AMAZING DEAL: $30 Off $60 Amazon Purchase By Redeeming One Point (Targeted)

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This is a bump of a post I wrote about a couple of days ago, both for those who missed the previous post, and for those who just registered for the “Shop with Points” feature, since sometimes it takes a couple of days between when you activate it and when you can use the promotion. This is a promotion that everyone who uses Amazon who is eligible should take advantage of.

Amazon has yet another huge promotion that can save you money on a purchase by redeeming just one Amex Membership Rewards point. We saw several promotions last year with “Shop with Points,” and this is one of the best ones yet.

Redeeming points on Amazon

It’s possible to redeem several rewards points currencies for purchases on Amazon using their “Shop with Points” feature, which I wrote a primer on here. The catch is that it’s almost never a good deal, since the value they give you per point is extremely low. For example, you can redeem Amex Rewards points for Amazon purchases, but you only get 0.7 cents per point, while I value the points at 1.7 cents each.

Earn Amex Membership Rewards Points

The one time it can make sense to redeem points for Amazon purchases is when there’s a great promotion, as we’re seeing right now.

The basics of the Amex Amazon promotion

Amazon is offering $30 back when you spend $60+ in one transaction and use American Express Membership Rewards points to pay for at least part of your purchase. Note that it’s possible not everyone will be eligible — you’ll have to check at the registration link.

Each member can only use this promotion once. The promotion is valid through December 31, 2019, though presumably could (and probably will) be pulled before then.

The process of taking advantage of this is easy:

  • You first have to activate the offer by clicking the “Click to activate” button on this page (most people report being eligible for the offer, though some may not be)
  • Then add eligible items to your shopping cart, which includes virtually anything that is sold and shipped by Amazon
  • At check-out use at least one Membership Rewards point for your purchase (and that’s exactly what I’d do — I recommend redeeming exactly one point); make sure you have an Amex card linked correctly, or else this option won’t show

For example, I added a $60 Starbucks gift card to my cart. Since I have an Amex card earning Membership Rewards points linked to my account, I was asked to select how many points I wanted to redeem. I selected the equivalent of $0.01 worth of points, which is one Membership Rewards point.

As you’ll see, the total due is $29.99 — that accounts for the $30 discount, plus the one cent for which you’re redeeming points.

Make sure you don’t actually pay for your entire purchase with points, or else you’ll be getting a really bad deal.

In addition to being able to buy just about anything on Amazon, third party gift cards seem to be triggering the discount as well, so you can buy cards from popular companies like StarbucksUberSouthwest AirlinesAirbnbHotels.comWhole Foods, and more. If you’d spend money with these companies anyway, you might as well score 50% off. Just make sure you see the discount reflected when you finalize the purchase.

There’s potentially also a Chase promotion

In addition to the above, there’s also potentially a Chase promotion where you can save $15 off a $60 purchase when you redeem at least one Ultimate Rewards point.

Earn Ultimate Rewards

Not everyone will be eligible, so you can check your eligibility by trying to register at this link.

Bottom line

50% off an Amazon purchase of $60 is basically like free money, given that they sell just about everything. Hopefully many of you can take advantage of this offer. Over the past year or so I’ve saved several hundred dollars on Amazon purchases thanks to various “Shop with Points” promotions.

(Tip of the hat to Doctor Of Credit)

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  1. Doesn’t seem to work if you’ve done this before. At least it’s not working for me. From the terms:

    “5. Offer is not available to American Express Membership Rewards eligible cards whose points have been previously used for purchases at in the past twelve months.”

  2. Lucky how the hell do you always get targeted for these promotions when you’ve done this a bazillion times? What in God’s name?

  3. For what it’s worth, it’s working for me, after having taken advantage of this in a previous round. I have since opened a new Amex card (same MR number) and added that to my Amex account, and it shows my pay with points options repeated for all cards, so maybe it it “once per card linkage” or similar.

