-sided Tumi kits on Delta. The hardheaded ones aren’t as flexible to stuff away in an already overpacked bag or backpack.

    I donate all my unused slippers, toiletries and eye masks — as well as used and unused bags — to my church’s homeless shelter. I’d encourage you to do the same.

  8. @Ben
    adjective awe·some \ˈȯ-səm\
    Simple Definition of awesome

    : causing feelings of fear and wonder : causing feelings of awe

    You lost me some months ago when your headline referred to a total savings on $15.00.

  9. @ stu – I’m sure bloggers have mentioned there are no kits on transcon J and that AA uses those heritage kits for transcon first. I’m certain they’ve written about it since I haven’t flown either domestic first or business class myself.

    As for Jetblue scoring points, the only useful items on my Mint flight last year were some hair pomade and a tiny Jack Black lip balm. Nice items but they hardly made up for an inedible meal. No exaggeration there as the beef was literally a chunk of fat and gristle with a meat skin. Saxon+Parole pedigree aside, I’ll stick with AA’s dull, but mostly edible, Lean Cuisine type food.

  10. They better have the 3M 1100 ear plugs (the orange ones) and not some cheapos. Anything else matters less.

  11. We flew American Domestic and International today, first class. No kits were provided to anyone in the cabins. Our flight attendant didn’t even give out all of the necessary paper work to enter a foreign country…

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