The Amazon & JetBlue Partnership Is Being Scaled Back

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In late 2016, JetBlue and Amazon introduced a partnership that allows TrueBlue members to earn bonus points for shopping with Amazon.


Specifically, you’ve been able to earn three bonus TrueBlue points per dollar spent on Amazon purchases, either when using JetBlue’s unique Amazon link, or when making Amazon purchases inflight through JetBlue’s Fly-Fi service. Unfortunately there was no way to just save this partnership to your account, so you had to always follow the link when making purchases, which was a bit annoying, though still worth it.

I value TrueBlue points at ~1.4 cents each, so to me that’s the equivalent of a ~4.2% return on Amazon purchases, which is pretty significant, especially since it’s on top of the points you can earn through credit card spend at Amazon (and with some cards you can earn as many as 5x points for Amazon purchases).

Unfortunately it looks like this partnership has run its course, and will be cut back significantly. JetBlue has announced that as of March 27, 2018, they’ll no longer offer TrueBlue points for Amazon purchases not made on JetBlue flights. As of that date you’ll only earn 3x points for purchases made when logged in to JetBlue’s Fly-Fi service inflight.

This is a loss for many, given that it was a way to basically get “free” points for your Amazon purchases. It’s great that the partnership ever existed, though my guess is that like with many of these marketing partnerships, they felt they weren’t really generating incremental business, but rather were just offering rewards for purchases people would make anyway. They probably feel differently when people make purchases on a plane, since they may very well be bored and just decide to buy something.

This is the second unique airline partnership we’re losing in a fairly short time period. As of December 2017, Starwood and Uber discontinued their partnership, allowing members to earn Starpoints for their Uber rides.

Did you take advantage of the Amazon & JetBlue partnership? Are you sad to see it cut?

(Tip of the hat to Jacob)

  1. A true loss…I guess it was to good to last too long.
    I would’ve even be happy if hey scaled it back to x1 but to completely kill it ??!? Oh well

  2. One of the best shopping portal partnerships of all time. Was thinking over the holidays that it was surprising to see it last as long as it did. Sorry to see it end, but looking forward to my Mint flights in May.

  3. I wonder how much of this was influenced by people constantly calling JetBlue to find out where their points were instead of waiting a couple months for them to post? Certainly it must have added to their costs.

  4. Im sad to see this go. Now the only rewards you can get are for shopping portals on brick and mortar retailers

  5. Well now I’ll just cue up all my Amazon purchases in my cart and wait until my next jetBlue flight to buy;)

  6. Bummer for sure. I have a construction project coming up and was going to buy a ton of stuff on Amazon. I would’ve seriously racked up a few Mint flights especially at the $399 prices lately.

  7. MileagePlus X seems to allow you to earn miles on both Amazon and eBay. However the earning rates seem to be quite poor compared to jetBlue and Amazon.

  8. It never worked for me, even though I always clicked through that link from my Jetblue account. I wrote to Jetblue, they said they did not know why. Then one purchase showed up, but never after that.
    Someone said that it was only for Amazon Prime members, but I could not find this info on their website.

  9. I thought I got to you first,,, oh well, i believe it was only for prime members but i got a good 14k+ points since you originally posted about it so thank you lucky, i am sad to see this go but i do have 2 jetblue flights this year im tempted to save items in my cart (if i can remember) im sad to see this partnership and the link on my toolbar go away

  10. how do you get 5% for amazon purchases? maybe go through a list of the different ways to maximize points on amazon?

  11. Given that I forgot to go through the portal 90% of the time, I can’t say this will make much of a difference for me. But had I been more on the ball, and given how much my family uses Amazon (literally 5-6 deliveries a week), this could have been a big one for me.

  12. Too bad, it really engaged me in the JetBlue program. At a certain point that means diverting flights to them, seeking mosaic status, etc. I wasn’t quite at that point yet, but am certain I would be eventually

  13. I had just learned of this little “perk” so I’m sad that I didn’t get to utilize for more than one or two Amazon orders. Had I known, I might have placed a order on my flight the other day but I thought I could come home and place that order. Too bad they didn’t just scale it back instead.

  14. i am sad to see it go. i would have personally kept using jetblue just because of that. now i would look to another airline first.

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