Air Koryo’s New Business Class — Two Star Airline On The Way?

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The infamous Air Koryo has finally unveiled their much anticipated new business class product, exclusively available on their luxurious Antonov An-148-100B aircraft.

Since Air Koryo and North Korea are all about transparency, they’ve unveiled the new seats on their Facebook page.


Air Koryo is the world’s only Skytrax one star airline, and rumor has it that this fleet rejuvenation is part of their “Worst And Beyond” campaign, whereby they’re aiming to be a Skytrax two star airline by 2035.


I tried to price out a ticket for Air Koryo’s new business class to see if they’re charging a premium over their normal $9 business class mistake fare, but I couldn’t actually get the website to work.


Kim Jong-un couldn’t immediately be reached for comment. He’s still celebrating his World Cup victory, I’m told.

  1. If Mr Kim splurges and gets an A380, would you fly PEK-FNJ in F? You know because other wise you can no longer claim to have flown all the A380s.

  2. Now that’s an airline I’d love to fly one day! Just for their amazing Koryo Burger, which is claimed to be made by The Great Leader himself, while he was sleeping and playing basketball at the same time.

  3. That’s pretty cool. It’s unfortunate due to sanctions DPRK will never be able to buy an Airbus or Boeing plane.

    Have you ever done the DPRK aviation tour? I think it would be pretty neat.

  4. Kim Jong Un’s response to the article above is:
    we have the best business class product is north Korea with it and we will pummel our competitors (which of course we don’t have). Our longterm plan is to replace the An148 with the Tu154, because it’s cheap!

  5. Flew Air Koryo back in 2011. Tried to steal the safety card as a souvenir, got caught, had my passport taken by the stewardess. Oops.

  6. just to prank you Ben, one day I will headline: Air Koryo joins SkyTeam ; DL miles CAN be redeemed for flights.

  7. 9 bucks for business class? That is extremely tempting…
    By the way, Air Koryo’s facebook page is not managed by a Air Koryo employee, but a aviation fan šŸ˜›

  8. @ Lucky — I read the headline before having coffee and for a brief moment thought you had Air Koryo’s review on a way. Now I am very disappointed! šŸ˜‰

  9. Also from their facebook page,
    “A major event in Air Koryo’s history that seemingly went un-noticed across the aviation industry was the final Air Koryo Ilyushin Il-62M scheduled service to Europe”.

    I mean, shocking! Media is totally off their game here.

  10. Sigh.

    Cheap shots. And nothing remotely creative in this post.

    For the record their Facebook page is run by enthusiasts and Russian staff and pilots who work for Air Koryo in Russia, but is in no way official (although they do share a lot of accurate and relevant information.)

    Air Koryo is a completely okay airline which outdated reputation has nothing to do with reality anymore. Alright, the burger isn’t a highlight. But at least they don’t charge for it. The Skytrax rating is meaningless. Just read the reviews from their own passengers and you’ll find out it’s not even supported by opinions.

  11. Air Koryo’s Business Class doesn’t look too bad, better than I expected. Pretty the same seat and pitch like on Chinese domestic Business Class on A320 family and B737 (which they call First Class there). Also no IFE in place.

    For the short hop from FNJ to PEK it will do. But what about the ticket rates?

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