1. It is unfortunate so many actors/actresses loose touch with reality. Too bad he didn’t have his handlers with him that day.

  2. I was flying Southwest on Friday and the flight attendant announced that all cell phones needed to be in the off position, “not the Alec Baldwin position”.

  3. One truth he told: If electronic devices could cause airplane crashes, the earth and oceans would be littered with them. Who among the readers hasn’t left their cell phone in their coat/jacket/bag and not realized until later that it was on in flight?

    I’m sure he was a J*ck*ss on the plane, but some FAs have a respectful way to request compliance and some act like they are resentful that they failed the test to become Customs/Border Patrol agents, and get their jollies ordering the passengers. If he’s a paying F passenger, find a respectful way to get his compliance, you’ll both be happy and lord knows AA needs the money.

  4. I wrote a longer rant about this on my blog 10 minutes after it came out. Such a tasteless actor. No more 30 Rock for me…

  5. @ Mike Reed–Don’t be silly. 30 Rock is a hilarious show, regardless of whether or not Alec Baldwin is a jackass. He’s been a giant egoist for years, so if you were watching the show before, you should keep on watching now…all you’re hurting is yourself by not watching such a funny show!

    Plus, if you took this stance toward every bad behaving hollywood star, you wouldn’t be watching a whole lot of anything…

  6. It was quite funny… yes, he’s a d**k and got what he deserved, but its just a joke. An AA pilot took offense apparently as well. But think about how much press was generated about how seriously this is enforced… yes, even the almighty AB will get kicked off if he doesn’t turns it off and throws a hissy fit.

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