Amazing 20% Off Amazon Promo Working A Second Time

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A few days ago I wrote about a great promotion that Amazon is running. A lot of people have asked if it’s possible to take advantage of this promotion twice, and amazingly enough it seems like the answer is yes.

The basics of the promotion

Amazon is offering 20% off when you use American Express Membership Rewards points to pay for at least part of your purchase (in other words, you’d want to redeem exactly one point to get a $0.01 discount). The maximum discount per offer is $100, meaning this is valid for a purchase of up to $500. Note that for whatever reason not everyone seems eligible, though a vast majority of people do report being able to take advantage of the offer.

The process of taking advantage of this is easy:

  • You first have to activate the offer by clicking the “Click to activate” button on this page
  • Then add eligible items to your shopping cart, which includes virtually anything that is sold and shipped by Amazon
  • At check-out use at least one Membership Rewards point for your purchase (and that’s exactly what I’d do — I recommend redeeming exactly one point); be super careful when making the purchase, because it’s easy to accidentally redeem points for the entire cost of the purchase, which is a bad deal

Furthermore, in practice gift card purchases are eligible for this offer, though it is taking a few hours for them to process.

How I took advantage of this promotion

There seem to be two strategies that are most popular for taking advantage of this deal:

Personally I decided to buy $200 worth of Starbucks gift cards and $300 worth of Uber gift cards, since those are both companies I’d otherwise spend money with.

You can take advantage of the offer again!

This brings us to what’s new. When the offer was first launched we weren’t sure if it could be used multiple times. Fortunately it looks like it can be used at least twice.

After taking advantage of the offer the first time around I activated the offer again and put $500 worth of Uber gift cards in my cart. I said I’d pay with one Membership Rewards point, so the total was $399.99.

As much as I don’t like buying this much in gift cards up front, when I’m really getting almost a third off (after factoring in that I’m redeeming my Amazon gift card balance for this, for which I earned 5x points), that’s a price at which I can’t say no.

This deal gets even better for those of you who chose to purchase $400 of Amazon gift cards plus $100 worth of gift cards with other retailers the first time around. You could now redeem that $400 Amazon gift card towards $500 worth of gift cards with other retailers. That’s a total of $600 in gift cards for $400, which is an incredible deal.

(Tip of the hat to Doctor Of Credit)


  1. Aren’t you shortchanging yourself by using this for gift cards that can be bought on a reseller site for 8-12% off already?

  2. I bought Whole Foods gift cards.. and Airpods….
    The amazing thing is that my first transaction was for $370 (Airpods, etc etc).. saved $74.. then I bought $500 worth of WF gift cards… then I as able to buy another $100 WF gift card and a $30 starbucks GC to bring my total savings up to $200 over three transacations…


  3. The other day I tried this offer but my Amex card was not linked. After I linked the card I was told I was not eligible for the offer. Today I was eligible for the offer and it worked fine, got the overpriced Epson printer that I was waiting for a price drop on.

  4. This is incredible, Lucky. I just used my $400 in amazon credit for $500 of WF/Safeway gift cards. $600 for $400? All day, every day. Thanks, Lucky!

  5. @ MC — I bought Amazon gift cards at an office supply store using a card that offers 5x points.

  6. @ Mark — Personally I don’t do any gift card reselling. Maybe I should, but personally it’s just not something that seems worth the risk/hassle. Also, 8-12% off still isn’t as much as 20%+ off, and for those of us who don’t have a need to spend $500+ on immediate products, it still seems like the best option.

  7. Not sure what I’m doing wrong? — I added Uber and Starbucks gift cards but I can’t seem to apply a MR point AND use my gift balance. When I apply the point the checkout displays this message: “Your gift card balance can’t be applied to orders that contain or Visa gift cards, or collectible coins.”

  8. @ wt — I get the same message, but it should still actually work. I think that’s just a general message, but then it goes through. Is that not happening for you?

  9. @ lucky — are you using a “new” gift card, or your exisiting gift card balance? I’m trying to use the latter, so maybe that’s the problem. Thanks!

  10. @ wt — I’m using my existing Amazon balance, and it’s not even a balance I picked up during this promotion.

