Air New Zealand’s New Conservation Safety Video

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While perhaps not the biggest news from the airline this week, Air New Zealand has today unveiled their latest safety video, called “A Journey To Safety.” This will be rolled out on all Air New Zealand flights, both domestic and international, as of today.

As it’s described, the video highlights the impact of New Zealand’s biodiversity crisis through the story of a young girl who transports a lost takahē to his new home with help from Air New Zealand and the Department of Conservation (DOC).

Air New Zealand has partnered with DOC since 2012, and with this the airline has transported more than 3,200 threatened species to safe havens, funded pest traps across 38,000 hectares, and supported marine science and research.

As Air New Zealand’s General Manager of Global Brand and Content Marketing describes the video:

“While it’s lighthearted on the surface, it conveys a really important message – our native birds need our help. Our safety videos have collectively generated more than 180 million views over the past decade, so what better medium to shine a spotlight on New Zealand’s biodiversity crisis.

“We’re really proud of the work we’re doing with DOC, and hope Kiwis and visitors alike will not only delight in our latest video, but take on the message behind it.”

Here’s the video:

Air New Zealand is of course known for their safety videos more than just about any airline in the world. Personally I find this safety video to be cute, and in particular I’m impressed that it’s only three minutes long, and that’s despite the amount of time dedicated to talking about conversation.

Air New Zealand seems to introduce one to two new safety videos every year, and they either seem to be focused on entertainment/comedy, or on highlighting aspects of New Zealand, from nature to culture.

This video clearly fits in that latter category, and showcases an important effort in a cute way.

Air New Zealand’s safety videos comes days after Qantas revealed their new 100th anniversary safety video, which was pretty spectacular.

What do you make of Air New Zealand’s new safety video?

  1. No offense lucky but judging by the amount of comments on this post shows that people are not really interested in all that coverage on airline videos which I myself find rather excessive…

  2. Love it and the positive conservation messaging. Great way to learn something, whether you are fortunate enough to fly ANZ, or just subscribing to this informative site. Thanks for sharing!

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