Aeroplan Offering New Members 2,500 Bonus Miles

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Yesterday the details of the new Air Canada Aeroplan loyalty program were announced, and now the program has launched a lucrative promotion for new members.

New members can earn 2,500 bonus miles

Aeroplan is offering 2,500 bonus miles if you join Aeroplan through this link and earn your first mile by September 30, 2020.

This is a one-time bonus for new members, and bonus miles should post within six to eight weeks of eligible activity.

Personally I value Aeroplan miles at ~1.4 cents each, so to me the bonus is worth ~$35. This is an excellent offer — in July Aeroplan was offering new members 1,000 bonus miles upon completing an eligible mileage activity, so this offer is 2.5x as good.

There are lots of eligible non-flying activities that would qualify, from making a purchase through Aeroplan’s shopping portal, to transferring points from Amex Membership Rewards or Capital One, to buying miles.

Aeroplan is introducing family mileage pooling

When the new Aeroplan program launches on November 8, Aeroplan will be introducing the ability to share miles with family members. Up to eight people can pool miles towards redemptions, which means this new member bonus can stack pretty quickly.

For example, say you have four family members who aren’t Aeroplan members, and each person signs up and transfers 1,000 Amex points to Aeroplan. You’d then have 14,000 miles combined.

That’s quite a nice start towards an Aeroplan balance. Now, make sure you follow the rules, as you shouldn’t be creating duplicate accounts for this, or anything. But if you have any family members who aren’t Aeroplan members, this could be a great time to have them sign up.

Bottom line

Aeroplan is offering 2,500 bonus miles to new members who complete eligible activity by September 30. If you’re not a member of Aeroplan and see the program having value in the future, this could be worthwhile. This is especially true with Aeroplan soon introducing family points pooling.

Do any non-Aeroplan members plan to take advantage of this promotion?

  1. More of your marketing for Aeroplan?
    In all seriousness, do you have some form of “influencer” agreement with them? I wouldn’t blame you if you do given the current economic situation – but you should at least be open about it.
    Yesterday saw a huge devaluation of the Aeroplan program and yet still you promote them over and over again

  2. @BWilly – Go Away! He is reporting, just like every other blogger and news organization, a real news story and all the details.

  3. Ben, you are very passionate about Aeroplan more than most Canadians are :). Aeroplan really gets you all excited lol. And that is what most on here are trying to figure out, esp those North of you.

    Your recent post on it had you replying to almost every comment and you do that on some posts but not all. There are some posts you don’t even bother to comment even once, or maybe just once lol (Yes it’s hard to reply to every comment). Mine always go unanswered.

    Besides, you have confessed that you do know certain things based purely on the feedback you receive directly from Aeroplan, so you seem to be very well connected to sources within (wink)

  4. Thanks for this…I’ll sign my husband and 3 kids up. Hopefully that’ll make up the extra miles difference we’ll need now, as opposed to our previously booked business class flight we had to cancel for this past June…

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