AirTran elite status to start expiring

I remember View from the Wing posting about the new AirTrain elite benefits about a week ago, including a tidbit about elite status with AirTran not expiring:

And I’m personally fortunate that I took advantage of a temporary status match program they offered about 5 years ago — since at least up to this point elite status, once gained, is permanent….

Well, it seems like that’s changing starting February 1, 2009. Thanks to this FlyerTalk thread for pointing out:

Once a member earns Elite status, the member will be required to fly at least 12 one-way, A+ credit-earning flights during the subsequent 365 days to renew the Elite status for another year. Current Elite members will have until 1/31/2009 or 1 year from the date of attainment of Elite status, whichever is greater, to renew their Elite status. 

Makes sense to me, although I think they should let Gary keep his status as a one time exception. 😀

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