PSA: Don’t Use Airplane Air Nozzles To Dry Your Underwear

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This is just cringeworthy on soooo many levels:

I guess what I’m wondering more than anything is what she was doing inflight that caused her underwear to require drying?!

  1. Honestly I feel bad for her, gotta imagine that the circumstances that led up to her doing this were pretty bad if she felt this was what she had to do.

  2. FWIW, she’s paying particular attention to one area. I won’t speculate further. Perhaps she might have asked a FA to pop them in the toasting oven for faster results, for faster results.

  3. Personally I have no strong feelings about individual air nozzles, and have always found it bemusing (if not cringeworthy) that Lucky makes a point of commenting on their existence on every review. But now I understand why they’re so important!!

  4. Never understood the hypocrisy of germaphobes. For example trump is a well known germaphobe but he can’t wait to bury his dick in every white woman he meets. You would think the latter was infinitely more dangerous.

    I think the germaphobia is just a proxy for white racism. It’s not the germs I worry about, it’s the germs “You people” carry that i worry about.

  5. Lucky, any chance you could do something about Debit’s post? I normally don’t get too offended by much, but his post seems seriously misplaced here on a travel site, at a minimum, and likely seriously offensive to many.

    Thank you.

  6. Bob – You don’t get offended by much yet that does offend you? You either live a very sheltered existence or get offended much more than you think you do!

  7. Callum, read Debit’s post. Do you honestly believe that that sort of – I’ll use the term – racism – belongs here? Also, I teach high school. I’ve seen and heard many, many questionable things, probably far more than most. However, I come to travel sites to get away from that lunacy, not to be confronted by someone spewing garbage about “the germs “You people” carry,” Trump’s sexual proclivities, etc. It takes a lot to offend me, but guess what? Racism is one of the things that does.

  8. Debit goes out of his/her way to be inappropriate and offensive; it’s his/her thing. Given it is troll-like behaviour is reason enough to ban him/her IMHO.

  9. Rather than cringing one would think you would try to understand what happened here.
    Ps. For a self proclaimed germaphobe you do love using bath tubs in lounges.

  10. @Debit – Funniest thing I’ve read all day – literally LOL! – and not untrue. What he’s quoting is what’s in Trump’s mind about germs, not his own. I wouldn’t call Debit a racist or otherwise for what he wrote as he is paraphrasing what Trump himself is thinking.

  11. Hmmm after watching the video, it seems those panties are girls size. They are way to small for the woman drying them, who appears a bit chubby herself. Couldn’t tell if she was traveling with a kid, if not, that is way creepy even for a woman.

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