A380 Suites at last!

Last week I wrote about Singapore’s announcement that they’d be putting the Airbus 380 on their Singapore to San Francisco (via Hong Kong) route for their winter schedule, and this presented an opportunity to redeem Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles for Suites Class, given that there was a lag between the time the announcement was made and the time the system was actually updated to reflect the new aircraft type.

I even posted earlier this week about how surprising it was that they were taking so long to update their schedule. Singapore Airlines usually updates it within hours of making an announcement, though this time it took more than a week.

However, the wait was well worth it, given that I now see the following seatmap for one of the flights I have booked in Suites Class:

Quite possibly my best use of American Express Membership Rewards points ever!

So, can we get a quick roll call going? How many of you are booked in Suites Class on SQ1/2, either because you’ve booked using KrisFlyer miles in the past week or had gotten in on Singapore releasing all their award availability a few weeks back, and just happened to book SQ1/2 during the time it’s scheduled to be operated by an Airbus 380?

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  1. Damn, I’m on SQ1/SQ2 in C during this time. I have SFO-ICN in F but those aren’t suites. Ah well, I’m sure I’ll enjoy anyway.

  2. My wife and I are booked on SQ1 in March from a couple weeks ago and am now in suites thanks to the change! A friend and his wife, that I tipped off, (thanks to you) have also benefited. That makes four!

  3. Luuuuuuuuuky…..on a side note, those blues in the galley and blues for selected seat are a little difficult to interpret. Pass that on to SQ management. Contrasting colours would be better SQ.

  4. Congrats!

    Like I emailed you earlier, I found out we got upgraded to the A380 for DPS-NRT next March.

    How can I access the features like Book the Cook that I’ve been reading about?

  5. SQ1 and 2 in now in Suites for mid-Feb using United miles during Singapore Air’s computer changeover. THANK YOU BEN!!!

  6. Got in on this deal for SQ2 F HKG-SFO segment during the United availability a couple weeks ago for February. Switched from UA F to SQ. This segment preceded by BKK-HKG in TG F!

    Also flying CX F from LAX-HKG outbound. This trip will be our first F experience, hope we aren’t too spoiled 🙂

  7. Got F suites as well for SQ1 one-way and we will be flying all the way to MLE. On the way back we are taking Emirate A380 F suites (ex-CMB). All thanks to Ben on both tips 🙂

  8. @lucky I can see that coming up now. Woohoo. Flying next July. Fingers cross nothing changes by then. Using my AMEX Membership Rewards points. Sweet deal.

  9. @ Benny — You have to call to Book The Cook.

    @ Anonymous — You’d think they would since it’s not that special, though they seem to want to continue to “protect” it. Maybe eventually they’ll release it, though I don’t see it happening in the near future.

    @ William — Unfortunately I think the end date for the A380 service is pretty firm given that the plane will be used on SQ25/26 again after the March end date. Crossing my fingers for you, though! Even the “normal” first class product is great.

  10. You can Book the Cook online, you need an SQ ff number and your SQ record locator number. You can also select seats on the SQ site.

  11. @Lucky – any other insight into 777-300ER’s being switched for the winter season? Say that last 777-300ER b/w LHR and SIN (SQ305)

  12. @ Paladin — Ultimately I’m no expert, though they’ve taking delivery of their last A380 and their A380s seem fairly strategically utilized, so I don’t really see any “obvious” routes where we may see a swap at this point.

  13. Booked SQ1/2 Jan/Feb going to Bali and added a stopover in HKG on the return – all thanks to wisdom gathered from you. My wife finally thinks my points/miles obsessing is worthwhile. Can’t wait to see your full run down of lounge options, food, best seat, whatever. Leave no detail unattended.

  14. I’ll just go ahead and answer my own question. Just tried a dummy booking SFO-HKG in March and it shows A380-800 as the plane. Business class is wide open but first class shows unavailable even for the incredibly expensive “Full” awards. It’s a bummer because the SQ award chard has an oddly small premium for going from business to first for West Coast to Asia: 63750 for business but 70125 for first.

  15. Scored 2 seats on SQ1 in February, now in Suites class, thanks to the initial post around SQ releasing award seats to Star Alliance partners a few weeks ago. Also flying the TG A380, along with ANA through Narita back to SFO (although J class).

  16. Thanks for the tip Ben!
    I got SQ2 in First for next January during the SQ computer system update. Just saw the update that I’ll be in a suite!

  17. @benny,
    Book the Cook, yes on the web but their is a little secret if you want the most options. BTC is not available from all ports to start but if you go to the Singapore site for the country your flight leaves from you can choose the local chefs for that sector. A culinary delight with each sector a little more keyboard work but French for lunch and Asian for dinner, it’s your choice and we are talking some serious restaurant kitchens here. Though I think the digestion menu on QF F A380 is the best in the air overall.

  18. @ dbeach — Outside of the timeframe where this flight is scheduled to be operated by the A380 you should still be able to book saver first class.

  19. Oh, so the A380 is only going to be on this route temporarily? If you could choose, would you rather fly in business on the A380 or in first on the 777-300?

  20. Got two seats on SQ2 for next March–transferred Amex to SQ as soon as I saw this switch was happening. Here’s to SQ deciding to wait a week to swap the plane!

  21. @ dbeach — I’d definitely do first class on the 777-300ER.

    @ puck — I’d do the window in row two or three.

  22. I got in on the SQ award release… I will be in 3A, on SQ1, in March. I booked SQ16 for my return. But, I’m excited that I will be able to do a comparison of the suite vs first class seat!

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