Air New Zealand’s New “Men In Black” Safety Video!

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Air New Zealand is hands down the most innovative airline in the world when it comes to their safety videos. For years now they’ve been putting out several themed safety videos per year, and they’re as engaging as could be. At the moment Air New Zealand seems to be introducing a new safety video every three months.

In mid-May Air New Zealand unveiled the “Safety Safari” safety video:

And since it has been three months, they’ve just unveiled their latest safety video, entitled “Men In Black Safety Defenders:”

Personally I love the new video, and find it to be one of the “milder” ones they’ve done, in a good way.

It’s not as over-the-top as their hobbit themed safety video, or as sexy as their Sports Illustrated video, or as funny as their Betty White video, but it’s very watchable, funny, and engaging.

What do you think of Air New Zealand’s new “Men In Black” safety video?

  1. Anything’s better than the boring-as-hell Surf Safari. This one is high up there for me, along with the Richard Simmons and Betty White ones.

  2. Not positive but based on their build I believe those guys must be players from the New Zealand Rugby/Australian Football team called the “Black Shirts,” (AKA men in BLACK) which makes more sense as to why they would choose to parody a music video thats almost 20 years old.

  3. NZ does not release any award seats to/from North America, not even in economy. Why are they still in Star Alliance then? Isn’t it a requirement of Star Alliance membership to make a certain number of award seats available to partners?

  4. North America is not the center of the world. You do find the rare AKL-LAX economy seats on NZ.

    In terms of award seats to North America, they are no worse than Singapore to alliance partners (ie, slim to none)

  5. @Tom Yes, the “All Blacks”, and absolutely nothing to do with Australia or Australian Football – which is an entirely different sport.

  6. This video heavily features members of the NZ national rugby team, aka “the All Blacks” (the coach even makes an appearance!). It’s World Cup year, the video is, in-part, a good luck message to “the men in black”.

  7. I was looking for award seats the other day and found plenty of economy saver availability through both United and Aeroplan (for March ’16) for LAX-AKL.

  8. All Blacks NZ rugby star players and their coach. The others are retired rugby legends from competing countries ie: Australia, England Argentina. Why? The rugby World Cup is in the England in a month and a half.

  9. It’s a great safety video which ties in nicely as the All Blacks aka the New Zealand rugby team are the current Rugby World Cup Champions and they’re hopefully going to defend that title next month in the UK! Absolutely a proud kiwi and it’s great to see an airline change it up their safety videos; everyone always watches unlike other airlines that still play the same boring videos for the past ten years + (yes BA I’m looking at you!)
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