Aer Lingus & Air New Zealand Are Having An Epic Twitter Battle

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I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know the first thing about rugby (apparently it’s a sport?). Upon doing some research, it looks like Ireland and New Zealand recently competed against one another, and Ireland won. This was a big upset for New Zealand, as it broke their winning streak. The teams will have a rematch soon, so the stakes seem high, as New Zealand wants to prove they just had a bad day, while Ireland would of course love to beat them twice in a row to demonstrate that they’re better.

As an airline geek, the only part of this that interests me is how the airlines are reacting. And boy, are Aer Lingus and Air New Zealand having fun with this rivalry. If you haven’t yet seen it, here’s the hilarious interaction between Aer Lingus and Air New Zealand on Twitter:

twitter-battle-1 twitter-battle-2 twitter-battle-3 twitter-battle-4 twitter-battle-5 twitter-battle-6 twitter-battle-7

Typically when airlines get into Twitter wars there’s a clear winner. In this case, they’re both amazing. Well played, and this almost makes me want to watch the rugby match to see who wins!

  1. Feels very pre-orchestrated, especially with the images (and yes, I realize there was a hour or two between posts). But, still a fun Twitter “war” 🙂

  2. An “epic” Twitter battle? Give me a break. Really, everyone should ignore the existence of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Yelp, LinkedIn, AirBNB, Uber, Snapshat, Instagram, Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. All marketing should halt the use of Twitter. All airlines should demand that all social media be stopped, their businesses raided by the Fed, and their employees handcuffed and sent to the pen—-especially Mrac Zuckerberg.

    If these leftist, communist companies had any true influence, Crooked Hillary Clinton would have won. She didn’t, which means these social media companies are lies, their reported numbers of users are lies, and the income that they (including their phony ad revenue) claim is not true.

  3. I went to Chicago just to see the test between the two. It was huge. New Zealand has never lost to Ireland ever. As in, 111 years, they have never lost. Tomorrow will be great fun to watch.

  4. @Melissa – that escalated quickly….

    There’s not a shred of political undertone in this post, nor are either of the airlines American. how did you so quickly link this to a political discussion?

    Further, assuming you are a Trump supporter, he won the election…using Twitter no less.

  5. hey Lucky — lol funny tweets.. keep us updated .. would love to see the loser keeping up with their end of the bargain

  6. @lucky

    Qantas and AirNZ do this often, though NZ tend to win more often lately. It coincides with our Prime Ministers wear the reciprocal Jerserys and Flags over the Sydney Harbour Bridge (though they look so similar who can tell?)

    I love this kind of international banter. It seems real but even if not, two separate companies coming together to have a laugh is just brilliant. Especially after NZ horrible week.

    I really would give anything to see the Shamorock on my way into Auckland airport!

  7. Not a Twitter user but all good fun, and as Dave C says NZ and QF do this sort of ‘battle’ regularly as trans tasman rivals, and follow through for the losers. The Irish win in Chicago was big for them, a win in Ireland tonight will be massive. They outplayed and were the better team on the day but the All Blacks have an envious record and are #1 ranked in world rugby for good reason. Great interest here in NZ in seeing a terriffic contest on the rugby field (and in the shies maybe) tonight.

  8. As a New Zealander we take our Rugby very seriously so its great to see some lighthearted banter between the two countries Airlines. Go the Mighty All Blacks ☻

  9. On my flight over, I sat next to an Irish man who was at Ireland’s win in Chicago and he was so proud of the team. I’m now staying at the Conrad Dublin and New Zealand’s team is staying here too. They’re huge celebrities and getting a lot of attention from the locals. There’s a lot of excitement here for the rematch and even though I don’t know anything about rugby, I might tune in tomorrow.

  10. Visited beautiful Queenstown two weeks ago and flew AirNZ up to Auckland. Go Kiwis! (A repeat loss to the Irish would hurt their psyche almost like another earthquake.)

  11. The NZ All Blacks are amongst the mist successful teams in all sports. Thier winning percentage is some where in the 80% mark. An extraordinary team . Good airline to fly with also.

    As an Australian, it’s an ongoing battle between us and our junior brother across the water. Bit like the US and Canada thing.

  12. Wow. It’s weird how some words and images on an illuminated screen make me happy. I have a tendency to feel negative, and today I felt as low as American Airlines Flight 11. This really cheered me up, so thank you Lucky.

  13. The results are in: New Zealand won the rematch. Would be interesed in seeing if there was any follow up by Air New Zealand on the above bet.

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