A350 News Reporting #FAIL!

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Check out this cringeworthy Yahoo News Reuters feature on the Airbus A350.


Quite possibly the best (worst?) part has to be when she’s saying “the twin engines give it a range of about 15,000 kilometers”… while showing three planes with four engines each.

I don’t expect the mainstream media to get airplane news right, but…

  1. Wow, just awful. One of the graphics she uses is the A380 and she refers to it as the A350XWB when talking about the carbon-fiber fuselage construction

  2. I wonder if anyone at Yahoo, while making this report, was intrigued as to why in the graphics the planes have two rows of windows and only one deck with seats inside… Perhaps they thought “the new A350” would also feature a skylight 😀

  3. The pictures are cute. I like the idea of a baby A380. Maybe with 200 seats total? Think of how quiet and private upstairs would be.

  4. The article was sad but the great comments restored my faith in…..well not Yahoo “Nooz”
    but their readership.

  5. I am 100% on board with a double decker, quad engine a321 or a 737 with a hump. I will dream of this often from now on. OMG so fun.

  6. Oh, puh-lease, come down off your high horse – you are no better. You purport to be an expert yet you constantly post utterly cringeworthy nonsense that makes it obvious you have no actual knowledge of aviation. You can gush over Hello Kitty kitsch all you want, but you are just as clueless as the mainstream media when it comes to anything that flys. Poser.

  7. When they get a story this wrong that is simple and easily fact-checked, it sure makes you question their ability to cover stories that are subjective and difficult to verify…

  8. She is correct. You can clearly see there are only two engines, but, you have to use a whole lot of right rudder.

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