Airplane Crash Simulator: Cool Or Creepy?

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There are all kinds of flight simulator experiences out there for aviation geeks, ranging from full motion flight simulators, to hotel rooms with flight simulators in them. However, I’ve never heard of anything quite like this…

This February, you’ll have the chance to experience a plane crash simulation in Nottingham. This is being put together by DARKFIELD, which describes itself as “a multi-sensory sonic theme park.”

This will take place in a 40 foot shipping container that has been turned into a replica of an airplane cabin. DARKFIELD has used the shipping container concept for other simulations in the past, and as it’s described, “behind the doors of each shipping container a strange world unfolds.”

The experience will be called FLIGHT:

Flight explores the Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics, taking audience members through two worlds, two realities and two possible outcomes to their journey. There are many worlds in which this plane lands safely. We are not responsible for your final destination.

Here’s a video about the concept:

For those of you worried about just how much is being “simulated” here, don’t worry, they’re not going to be flipping the shipping container over. Rather there will be 360 degree sensory effects and sounds to simulate the experience.

This will be available as part of the Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity, and each screening takes 25 minutes.

Tickets cost £8, and the experience will be available almost continuously over the following times:

  • February 15 & 16 from 10AM until 6:30PM
  • February 18-21 from 12PM until 3PM and from 5PM until 7:30PM
  • February 22 & 23 from 10AM until 6:30PM

While on the surface this seems grim, I’d be fascinated to see how they go about this, since I still don’t have a full sense of what exactly the simulation will be like. I don’t think it’s worth flying to the UK just for this, but if an opportunity arises, this is certainly a motivator…

What do you make of the concept of a plane crash simulator? Does anyone plan on going to this one?

  1. You should book a UA fare EWR-MAN and then DUB-EWR to compare the new 787-10 from DUB and the offering into Manchester. From what I hear, anything other than Heathrow has a very different experience!

  2. Looks like something from Black Mirror.

    PTSD anyone?

    Maybe it’s good this is in the U.K. so you can apply for mental health benefits to the NHS.

  3. No it’s bad juju. And I think it does a disservice to people who have actually been in a crash and survived.

  4. @ Marco
    Business Class ? No wayyy Nothing less than First Class for Ben 😉
    And it better have a Lufthansa catering and First Class lounge before boarding with personal chauffeur or he won’t go for it 🙂

  5. Lucky reviews FLIGHT crash simulator:

    “The flight attendant was personable but spilled my Krug EVERYWHERE. No personal air vents at my seat, which sadly many airlines don’t provide.”

  6. After experiencing a simulated near death experience in the shipping container, you can go in to Nottingham city centre on a Saturday evening and have the same thing but for real!

  7. I agree with @Shawn 100%. This is just bad juju. Especially for someone who flies as much as you do.

    A lot of things are fake. Juju isn’t one of them.

  8. Sorry folks,having been onboard a near disaster on a simple domestic flight on DL, I respectfully decline. I am posting as an experienced traveler with at least 100 Transatlantic flights experienced. The difference is that this flight was late due to the extremely late arrival of the flight crew and they seemed to have had neither the time nor inclination to follow and work around known storms in the area.

  9. As another poster (Jonathan) mentioned above, this production has also been available in Australia. Me and my partner experienced it in Melbourne in December 2019. It’s more geared towards providing a supernatural/sci-fi thriller experience, rather than a ‘crash simulator’. It just happens to use a replicated airplane cabin as the setting for the experience. I thought the concept was an interesting ‘field experience’ of a well-known philosophical thought experiment (Schrodinger’s Cat), but not so much if you are looking for the usual thrills and spills of a theme park ride.

  10. Ben – what type of champagne do they have on this crash flight? More importantly, do they have individual air nozzles?

  11. Is there a J class? What is the lounge going to be like? Do I get a t-shirt or PJ’s with a J ticket?

  12. Anyone know if you can redeem Star Alliance miles for J class on this flight? Would love to try it but refuse to sit with the unwashed masses.

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