All Accor Hotels Participating In Aeroplan Promotion

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Earlier today I wrote about an extremely lucrative promotion being offered by Accor and Aeroplan, whereby you can earn 5,000 bonus Aeroplan miles per Accor stay through December 31, 2014.


The promotion almost seemed too good to be true, given that Accor has plenty of budget brand hotels which go for under $50 per night.

The terms of the promotion referenced “participating hotel,” so my concern was that the budget brands would be excluded.

Well, I reached out to Accor to clarify, and they’ve confirmed that all 2,700 hotels participating in the Accorhotels program are included in the offer.


And to support that even further, the Aeroplan promotion page says the following:

Earn 5,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles when you book and stay at any Novotel or one of 12 other Accor brands hotel worldwide by 12/31.

So I think it’s safe to assume that all properties are indeed participating.


While there aren’t many budget Accor properties in the US, there are tons in Asia, Europe, and South America. So if you live near one, this could be an amazing opportunity to rack up Aeroplan miles for well under one cent each.


Does anyone live near a budget Accor property and plan on taking full advantage of this promotion?

  1. Let the games begin.

    I have a night coming up in Milan I see a $48 “day” rate, no overnight. I wonder if that qualifies…

  2. The trip report I’d most like to read might be daily hotel hopping between the generally sub-40U$D-priced Bangkok Ibis hotels while using BRG on all reservations for the entirety of the promotion period.

  3. Is there a limit on how many times one can earn 5k miles? There is also a Lufthansa offer, 3500 miles per stay for up to 5 stays.

  4. This is insane. I can book an Ibis stay for less than 35 usd due my platinium status here in Brazil.

    But I have a question regarding the 8000 bonus points offer for 3 stays that I have signed up before. Since my last elegible stay is booked to december 21st, what happens if I choose to credit my points in the Aeroplan before getting these 8000 points and book some extras stays before that?

    Would the 8k points be credited to the Aeroplan account or to the Le CLub’s? What about the risk of losing the points?

    Does anybody have a clue?

  5. @Stephan Sure, why not? 30 nights results in a (booking on less fancy carriers without bogus YQ fees) RT business class from NA back to Southeast Asia on another trip. We’re not talking about the most glamorous hotels, but if there are walls, ceilings, securiity, and wifi, that works for many. Or 10 nights is a RT for two in economy within North America during times when prices are expensive. Please excuse me if I sound like a madman.

  6. Or pay for a room, get Thai farmers to stay for you. They get free hotel stays and you get miles on the cheap.

  7. “Yes, but do many of us in N America actually want to stay at some of these properties? Really?”

    You should check out some Accor 5 star properties in Bangkok. Pretty darned nice, and $90-120 a night.

  8. I think the giant question mark here is to the amount of times this promotion can be used. being from hong kong , its a breeze for me to get to BKK(one of my fave places) and just hotel hop for a month… The cheaper ibis hotels are about 30-40 usd a night

    so 40 usd x 30 days = 1200 USD (plus a month of accommodation)
    30 days x 5000 miles per stay = 150,000 miles. lucrative would be an understatement.

  9. Yeah +1 on the giant question mark regarding how many times this offer can be used. From reading the terms and condition, it could be interpreted as just one time…@Lucky, please reach out to Accor again to clarify this.

  10. Hi Lucky, could you please help us to confirm with Le Club whether there is promotion limit for number of stays? It seems their other similar promotion (BA or Lufthansa) have the limit for total bonus miles.

  11. I have a hard time believing that all Accor hotels qualify, but if true that’s amazing. Hotel F1s here in France are around 19EUR a night at times (some of them even have a 2EUR discount now for booking online), and even if just checking in and staying at home, might be worth it.

  12. @ Al — The terms do state you earn “5000 miles for each eligible stay.” Seems there’s no limit as far as I can tell.

  13. The Aeroplan Promotions site has more details and it does say that the offer is limited to the following hotels:
    “From London to Melbourne and New York City, you’ll find Accor hotels in cities and suburbs and alongside parks, museums and monuments. Earn your miles whenever you book one of the following properties:

    Novotel/Suite Novotel
    Mercure/Grand Mercure
    Ibis/Ibis Styles
    Adagio/Adagio access
    The Sebel

  14. This is a great deal. Since it’s a bonus, presumably it would be in addition to the regular Accor program. What are your thoughts on Accor’s program, and rewards?

  15. I think it’s one time only. Per T&C from Aeroplan – “2. This offer is valid for a stay from 10/1/14 to 12/31/14 in one of the participating hotels, and booked between 10/1/14 and 12/31/14. ” The phrases “a stay” and “one of the hotels” imply to me that it is not repeatable.

  16. @ Lisa

    The T & C states as follows: “Earn 5,000 Aeroplan miles (converted from 10,000 points) for each eligible stay until 12/31/14.”

    “Each eligible stay” means every time to stay at one their participating hotels and book it through their website link provided so no double dipping occurs. That’s fairly clear.

  17. Most ibis hotels in Shanghai has “Le Club Accorhotels card not accepted at this hotel” icon when I searched for them on Not sure if those would qualify. They are around 30-40 USD per night, would be great if they do qualify.

  18. Jason,

    No Le Accor properties participate in China.

    (this is from an exclusion list, not sure where the link is)

  19. Anyone know if the bonus will be earned on promo rates as well? Currently, there is an up to 40% off certain UK hotels rate plus a 15% & Triple Points Ibis rate as well? T&C’s suggest this can’t be used with any other promo and the T&C’s on the 40% off rate also suggests can’t be used with any other promo.

  20. 1) Would an uninterrupted ’30-day booking’ receive the full 150K bonus (30 nights x 5K)?
    2) Or would you have to book 30 individual stays in order to receive the full 150K?

    I’m currently Thailand, the land of cheap Accors, so I’ll definitely rock this promo.

  21. @ Trevor — It’s per stay, so you’d have to book separate stays. That being said, still trying to figure out how many times you can actually earn this bonus, as Accor hasn’t confirmed.

  22. @ Lucky – Thanks for the reply. I’ll be glued to your comments until we receive confirmation. I’m ready to book 30+ individual stays asap once all the details come to light.

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