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Alaska Airlines has a pretty incredible promo code for travel booked by Saturday…

Alaska Airlines’ 30% off promo code

You can use promotion code CARELINE to save 30% off the cost of your next Alaska Airlines flight (or flights, since you can use this as often as you’d like):

  • Book by 11:59PM on Saturday, December 19, 2020
  • Travel between January 5 and August 31, 2021
  • This applies to travel in all cabins, including first class
  • This is valid for travel on Alaska, Horizon, and SkyWest
  • This is valid for up to seven passengers traveling on the same record
  • The base fare will be reduced by 30%, while taxes and fees still apply

How to apply this promo code

To apply this promo code, go to and then click “Use discount or companion fare code” at the bottom left of the booking page.

That will bring you to a page where you can enter the promo code at the bottom right.

Then you’ll see the ridiculously low fares, like $226 for first class from Tampa to Seattle… wow! And that’s just a random fare I pulled up, I’m sure there are better deals out there.

Alaska has a flexible booking policy

Even if you’re not 100% sure you’ll be able to travel, there could be value in locking in tickets with this promotion:

So at a minimum you’ll be able to change all tickets you book, with the exception of Saver fares for travel as of April 1, 2021.

Bottom line

It’s not often you see an airline offer a promo code with this much of a discount that’s valid for travel over a period of eight months. If you fly Alaska with any frequency it absolutely could be worth locking in some travel with this promotion, given that most tickets can be changed thanks to the current fee waiver.

I’m even tempted to book some Alaska Airlines tickets, and I don’t remember the last time I flew the airline (not because I don’t want to, but because I live in Miami).

Will you take advantage of this Alaska Airlines 30% off promo?

  1. I used this code and was able to move up to first class and save $195. I had 2 flights in June on Alaska which were booked in Premium Cabin. I cancelled them and rebooked using the code for First class and better times for $195 less. This will also save me baggage fees now.

  2. Any idea what fare class these First Class tickets will book in? I’m curious about earning AA EQM and EQD – I’m seeing fares for First Class tickets starting with G and T which would translate to economy fares…. Are you seeing similar things? First class with the promo code yields a fare class corresponding to economy?

  3. Quick question. Any clue what fare basis these will show in? I’m curious about AA EQM and EQD earnings. When I try and look at the fare rules on Alaskas website it’s showing economy fare classes of G and T for First class seats. Thoughts?

  4. Jake, I was pricing things out in First, and they were landing variously in F, P, and I. Kind of annoying, but you have to go pretty far through the booking to see the fare class (unless I’m not seeing something; this is on the main Alaska site).

  5. Thanks Eric- appreciate the reply. I got it! I wasn’t looking at where it said “First Class (I)” Rather I clicked into the actual view fare rules and saw something else. But this makes sense. Thank you.

  6. @CW. I don’t think Alaska will extend the companion pass expiration dates but there does seem to be a work-around. Book a rt flight using the comp pass by year-end. You can then, later, change that flight for no fee and the comp pass is supposed to pull through. I’m not sure how it will work if you ‘cancel’ vs ‘change’, and I’m not sure you’ll get the difference back if your new flight is less expensive than than the original one. We booked a cheap flight near the end of the schedule to keep the pass alive.

  7. It’s PANCAKES for me. Booked JFK-SEA-KTN-SIT-JNU-SEA-JFK for next August main cabin for less than the cost of basic economy this year for the same route. Was going to wait until January to book it, but this was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

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