Ouch: Aegean Devalues Star Alliance Award Chart

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Historically Aegean’s Miles+Bonus program is a popular Star Alliance frequent flyer program, even for those who don’t often fly with Aegean.

Why Aegean Miles+Bonus Is Useful

There are a few things that make Aegean’s program so interesting:

  • They have one of the easiest to attain thresholds for Star Alliance Gold status
  • Mileage earning rates are really good for travel on partner airlines, as in some cases they offer 200% elite qualifying miles for travel in discounted business class
  • They’ve historically had a generous award chart for travel on Star Alliance partners

Aegean A320

Unfortunately at least one positive aspect of the program has changed overnight.

Aegean Devalues Award Chart

Aegean has just devalued their award chart without any notice. Heck, it’s not just that they haven’t given any notice of the changes, but they haven’t even acknowledged them. They simply updated the award chart they have online without stating anything has changed. That’s really poor form on their part.

For context, here’s the old award chart:

Then here’s the new award chart:

The above prices are roundtrip, though one-way awards are allowed as well at half the cost. In some cases the changes are pretty significant.

For example, looking at one-way redemption rates between the US and Europe:

  • Economy class award prices increase from 30,000 miles to 35,000 miles
  • Business class award prices increase from 45,000 miles to 55,000 miles
  • First class award prices increase from 60,000 miles to 75,000 miles

Award redemption rates have also been devalued between Europe and the Far East, between Europe and the Near East/Central Asia, and within the Far East.

Redemption rates for transatlantic SWISS flights have increased

Bottom Line

This award chart devaluation no doubt removes some of the edge that the Miles+Bonus program had. More than that, though, I’m disappointed by the lack of notice and lack of acknowledgement of these changes.

They could at least give some notice, and if they’re not going to give notice, they could at least acknowledge that this is a new chart (“New Award Pricing Effective XYZ”).

Will these changes impact whether you use Aegean’s frequent flyer program?

(Tip of the hat to @BobdenHartog)

  1. I’m glad I redeemed for my trip earlier! My ANA first class flight from LHR-HND would have cost me 90 one way instead of 75000. Still a very valuable award chart though…

  2. shoot, I was waiting for their black friday 100% purchase bonus which was great value on their old chart…

  3. No way. I was all set to redeem a First Class award ticket 2.5 weeks from now, I had saved 60,100 miles I needed. Now…I either have to buy it or fly biz. Sucks for me.

  4. @Chris, I was thinking about the same thing but I find it very difficult to redeem Star Alliance awards using Turkish Miles and Smiles.

  5. Kind of sucks, as I was going to book an award yesterday and now I don’t have enough points 🙁

    Like others was waiting for the sale… but we will see.

    Not sure what other SA carrier I would credit to now

  6. Luckily we booked Christmas flights one month ago and spent 280.000 points, now with only 10000 left I don’t care as I decided before summer to quit from my miles and bonus Gold status.
    Already gold in Scandinavian heading to diamond.

  7. Just for once I would like to see a program do a genuine enhancement benefitting its members. Too much to ask? Yeah, probably. Takes a financial recession to focus minds in that direction…..

  8. At least they did it before another big miles sale, but agree, no-notice sucks! But to be honest I am not surprised – the real sweet spots of things like Singapore-Japan were of absolutely no value to someone actually loyal to Aegean airlines. So if they were loosing money selling the miles/paying the carriers then it wouldn’t be able to continue

  9. Lots of little stuff going on as well. For example, SAS go light doens’t earn anthing anymore without any real notice.

  10. A3 not only devalued with zero prior notice, but also block out most of backtracking routes like HKG-SIN-NRT or so especially in Far East region. And its online system always limited connection time to max 9 or 10 hours instead of 24 hours per written terms, plus only one connection is allowed. I lost interest of it totally.
    Despite its selling miles with 100% bonus, i rather go for lifemiles by Avianca.

  11. I’m super disappointed. Wanted to redeem some miles and suddenly the amount within the Far East increased 30%. Also I think it’s totally unacceptable that they don’t even give notice about this change. Will consider moving away from m&b.

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