Air China and Singapore Airlines award space now shows up on

While this is likely insignificant to anyone that doesn’t spend hours a day searching for award availability on, it’s worth noting that the website now displays award space for travel on Singapore and Air China, which it previously didn’t.

In case you hadn’t noticed they were missing, I don’t really blame you. Singapore hardly ever releases award space aside from intra-Asia flights, and it’s not like most people would want to redeem their miles on Air China, so…

Now if only they would display Swiss award space.

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  1. Hopefully when the Continental site is fully merged into UAL’s, these flights will be searchable. In the case of my own forthcoming trip, it might make it easier to find First Class seats from Singapore to LAX, combining an intra-Asia Singapore Air flight with ANA or Asiania for a Star Alliance one way award.

  2. For people to travel to cities in China other than PEK/PVG, air china is a must considering its huge network and frequent schedule. The domestic airfares in china these days are expensive so you can save around ~400 dollars for a round trip. Air China is the only reason I value mileage plus miles way higher than AA/Delta.

  3. I stumbled upon this a couple days ago. For all of their 77W/380 flights I only found economy availably (what I expected), except for one it was PVG or PEK to SIN on a 77W where there was a saver award in C.

  4. @Kris Ziel- I noticed the same thing, however, after further research I learned that lists the 777-300 [non-ER] as 77Ws šŸ™ So, still the old angled business class seats.

    Nonetheless, I am happy that CO now lists SQ and that’ll make some intra-Asia positioning flights a bit easier.

  5. I hope that United throws away their terrible site and redirects to Continentals servers after December.

  6. @golfingboy
    That is a shame to hear. I would like to think within a year they will start to release at least a little bit of award availability on those planes, seeing that other *A carriers with similar product have availability. But I doubt that will happen.
    It will be nice to have the HKG-SIN 388 to fall back on if I can’t find an attractive route on a LH (or by the time I am planning on it, TG perhaps) 388.

  7. They added EgyptAir, too, though it seems like only some routes, which is weird (maybe still testing?). For example, JFK/CAI appears, but CAI/DXB doesn’t, even though seats are actually available (found using KVS and ANA).

  8. So it’s safe to say that the temporary A380 business class space on, say, JFK-FRA-SIN (that I took advantage of, yes!!) is indeed just a temporary glitch? SQ still doesn’t allow *A awards in their premium cabins on the 77W and 380, right?

  9. @ Matt — I hope they’ll use Continental’s site post-merger.

    @ NYBanker — They do (as well as Swiss), though I find Aeroplan’s website a lot less user friendly.

  10. Continental does in fact show Swiss award space, mostly routing through Zurich to other European destinations. Hint: try starting with one the US destinations that Swiss flies to. Like BOS-ZRH-FCO for example.

  11. I’ve been playing around with it for awhile now with no success, which means I must be mistaken. But I could have sworn that I saw availability on Swiss at one point…

  12. Awesome, did some testing and works great with some crazy options presented. I’m trying to do CGO-ICN and it routes me PEK-HKG in the middle with some Asiana in the mix šŸ˜‰ I need to do SHA-CGO and CGO-ICN but no *A non-stops on those routes so will probably end up paying for them.

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