Air France Airbus A340 go around in Tropical Storm Isaac

Check out this video clip of a late go around of an Air France Airbus A340-300 at Saint Martin airport during Tropical Storm Isaac:


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  1. Sounds like he was spooling up the engines before he was over the beach. Would have liked to see the actual landing; or did he head for San Juan instead?

  2. Yes, they do get that close to the fence. Search for SXM on Plane-spotting on that beach is famous.

  3. Less stressful than the approach to/landing at St. Barts; even better when you do the two w/in an hour of each other.

  4. I love that place. Lisa & I laid down behind the wall during a take-off. There were like 50 people standing and sitting behind us. After takeoff (and a bit warm sand blasted) we looked back and all the people were GONE down the hill into the water! Crazy fun!

  5. It is truly a great plane-spotting area. The day we were there the beach was crowded with people and they were not standing off to the side as this cameraman was. It seemed that if you reached up you could touch the wheels. We videoed a KLM 747 and it was amazing that it could clear the fence and still stop before the hill/mountain at the other end of the runway.

  6. That’s crazy low for a go around. Looked like they were getting some cross winds on final there. Check the angle of the plane when you can see it clearly.

  7. I visited SXM in 2007. It was great. Saw all the heavies coming in… incredible hardly can describe it. Glad everyone got in safely on this flight.

  8. LMAO! i think i heard the word “orgasm” by one of the lady commenters in the video! man, if was only that easy. šŸ™‚

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