Air Italy Will Fly To Los Angeles & San Francisco

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Qatar Airways recently acquired a 49% stake in Air Italy, which was formerly known as Meridiana. This seems to be Qatar Airways’ attempt at putting Alitalia out of business (though I doubt that will ever happen).

Qatar Airways has big expansion plans for Air Italy. To start Qatar Airways leased them some A330s, but soon the airline will be getting 787s from Qatar Airways as well, to further fuel their expansion.

Presently Air Italy’s US destinations include New York and Miami, though their number of US destinations will soon double.

Air Italy has just announced that they’ll be launching flights between Milan and both Los Angeles and San Francisco as of 2019.

This complements Air Italy’s other longhaul routes, to Bangkok, Delhi, and Mumbai, which creates quite a connecting network.

Air Italy’s new Milan to Los Angeles route

Air Italy will launch 4x weekly nonstop flights between Milan and Los Angeles as of April 3, 2019. The route will operate with the following schedule on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, using Airbus A330s:

IG943 Milan to Los Angeles departing 1:00PM arriving 4:50PM
IG944 Los Angeles to Milan departing 6:50PM arriving 3:55PM (+1 day)

The flight will cover a distance of 6,044 miles in each direction, and is blocked at 12hr50min westbound and 12hr5min eastbound.

Air Italy’s new Milan to San Francisco route

Air Italy will launch 4x weekly nonstop flights between Milan and San Francisco as of April 10, 2019. The route will operate with the following schedule on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, using Airbus A330s:

IG937 Milan to San Francisco departing 1:35PM arriving 5:10PM
IG938 San Francisco to Milan departing 7:10PM arriving 4:05PM (+1 day)

The flight will cover a distance of 5,951 miles in each direction, and is blocked at 12hr35min westbound and 11hr55min eastbound.

Air Italy has an excellent onboard product

I recently reviewed Air Italy’s business class product based on my flight with them from New York to Milan. The hard product isn’t great, as they have slightly angled seats (though the angle is almost not noticeable).

However, the service, food, drinks, and amenities, were all top notch. I’d fly them again in a heartbeat, especially if traveling with a companion (due to the configuration).

Redeeming miles on Air Italy

The best way to redeem miles on Air Italy is to book through British Airways Executive Club. British Airways shows Air Italy award space online, and the pricing for these new routes should be as follows:

  • 30,000 Avios one-way in economy class
  • 90,000 Avios one-way in business class

The catch is that the carrier imposed surcharges for Air Italy redemptions recently increased significantly, so you can expect to pay significantly more fees for travel originating in the US than travel originating in Europe.

Note that this flight literally just became bookable, and I’m having issues pulling up Air Italy award space on I imagine this will solve itself shortly.

US airlines are going to take serious issue with this

US airlines love to complain about the Gulf carriers. They’ve even been arguing that Qatar Airways is using Air Italy to create fifth freedom routes in a roundabout way (a sentiment I disagree with).

They’ve taken issues with Air Italy’s flights to New York and Miami, and you can bet they’re going to be complaining big time about these new routes.

Of course these new routes are great for consumers. These are nonstop routes that weren’t previously operated by any airlines, so I’m very excited about this.

Several US senators just signed a letter regarding Air Italy, so the politics surrounding this route should get interesting.

Bottom line

While I’m a huge fan of Air Italy’s expansion in general, I especially love these routes. New York to Milan and Miami to Milan were routes that other airlines flew as well, though in this case Air Italy is offering nonstop service in a market for the first time in a long time, and that’s great.

Anyone plan on flying Air Italy between California and Milan?

  1. Screw those whiny remarks by bunch of R senators. Hyprocite like usual since they are supposedly all for small government but they are interfering with Qatar Airways/Air Italy on behalf of US3. It’s not like US3 is losing money due to Air Italy, and they make BILLIONS while making passengers’ life miserable much as possible

  2. As an Italian, even though I don’t live in Italy since decades, I welcome Air Italy expansion along with Qatar Airways. Three Gulf Airlines (one being QR) offer the highes standards in terms of flying, regardless the class one flies and hell if I know that Italy needs that like oxygen.

  3. @angry380 I was about to say the exact same thing! These republican politicians love to say how they favor “small government” yet they want to restrict Air Italy from flying to the US! If they had it their way, they would probably also restrict abortion and LGBT rights. Super hypocritical!

  4. Anything that adds nonstops from the west coast to Europe is greatly appreciated. Can we please have some more? SEA, PDX, YVR, we love Italy too! Come on in!!!

  5. I wish Qatar would make peace with Oneworld and allow Air Italy to then join. They would be a perfect additional to the alliance.

  6. Can someone tell me why the US3 raise such a stink about the ME3 but not the Chinese carriers? Or Turkish?

    Almost every J search I do to Asia yields super low fares on Air China, often half the price of the US3. Throw in Hainan, Xiamen, China Eastern, etc. and they are surely taking a lot of business away from the big U.S. carriers.

    And for Europe, it’s Turkish who almost always shows up much cheaper than alternatives. They have grown so large and seem to be able to offer a good product at a low price, so I’d think the US3 would really have them in their targets.

    Scratching my head…

  7. Just checked June 1 SFO-Milan on BA and it is available but 90,000 AVIOS plus $550 one way. Doesn’t seem like a good price at all, unless that’s exactly your origin and destination. I still don’t understand why the chart says 60,000.

  8. finally a direct flight from LA to Italy! About time. Baffles me how big of a tourist destination Italy is and how little there is of a connection for direct flights and a solid national airline. I welcome this with open arms! tutto benne!

  9. Direct flights to Italy from the west coast have been always available from SFO and LAX operated by Alitalia (payed by italian citizen taxes…) to Rome.
    The big news is that finally, after 15 years, also some direct flights are available to/from Milano. I still have family and interest in this city and I travel there at least 3 times a year. Not having to stop somewhere in Europe to reach north of Italy is a big plus, whatever company is doing it. If US carriers are so concerned about these routes, they should simply offer an alternative.

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