How To Activate Your Chase Sapphire Reserve Priority Pass Membership

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There are lots of great benefits to the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card, including a $300 annual travel credit, triple points on dining and travel, extensive car rental and travel protection, a Priority Pass membership, a Global Entry fee credit, and more.

One of the things that makes the Sapphire Reserve Card so great is how straightforward it is. There’s not much of a learning curve to taking advantage of the card’s benefits. For example, the $300 annual travel credit is applied automatically to any purchases you make up to the limit, and covers all travel purchases, including parking, Uber, subway tickets, etc.

The one significant Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card perk that actually needs to be activated is the Priority Pass membership. I think this is worth specifically pointing out since some people don’t realize there’s an activation process. Earlier this week I was entering a Priority Pass lounge, and the person in front of me was being denied for trying to enter with a Sapphire Reserve card. “But I was told my card came with a Priority Pass membership.”

It does indeed, but you actually have to activate it.

What is the Chase Sapphire Reserve’s Priority Pass membership?

Priority Pass is the world’s largest network of independent airport lounges, with over 1,000 member lounges around the world. Both the primary cardmember and authorized users on the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card are eligible for a Priority Pass membership. That can be an especially good deal, since you can add authorized users to the card for just $75 each, which is a cost at which it can definitely make sense to get someone a membership.

The Priority Pass membership offered with the card gets you access to unlimited Priority Pass lounges, and you can bring guests. There’s not a defined guest limit with the card, but rather individual lounges sometimes have limits (I know some only let Priority Pass members bring in two guests, for example).

Art & Lounge Newark Airport, which belongs to Priority Pass

How do you activate the Chase Sapphire Reserve Priority Pass membership?

To activate your Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card Priority Pass membership, log into your Chase account. On the right side you should see a little section that lists how many Ultimate Rewards points you have. Click that, as it will take you to the Ultimate Rewards website.

There you’ll want to select the Sapphire Reserve Card from the list (as all your Chase cards should show).

On the next page you’ll be on the Ultimate Rewards homepage for your Sapphire Reserve. At the top click on “Earn Points” and then click “Card Benefits” (by the way, please don’t redeem your valuable Ultimate Rewards points for Domino’s gift cards).

On the next page you’ll see your Sapphire Reserve travel benefits listed, including information on the Global Entry fee credit, The Luxury Hotel & Resort collection, etc.

At the very left you’ll see the “Airport Lounge Access” section, where you’ll want to click on “Activate now.”

That’s it. There’s no form you have to fill out, or anything, but rather you’ll just see a green check mark, and you should receive your Priority Pass card in the mail within 2-3 weeks (though often it’s faster than that).

What about memberships for authorized users?

When you click the “Activate now” button on the Chase website, you’ll be sent Priority Pass memberships for the primary cardmember and all authorized users. All the cards will show up at your address, and then you can distribute them.

The only slight complication is if you request these cards and then later add an authorized user. The Chase website will still show the “Activated” button, so to get a Priority Pass membership for an authorized user added on after the facf you’ll need to call the number on the back of your card.

How to get a Priority Pass mobile membership

A couple of years back Priority Pass introduced mobile membership cards, which I appreciate, since it’s one less card you have to carry in your wallet. However, in order to activate this you first need to wait for your physical Priority Pass card to arrive in the mail, since it will come with a letter that has a PIN, and you need that PIN to activate your online membership. Make sure you don’t throw away the letter you get with the Priority Pass card, at least not before jotting down the PIN.

Once you have that you can download the Priority Pass app and then sign-up for an account, where you’ll get a mobile membership card.

Unfortunately there’s not a practical way to get access to Priority Pass lounges before your card arrives in the mail, so make sure you leave a few weeks between when you activate your membership through Chase’s website, and when you’re actually traveling.

Bottom line

The Priority Pass membership offered with the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card is one of the card’s best perks. While there are a few premium credit cards that come with a Priority Pass membership, what makes the Sapphire Reserve pretty unique is that it comes with unlimited guesting privileges. This can be a great value both for the primary cardmember, and it can also be a way to get value out of adding authorized users of the card.

Just make sure you actually activate this benefit, or else you won’t have access to 1,000+ lounges around the world.

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  1. > Unfortunately there’s not a practical way to get access to Priority Pass lounges before your card arrives in the mail

    Ben, there is a workaround. Call up Priority Pass and tell them that you haven’t received your card yet, they’d be happy to furnish you with the number over the phone and you can use that to enter the lounges by giving them that info.