  11. That seems to work for me, but not for the same item. The first time I did this, I purchased Amazon gift cards. However, doing that again today didn’t work. Adding iTunes gift cards did trigger the 20% discount.

  12. @lucky — I think I figured it out. I was going in and changing my payment method to the American Express and then applying points. However if I just apply the point straight from the checkout screen without going into payment method, it works. Thanks for the help!

  13. Awesome deal, doesn’t work for amazon GC but I pulled the trigger on 2 items that had been in my cart for awhile because together they were 300, added 2 100 GC and total was 400. Thanks!

  14. @wt – you’re right, I was seeing the same issue. I changed my default payment account to my AMEX, went to checkout and changed to use my giftcard balance, then added $.01 in MR points to the checkout, now it all works. I didn’t notice my first purchase charged the full 80% price to my AMEX card until after I made the purchase, not the end of the world but then was still sitting on my full Amazon GC balance.

  15. Nice, bought $400 Amazon and $100 AirBnB yesterday then used the $400 Amazon to buy $500 AirBnB today. $600 worth of AirBnB for $400, 33% savings.

  16. Just bought $300 in Amazon gift cards + $200 in WF gift cards = SUCCESS!!!! Got $100 off by using the 20% discount.

  17. Just bought $500 in Taco Bell GCs for $400!!! I’m super stoked for late-night eating now!!!

  18. @grant – $500 in weirdly flavored Mtn Dew sounds like the ticket…or maybe I’ll throw in a bunch of Dorito taco things too!

  19. Great…now Amazon is ‘recommending’ me Burger King and Jack in the Box gift cards 🙂 Time to clear out my Amazon browsing history…

  20. I did WF cards … should be able to also get the 10% off on their sale items (prime) pushing the value up a bit on some purchases.

  21. @Alan, I’ll try to find a place with more than one bathroom if dinner’s on you the duration of the trip.

  22. Lucky, I tried the last time and it didn’t work but this time it did. I saved almost $80 on a camera I had been looking to buy! Thanks for the heads up!

  23. Thanks for the tip! I just did my second purchase of $500 in Nordstrom gift cards that I’ll use next week at the anniversary sale. Now thats fun!

  24. i’m still not getting it to work. It’s giving me $20 off for the $100 starbucks cards but nothing for the Amazon gift card. And it says this “Promotional discount may not be redeemed for Gift Cards.” How are others still getting this to work? It also only works for me if I pay with the AmEx, not any other method. But I got $500 Starbucks for $400. My whole family are Starbucks addicts so now I only give Starbucks cards and I am well-loved.

  25. Also it’s only working once now. I’ll try again tomorrow in case it resets but I suspect they closed that loophole too.

  26. I’m getting 20% off but only on the merchandise trying to buy $400 Amazon GC and $100 in merchandise, not the full $100 off

  27. Got the full discount on a 600 dollar camera the other day. But today it won’t work on Amazon gift cards. It’s also been offering only a small discount if I fill the cart with 500 bucks in prime furniture.

  28. I tried using both my AMEX Delta Platinum and my AMEX Everyday card, but got an “ineligible” message from Amazon. Any advice to get around this? Thanks.

  29. I can’t get the 20% discount to work for purchasing Amazon gift cards even after applying MR points. What gives??

  30. It worked for me. I first bought $400 Amazon gc + $100 Uber gc, then used $400 Amazon gc to buy $300 Whole Foods gc and $200 uber gc.

    So spent $400 for $300 Whole Foods + $300 Uber.

  31. Just registered my Amex yesterday, didn’t get the offer. Went back today and there it was! Got Whole Foods and Starbucks gift cards, a TrippLite power supply and a WiFi enabled lawn sprinkler controller. Thanks for the heads up Lucky.

  32. @Lucky,

    I was only able to get the offer to work once. Can you elaborate more on the means to get it to work twice? Can it work 3 or more times?

  33. There seems to be a somewhat random pattern of applicability for this offer. It just worked for me, for what it’s worth, purchasing a $400 Amazon card and a $100 Starbucks card.

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