Air France Is Introducing Macaron & Creme Brûlée Flavored Gum

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Here’s a cute idea from Air France. Many people have pressure in their ears during takeoff and landing, and chewing gum can help with that. So Air France has a solution:

To take care of its customers’ ears, Air France has created its own French chewing gum “La gomme à mâcher” with the agency BETC. Two flavors are available, both embodying French-style pleasure: pistachio-macaron and crème brûlée. The gum is made in France and 100% natural. With La gomme à mâcher, Air France is once again illustrating French savoir-faire throughout the world.

As a serial gum chewer, this is certainly something I appreciate.

Unfortunately, the catch is that this will only be available on select frequencies to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Mexico City, as well as in some of Air France’s lounges at Charles de Gaulle Airport:

This new product will be available before take-off on flights AF066 from Paris-Charles de Gaulle to Los Angeles (USA), AF084 from Paris-Charles de Gaulle to San Francisco (USA) and AF178 from Paris-Charles de Gaulle to Mexico City (Mexico), on 6 July. The gum will also be on offer at various Air France lounges at Paris-Charles de Gaulle (Terminal 2E, hall M, K, L, and 2 F1, F2, G) and Paris-Orly (hall 3).

If you’re not flying through Paris or on one of the eligible flights and really still want this gum, Air France is selling it for 3.50EUR per pack through their online shopping mall.

Here’s a video about the gum (gosh, I really love Air France’s marketing):

I love the idea behind this, and for that matter in general love when airlines introduce special products that make the experience memorable. Along similar lines, earlier in the year I wrote about how Cathay Pacific introduced a beer brewed specially for consumption at 35,000 feet, which is such a cool idea.


My frustration is always how limited the rollout of these concepts is. It’s a great idea, but is only available on a few flights.

I realize with the number of routes that airlines operate it would be costly to roll it out systemwide, though at the same time you’d think a memorable pack of gum with the airlines’ name on it would be something that people will remember long after their flight.

I might just have to buy a couple of packs of this to try it out!

Anyone flying Air France soon on one of the above routes?

  1. That’s a macaron, not a macaroon. Looks like they misspelled it in the release and on the website. It’s correct in the video, though.

  2. Wait till passengers start sticking it under seats/ wherever they can, BAD idea imho there are some BAD people out there who want to do BAD things to us, you better believe it!

  3. Are you really looking forward to finding someone else’s chewed gum on you next Air France flight?

  4. Do people actually book an airline Based on the food selection. Gimmie a break. Why bother reporting this. If I get coach quality food in first class that’s one thing. But if I want food by a celebrity chef, I can find that in almost any major airport.

  5. I love it! I’m not flying Air France soon but it’s on one of my routes so looking forward to it.

  6. I used to stick gum in the cigarette ashtrays built into every airline seat. But I can’t remember doing that recently. Maybe too many people stuck gum into them.

  7. “With La gomme à mâcher, Air France is once again illustrating French savoir-faire throughout the world.”

    Sorry, I just laughed out loud. Nothing, not even free vintage Champagne, can transform the awful experience of CDG….

  8. I’m not flying those routes but might be in the AF lounge in CDG, will let you know if I try it!

  9. Ugh! As if listening to someone chewing gum on terra firma isn’t gross enough, being forced to listen to an entire herd of cows chewing their “green-cud” across the Atlantic would be udder torture for this misophonist. And let’s not begin to imagine where all the green guey stuff would be stuck…

  10. Just for giggles I priced ordering a few packs and having them shipped to the US.

    Over EUR 100 to ship to Washington DC. LOL

  11. Saw these up for grabs at one if the 2F salons a few days ago, but didn’t look closer…sounds interesting, although I don’t know if the flavours work 🙂

  12. @Tony Mille merci – my daughter is so delighted that I could purchase the chewing gum at Colette! I love that this blog has such a wide reach.

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