Amazing Sing Off At LaGuardia Airport!

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We’ve probably all dealt with serious flight delays at some point over the course of our travels. There’s no doubt everyone responds to them differently. Some people stay calm. Some people completely lose it and go crazy. Some people make the best of it and have a sing-off. Apparently.

A video was uploaded to YouTube yesterday, entitled The Lion King & Aladdin Broadway Casts Airport Sing-Off. Apparently there was a six hour weather delay at LaGuardia, so two Disney Broadway casts decided to have a sing-off… as one does!

Here’s the video:

With the crap we see going on in the world nowadays, I can’t even begin to say how much this makes me smile. Whether related to flying or not, we seem to witness so much negativity nowadays, that this video can’t help but warm my heart, where you see dozens of people making the best off a crappy situation.

I’d say that’s probably about the most fun anyone has ever had at LaGuardia Airport!

  1. The power of people in groups. If this was preformed by one guy Port Authority Police would shoot him with a stun gun.


  2. Nice job Lucky.
    Thanks for the opportunity to see that.
    You and the video brightened my day. Thanks!

  3. Nick Fradiani did the same thing for a singer playing for tips at an airport.

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    Hanging at an airport and started listening to this awesome singer who was playing for tips. Me and my guitarist Nick…Posted by Nick Fradiani on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

  4. I am shocked that these people were not tased by the TSA or some other jackboot .gov goon squad. You just do not see these kinds of acts these days, especially in constitution free places like an airport.

  5. If you think that was spontaneous, I have a bridge I want to sell you. As you see in the comments, it’s been done before just to get their production in the news to drum up sagging ticket sales. They shouldn’t assume anybody wants to hear that in public.As someone wrote above, if it was a solo guy with a guitar they would have shut him right down, probably tased him for disturbing the peace. I would have preferred the peace and quiet myself.

  6. Great video, but I do wish more people would rotate their phone 90 degrees when taking videos! It is painful to watch half a video in portrait mode. Use landscape mode, people!

  7. The Lion King Australia cast also did this on a Virgin Australia flight a while ago.

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