  4. I had used a similar promotion back in November. I was, however, still able to use the promotion again contary to the terms and conditions

  5. I think sometimes I undervalued the Amex “bonus offers” in determining the value of my Amex cards. I understand I really can’t count on it but I can’t just value it as nothing since I have saved some seriously amount of money with the Amex Offers and bonus offers last year. I was going to buy sometime on Amazon right now and found this deal. I saved $30 for something I was going to buy anyways. I really can’t get the same kinds of offers from Chase right now. I hope they would but I doubt it.

  6. How did you buy a Starbucks Gift Card when it’s not sold by Amazon? It’s sold by ACI Gift Cards Inc.

    I tried adding an Amazon Gift card, also sold by ACI Gift Cards Inc. (an Amazon company) and it wouldn’t give me the discount.

  7. @Todd
    It would NOT work for Amzon own GC but it will work virtually ALL 3rd party retailers / restaurants gift cards.

    You will get $30 off from Starbuck but you will NOT get $30 from AMZN GC.

  8. Just worked for me on Starbucks gift card, i’ll spend $60 there pretty quickly, happy to get $30 of that for free.

    Amazon GC didn’t work (tried that first) which doesn’t surprise me given you could then just turn that around to buy anything there.

  9. I tried to buy an Amazon gift card and it didn’t give me the $30 discount. So I try AirBnB gift card and that worked.

  10. Wow, awesome! I got a $60 Uber gift card, got the $30 promotional discount, used $0.01 in points and was able to apply my existing Amazon gift card credit for the rest ($29.99). What a deal!

  11. Didn’t work for me, either. But I took part in their last promotion like this, so I probably don’t qualify.

    Lucky probably qualifies by having both personal and business Amex cards. Or maybe he knows another loophole he’s not sharing.

  12. Thanks, Lucky! I’ve been able to use this offer almost every time it comes up and probably have seen >$400 in credits over the past 12 months.

    Even crazier is that I was able to buy my $65 Whole Foods card with my Wallet balance which I paid about 90 cents on the dollar for due to other offers (thanks, Chase)!

  13. I was able to activate the offer (green text), but when I go through checkout and apply $.01 as shown, I don’t get the discount.

  14. Worked for me. I’ve used it at least 2 other times in the past. We have 1 cars that earns MR points and are Prime members.

  15. The conditions say it must be sold by amazon. ACI is owned by amazon and it should work if you purchase items only from them. I have other items sold by others in the cart, regardless of whether they’re fulfilled by amazon, it would not work. Once I removed those it worked.

  16. Just got a $60.00 Uber gift card for $30. Would be curious what type of card folks have who this offer didn’t work. I’m a long-time Plat card user.

  17. This is the fourth time this has worked for me in the past 6 months (prime day 18, twice on cyber monday, and today).

  18. Note heat the terms and conditions require it be an item sold and shipped by Amazon. Even though an item may qualify for free shipping via Prime, it may be sold/shipped from a third party vendor.

    Once I fixed this issue, the credit came through just fine.


  19. I’m eligible at last. Never was on the previous offers. I put a few thousand spend on my Amex last month so maybe it is tied to usage.

  20. Note: the terms and conditions require it be an item sold and shipped by Amazon.

    See the part about sold AND shipped. It does not include “Amazon Warehouse,” and other things with the Amazon name that do not meet the sold and shipped requirement.
    Unless you adhere to this idiotic requirement, you will waste a lot of time.
    This has just made me hate them.
    I did learn from all of you online that I should just buy a gift card and shut up.

  21. It worked for me, and this is the third time in the last year that I’ve taken advantage of this promo. Same card selected every time as well, although I do have 3 amex’ linked to my profile. I have prime, if that matters at all.

  22. This one, like the 20% discount back at Xmas, worked just fine for me. I clicked thru the link on another travel/card hacker site (yes, this has been out there for a few days) and signed up. I was not specifically targeted, that I know of, but I turned 1 point into a $30 discount yesterday. I got $65 off of a new Dell monitor back in December. This is a great way to get a real value out of MM, even better on a per point basis than the upgrade to J I scored on SQ 21/22 for an upcoming trip to S Asia. It did take a couple tries to find a product that we want that qualified, but it works once you get it right.

  23. Worked like a charm. Thanks for the heads up! Bought a $60 Chipotle gift card for half off! Sweet!

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