  2. I was on a flight to JFK (Seoul to JFK) on Thursday and we got diverted to Chicago. I was able to use the Air France lounge at O’Hare for 9 hours while waiting. So when we finally get to JFK I am talking to this guy and he was saying how awful the wait in the airport was. I told him I was using the lounge in O’Hare and told him about Priority Pass and how I get it with the Chase Sapphire Reserve. He then says “I have that card and I heard about Priority Pass but did not know what it was.” Duh! Also turns out this guy was traveling all over Asia for the past month on a holiday … told him he could have used the lounges at the airports in Asia since they all have Priority Pass lounges. Boy he felt stupid! So make sure you activate your Priority Pass.

    Also went into my local Chase bank and am friendly with one of the account people and told her about how useful Priority Pass benefit is. And she told me “What is Priority Pass?”

  3. Dear Lucky,

    as a reader from abroad I am often frustrated that most of the credit cards are not available for non-US residents. I do have a BOA account and CC after depositing a security amount equal to the card limit. Nevertheless, me (and surely many other non-US readers) would be interested in getting the cards you write about. Do you know of CC available to foreigners without SSN other than BOA CCs?

    Thank you

  4. Hi,
    I currently use the JetBlue Plus Mastercard for all purchases. I would love to get a Chase Sapphire rewards card but am not sure if this will benefit me as I fly Jetblue most of the time.
    Can you please advise.
    Thank you.

  5. You know the site does not now have the requisite link to get to the benefits. I tried to call but busy… Any other idea on how to get to the benefits page? Thanks!

  6. Chase rep. told me that if the card did not arrive before I embarked on the trip, just use CSR card to pay for the charge and call Chase for reimbursement when it shows up on bank statement.

  7. I recently upgraded from the preferred card. The chase representative took care of everything. The priority pass card arrived nearly as quickly as the credit card. I never even logged onto the website.

    I was also told i would be reimbursed for the cost of one lounge visit prior to the card arriving.

  8. @ Tessa Cramer — Yes, you’d still benefit greatly from it. You can redeem your Ultimate Rewards points for flights on JetBlue at the rate of 1.5 cents per point, so for most spend categories you’d do significantly better than you do with the JetBlue Plus Card. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  9. I just got my new CSR PP card for 2018. This one didn’t come with a PIN. The letter says to create a log-in at with your PP number and exp date. Once done, log into the app with that username/password and viola!

  10. I would advise for those who enter without the physical or digital PP card to actually wait until you have it. On their terms and conditions, it does state that you need your card for entry. Also, not all are run by PP. Some lounges are operated by their partners, so they may want to see the card to allow entry. It is better to be on the safe side than on the outside of the lounge. Like Ben said, have your activated priority card ready whether it is physical or digital. I have always been asked for the card, so the can swipe it or manually jot it down. When I accessed the lounges in Taiwan and HK, they were very serious about having to see the card. I believe in HK, those without were turned away. I wonder if Lucky told the guy in front of him how to use it. By the way, for those of you who like airport lounges, you can also use Dragon pass. They have also created new ways for members. For example, they have their own lounges in certain train stations in China and if you are there a lot, you can consider it. They also have partnerships with restaurants to get you a deal. The best thing is that it allows you to use either of the business class lounges at Taoyuan airport with China Airlines. Although, it does not apply to entry for their special lounges, which is reserved for emerald and paragon VIPs.

  11. How do I get a list of all of the perks for the Chase preferred card and what is their cost if any?

  12. Thanks so much for this info Ben! Leaving in the AM, so I did check my Priority Pass status after your article. Thankfully I was activated, but I could well have not been activated!! As always, thanks much!

  13. @Clam Shack: My updated 2018 PP card arrived without any intervention from me, so renewal is automatic.

  14. Do you have to have purchased the airline tickets with CSR in order to use the complementary Priority Pass access?

  15. Hello! I am an avid user of the priority pass…in one now in fact! I heard they are only good for a year, is that true? Do you know how to go about renewing it? Is there a cost?

  16. Super frustrating. I’ve had the card now for months and I never got prompted or had any idea I needed to activate anything to get the priority pass. So now I’m at heathrow with a 5 hour layover and no lounge access. Why would it be so hard for them to send a digital pass immediately upon activation? It’s ridiculous this day in age.

  17. I have a question, If I have the Priority Pass, can I take my husband as a guest with me. He is not an authorized user so wont be having the Priority Pass Card. So my question is do “guests with the primary Pass holder need to have a Card too?”

  18. Hello,

    I activated Priority Pass just now via CSR website. Will the Priority Pass card come via mail automatically following this?

  19. I just got my pass ends with 4671, but lost it. i called up 3 times and i got disconnected after 20 25 min. i am sick and tired to call and call i have no time. please send me a new one my flight is next Tuesday. February 11th my Sapphire Chase # is ends with 7390 my phone is 845 4997043 or 845 2704907.
    Thank you Sarah Gluck

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