AirTran to charge $10 for second checked bag

Via The Flying Critic, AirTran will start charging $10 for a second checked bag starting May 15, with some exclusions. A full press release can be found here.

I don’t get it, why are they only charging $10, and why aren’t the other LCC’s charging too? LCC’s are supposed to be “no frills airlines,” while legacies are supposed to be “full service” airlines, although we know how it’s basically the exact opposite in the US. Nonetheless I don’t understand why the struggling LCC’s aren’t charging $25 for the second checked bag, something they could easily get away with. Don’t get me wrong, I hate new fees, but I do want to see them surviving to keep the market competitive, although I’m sure we’ll see some of them dropping like flies in the next few months.

I’m guessing the other LCC’s will match for the most part, be it a $10 or $25 fee.

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  1. It’s becoming like the hotel industry. The budget hotels give you free breakfast and free internet access but the business/luxury hotels charge you more for everything.

  2. The majors really are gouging with the $25 fee. If they all adopted a $10 fee, the public would not blink an eye. But a family of four, each with an extra bag, will definitely take notice of a $100 surcharge.

    Smart move on Airtran’s part. Once the word of the fees starting really getting into John Q. Public’s soft matter, a “reasonable” charge will assist an LCC like Airtran. People will think twice about booking their historic rival – Delta, once they factor in all costs. I have a ton of colleagues based in ATL, who have no problem using Airtran for business travel. When time comes for a family trip, Delta may get shut out.

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