Aegean Is Offering A 50% Bonus On Purchased Miles

Aegean’s Miles+Bonus program is one of the most lucrative Star Alliance award programs in terms of the ease with which you can earn elite status, and also in terms of their redemption costs. The catch is that the program can be complicated, though that was improved late last year when Aegean started allowing online award bookings.

Late last year we saw Aegean sell miles with up to a 40% bonus, and now they’re offering an even better deal, which is the best deal I ever recall seeing on buying Aegean miles.

Through October 31, 2018, Aegean is offering up to a 50% bonus when you purchase miles (you have to log into your Miles+Bonus account to see this offer).

Ordinarily Aegean charges 25EUR per 1,000 miles, though through this promotion you can receive a 50% bonus, no matter how many miles you buy (in the past there have been minimums required to max out the promotion).

For example, if you maxed out this promotion you could buy a total of 75,000 miles (including the 25,000 bonus miles) at a cost of 1,250EUR (~1,445USD), which is a cost of about 1.93 cents (in USD) per mile. That’s not cheap, though it’s definitely a potentially attractive price, given Aegean’s award redemption rates.

As a reminder, here’s their Star Alliance award chart, with roundtrip prices listed (you can fly one-way for half the cost of a roundtrip):

For example, you can redeem just 75,000 miles for a one-way first class ticket between Africa and the US on Lufthansa, so it could make sense to buy miles (at least for the purposes of topping off an account) at that price. Do note that Aegean charges the standard carrier imposed surcharges, though.

Redeeming Aegean miles for Lufthansa first class is a great deal

While this isn’t for everyone, this has the potential to be an excellent deal.

Does anyone plan on taking advantage of this excellent Aegean promotion?

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  1. What is the fuel surcharge situation with Aegean miles? If I’m reading this right, it would be 45K miles for a one way J ticket between North America and Europe. at 1.93 cents per mile, that works out to about $868, which is a pretty good deal. Having a bunch of fuel surcharges layered on top however would offset some of that…

  2. Fuel surcharges can be hefty (circa 600-700 euro return when flying with lufthansa, swiss etc) if you get availability to show up in the first place. Their customer service though is pleasant to deal with unlike some other major players. Have around 300k with them and have never managed to find a deal for my travels although the gold status is certainly valuable

  3. @Sam , depends on what carrier, I was able to book JFK-BUD nonstop with LO 787 in J for 45k A3 miles + 56 Euros taxes (economy would be 30k + 56 Euros), but for example LX (JFK-ZRH-BUD) in J would be 45k A3 miles + 540 Euros taxes….

  4. If I’m understanding the award chart correctly, you can ticket going from JNB to North America in LH F for 75k Miles plus whatever the fees are? That’s a great deal imo. I’m tempted to max out this promo.

  5. I don’t think that this is a good deal. Avianca deals have consistently been coming in at less than 1.5 cents per mile.

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