AMAZING: Tokyo Hotel Will Have In-Room Flight Simulator

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If I won a hundred million dollars in the lottery tomorrow, the first thing I’d do is buy one of those $6 million full motion flight simulators that airlines use. Okay, that might not actually be what I’d do with the money, but I’d sure be tempted to spend it that way.

Along those lines, while this isn’t quite to that level, a Tokyo hotel has just introduced what’s possibly the coolest in-room amenity ever.

As reported by Kotaku, the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu, connected to Terminal 2 of Haneda Airport, has just introduced a new room type that will be on any aviation geek’s bucket list.

They’ve introduced what they’re calling a “Superior Cockpit Room,” which features a full size cockpit based on a Boeing 737.

There are a couple of ways you can experience this. For one, you can set up a session with an instructor for 30,000JPY (~275USD), and then spend about 90 minutes in the simulator flying.

Alternatively, you can book the room with the simulator for a night for 25,300JPY (~235USD).

It’s not entirely clear if you can use the simulator if you just book the room. I imagine you can, though I also feel like some help is needed to actually get it to work, so…

Regardless, this is the coolest in-room amenity I’ve ever seen at a hotel, and you can bet I’ll be staying here.

This room type doesn’t seem to be bookable online, so you have to call them to book.

The decision to install this inside a room is an interesting one, in my opinion. Since they’re selling simulator sessions without booking the room, you’d think they’d install it somewhere else, so they don’t have to give up room revenue to sell a simulator session.

Then again, the fact that the simulator is inside the hotel room is part of the novelty.

  1. I wonder if you can pay for the session and the room, and then use it all night? I’m sold!

  2. I just did this one over the weekend in Bangkok, its the same simulator (737) –

    I flew from LHR to STN via LCY, then SFO to SJC and finally HKG to Kai Tak with a TOGA at Kai Tak.
    It cost me about 220$ with the video and photo and certificates for the 45 min session with a co-pilot to help me fly. So one can do the exact same above thing in BKK for slightly cheaper…

  3. Heck, bring some friends. We can all chip in, and then take turns flying the simulator! A Tokyo meet up?

  4. Perfect timing, I’m planning a trip next year and will be flying out of HND. Guess I know where I’ll spend the night before the flight.

  5. This is cool, though you don’t need to stay in a hotel room to do this. There is a place in Tokyo where you can fly a full 777 simulator ( The 90-minute session I did last fall was INCREDIBLE. Did several touch and go’s in Haneda’s flight pattern and finally landed and taxied to the gate. Fantastic experience that includes a flight captain assisting you. They give you lots of options of how you want your experience to go (flight pattern, point-to-point, training, any weather condition you want, etc). Highly recommend it!

  6. I tried the 737 Flight Experience at the Kuala Lumpur Pavilion Mall. A fantastic experience. 5 landings and takeoffs with your choice of airport. There’s no way I could have initiated the simulation without the instructor. (You can google for discounts on a Malaysian “groupon-like” web site.)

  7. According to the Hotel’s website (in Japanese version only), the flight simulator is separated from the room by acrylic board. It’s just an interior so the guests cannot touch the instruments or even to be seated. What a bummer!

  8. Use of the simulator is not included for night rate. The simulator and the bed room are separated by a transparent. (it is not shown on the photo)
    You can not even sit down on the seat.

    Although screens keep showing day-night scenery of haneda airport through cockpit. (hope you can turn off when sleeping)

    Just to enjoy as if you are in a cockpit, that’s how it’s described on the hotel website.

    Room use is limited to 6pm-10am
    Bookable on their website.

    If the use of simulator were included, I would definitely play…stay there. Too bad.

  9. Doesnt seem like a full motion simulator. Just a stationary one run by computers and projected to big screens.
    Far from whats used for pilot training.

  10. Yeah, it’s not a motion sim, but still pretty cool. I’ve flown a static 737NG sim like this in Singapore. Granted, the full-motion one in Atlanta was much cooler, but also significantly more expensive.

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