Air New Zealand’s New Safety Video Is A Rap

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Air New Zealand is hands down the most innovative airline when it comes to their safety videos. Some of my favorite safety videos have been from Air New Zealand, and they’ve typically introduced at least two new safety videos per year.

Their safety videos have had all kinds of themes — some are intended to be humorous, while others are intended to showcase scenery. For example, the safety video that Air New Zealand released earlier this year was filmed in Antarctica. The video was intended to highlight the impacts of global warming, and the importance of Antarctica to the world.

Well, the airline has just released their latest safety video, which is a bit more… humorous. Air New Zealand’s new safety video is actually a rap.

Air New Zealand says that this is the largest scale safety video they have ever produced, with a cast of about 600. The video stars Kiwi actor Julian Dennison (Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Deadpool2) and local musicians Kings, Theia, and Randa, and talent from 30 community groups across the country.

The video was filmed at various locations in Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin, Balclutha, Hokitika, and Naseby in Central Otago. It also features a number of Air New Zealand employees, including cabin crew, pilots, engineers, loaders, and airline staff from Dunedin Airport.

Here’s the video:

My first thought is that this video is probably going to be really annoying for frequent flyers, since raps get old pretty quickly. However, I’ve gotta give them a lot of credit for a really witty and well done rap.

The closest thing we’ve seen to this is a “safety dance” from Virgin America, though that video is no longer playing, and it was more of a Glee-style song than a rap.

Well done, Air New Zealand!

What do you make of Air New Zealand’s new safety rap — love it or hate it?

  1. Every time I see an Air New Zealand plane I can’t imagine something that pretty can be seen at airports. That livery is just unreal and so damn beautiful

  2. Horrible. Plain and simple horrible.
    Also completely defeats the purpose as I imagine many people to put their headphones on 30 seconds into it.
    I also can’t imagine why they think anyone who’s first language isn’t English would be able to follow this.
    If I were a betting man, I’d say this one is going to have a very short life. Probably a few weeks until air Nz execs will grow to hate it.

  3. That’s awful… and not just because of the rap. It’s difficult to understand what they are saying. There is too much going on visually. If this was your first time flying (young or old or in-between) you would struggle to get anything out of this other than the airline you are flying is a joke.

    c’mon Air NZ, you can do better than this!

  4. I appreciate Air NZ’s attempt (and other airlines as well) to create something attention grabbing for an otherwise redundant safety brief – but has anyone ever asked why we even need these kinds of announcements in this day and age. I mean does anyone not know how to put on a seat belt? Plus it’s on the card in front of you if you forget the drill. Wouldn’t be easier, if you’ve never flown before, to get a personal lecture from the flight attendant instead of subjecting everyone to this over and over?

  5. Eww no! The video is annoying, and the info is not well presented. It just flies past you. And that randa character is disgusting. Feel bad for all the frequent flyers and the cabin crew who have to endure through this video so often.

  6. It’s not yet playing on the planes. I was on a domestic flight yesterday, and it was still the Antarctic version. I was confused as there was an editorial in the inflight magazine about how many people were used to film their new safety video. I couldn’t figure it out. Now this explains it.

    I agree with @betterbub about the livery. Pure class. Seeing many of the aircraft together enhances the beauty of this branding – especially one aircraft I saw where the entire fuselage was all-black (pun intended).

    For a relatively small airline, Air New Zealand punches above its weight in brand awareness and marketing.

  7. Personally think the livery could be cleaned up (remove the fern on the side and just have the Koru on the tail) and have always wondered why they don’t do all the planes in black since they look so much better…meanwhile I’m DREADING the next six months of listening to this. Especially since some FAs seem to have decided they need to police people wearing headphones recently. Here I thought the Rhys Darby/Anna Farris one was as bad as it could get.‍♂️

  8. Feel sorry for frequent fliers in NZ that will be subjected to that disaster of a “safety video” for some time.

  9. Bloody fantastic eh. Sounds like you Amurikanns are jealous as your carriers have boring safety videos and service.

  10. Here’s what I LOVE – the diversity of the people cast in the video. That’s awesome. But it’s totally got a ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ look to it, so it felt dated to me. I’m not dissing Fresh Prince, that’s a classic, but I don’t know if Air New Zealand was going for that. If that’s the look/vibe they were going for, they nailed it. Otherwise, my fave ads are still the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit-themed ones.

  11. Hahaha – I’m flying ANZ for the first time next week and it’s nice to know what I’m in for. This is pure cringe by someone who hasn’t listened to rap since 1988. Stick to LOTR and Antarctica.

  12. The last thing that I want to see and hear when I’m getting comfortable for a long haul flight is an annoying rap that is shouted out of the speakers. I just want to relax and sip my champagne.

  13. Pretty unsafe safety video. Can’t understand half of it and it’s so visually busy and distracting … doubt it will ever take off!!

  14. Wow – it’s supposed to be a SAFETY VIDEO , not a virtue-signalling diversity production number! Very distracting, unintelligeable and basically annoying. I felt a panic attack coming on just trying to make sense of this dog’s breakfast. The airline in question opens itself up for huge litigation should there be an incident where passengers are injured or die trying to escape a stricken aircraft because they were not made sufficiently aware of the safety procedures. Would be very easy for a lawyer to prove negligence on the part of the airline.

  15. I couldn’t even watch it for a minute. Fails as a safety video, especially for those who are not native English-speakers, as noted above.

  16. I’m a Kiwi and, though it’s fun to try and guess some of the locations, this would get on your t*ts after only one or two screenings. The best Air NZ vids were the Hobbit series last decade when the airline was flying many fans to Middle Earth.

    This one is clever in its own way but I predict a short shelf life. And I’ll stick to Emirates to get home unless I need to go via the US. As a steerage passenger, Air NZ’s cramped 777s aren’t a patch on their old 747s for pax comfort and EK’s 380s are far roomier.

  17. Terrible! As a kiwi it’s even hard to understand what they’re saying. Too much going on in video, safety aspect is lost. Can’t believe a safety manager signed off on this.

  18. Worse than David Walliams shouting “UNTIL YOU’VE LEFT THE AIRCRAFT” for BA.
    Headphones go straight on at that point – if they aren’t already.

  19. @”Mark F.” , seems there are two of us. What are the chances?
    I’ll use MarkFerry to avoid any confusion.

    – @”Mark F”

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