Afternoon tea with a view

I’m told that in the housing market there are three things that are important to buyers — location, location, and location. Well, in the afternoon tea market, there are also three things that are important — view, view, and view.

Yesterday I met a blog reader and in addition to exploring the city for a while, we had afternoon tea in the 87th floor lobby lounge at the Park Hyatt Shanghai.

While afternoon tea was rather expensive (not as bad as at the Burj Al Arab, but still), it was well worth it given the panoramic views of Shanghai from the lounge. To say the views were heavenly would be an understatement. Here are just a few pictures:

Afternoon tea

View in one direction

View in another direction

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  1. I stay at the JWM in PVG regularly – the CL is on the 58th floor. Breaky, afternoon tea, cocktail hour, dessert — all with the same view. All complimentary for PLATs.

  2. Spectacular heavenly views! I wonder what the views (and the food served during afternoon tea) looks like in hell.

  3. The problem is the Location, Location, Location:

    A place renowned for its problems with Smog, Smog, Smog!

  4. you will find or already have found that Shanghai’s winter skies are full of gray and bleakness, not that clear blue skies would have helped your view much…

  5. You sure those aren’t the same photos? Looking more deeply, there’s the same two dark square windows at the lower right-hand corner.

  6. It’s more smog than fog unfortunately. First time I went I was wheezing for 2 weeks straight. Now I always bring an inhaler.

  7. The problems with tall hotels in China/HK/etc. is that you do very often lose the view. But Shanghai and Beijing are particularly bad.

    I sometimes giggle whenever I see the Ritz in HK shrouded in fog/smog/cloud…. which is just about half the year!

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