A rough day of flying…

No clue how I survived this dreadful 14 hour flight… 😉

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  1. damn you lucky… saw that and thought you had a horrible flight…

    make me feel like a sucker 🙁

  2. The first photo is really nice. (And that compliment is coming from a photographer of interiors!)

  3. awesome cabin, Kevin noticed the important thing out there on bed :).. pictures are really nice and interiors too.

  4. Wow. Washing down caviar with Diet Coke. You are one uncultured fool.

    And – what an idiotic post (even for this kid). Let’s all fellate his ego. Lucky – any nobody can get into first class with miles. Does this fact escape you?

    It’s a good thing you exist in this virtual world of frequent flyer-ism. You’d be eaten alive in a world with real people and real culture was required.

  5. The troll is back! Sad how such a highbrow self-impressed blowhard feels the need to stoop to this level. Your department colleagues would be proud of you.

  6. Looks lovely, Lucky. Congrats. Enjoy. Maybe I should take some cabin interiors on my WN flights from CLE-MDW-PHX-SNA today. As for the food – we have Diet Coke too, you know! Okay, Never mind. Hope you are enjoying your great start.

  7. Even though I tend to agree with Lucky most of the time. I do believe Super80 has a point here. A simple change of tone would solve the problem.

  8. Lucky, any chance of a report of the F lounges at NRT?

    I’ve got a TG flight coming up NRT-BKK on the 773 in F and would love a heads up of which is the best lounge.

    Can’t WAIT for the trip report!!

  9. @Super80 – First off, what is so wrong with his blog post? It consists of 3 pictures and a sentence. And please tell me, is it cultured to be an asshole? Seriously, fuck you. Oops – looks like I’m uncultured! :'( Better go cry because Super80’s opinion is SO important. Boo hoo! You are just another internet rat who is hiding in their hole. And your same statement applies to you, “you’d be eaten alive in a world with real people and real culture was required.” You piss me off more than anybody else on the internet. However, the only good thing about you is that you are stuck being a jerk on the internet. There is no way that you could ever interact with people in person like the way you do on the internet, without somebody sending your right eye a knuckle sandwich.

    Have a nice day, you troll.

  10. @Super80 Cultured individuals know how to correctly deploy the subjunctive mood. Next troll, please.

  11. Super80 is not exactly wrong in his statement. To many Europeans, especially French, coke just doesn’t mix with caviar. That’s like the ultimate insult. It’s like to the Chinese when pouring soy sauce on your steam white rice.

  12. @CMH Il y a un verre de champagne juste à côté; ce n’est pas évident que M Lucky ait bu du coca avec son caviar, donc pas de jugement s’il te plaît.

    Seriously, I don’t know what’s wrong with people these days.

  13. Also, je le trouve marrant de voir un français venir fustiger notre cher M Lucky pour ce qui est censé être un faux pas lorsque ce premier n’arrive même pas à s’articuler correctement en langue anglaise. M Lucky a déjà fait preuve d’être parfaitement bilingue anglais-allemand — et on cherchait à l’appeler “inculte”? Ou bien de souffrir d’un manque de culture?


  14. LUCKY,

    You are lucky and fortunate to fly in F. I’m still stuck with my cheese and fruit plate with warm cookie.


  15. Whatever your opinion of Lucky is, I think we can all agree his posts certainly incite some lively discussion. God damn people.

  16. Is that a glass of champagne next to the Diet Coke?

    Since when do you drink alcohol? Or is it just for the photo?

  17. @Gene That’s the question I asked in #7. Seemingly, those offended by the Diet Coke did not notice the bubbly sitting next to it.

  18. @ AJO — There was actually one other passenger. I was seated in 2A and he was seated in 1K, so it felt pretty darn private. We each had our own personal FAs too. 😉

    @ Blandon — Yow, thanks! Big compliment coming from you.

    @ Jamie Regan — Absolutely, I’ll have a full report on the NRT lounges coming up after the trip. And also a full report of the leased Thai 777, though I’ll be flying it in the other direction, BKK-NRT, tomorrow night.

    @ CMH — Might want to take a closer look at the picture. I wasn’t drinking Diet Coke with the caviar…

    @ Gene @ Pat — Stay tuned for the trip report… 😀

  19. @CMH, Thanks for the idea. Next time I’m in France, I’ll drink a coke with the caviar! Wink.

    @coins, thanks for the report and pix. I’ll be slumming it on SQ in Y next month. It’s a short ride across the pond. Saving the miles for real value longhaul flights in C.

  20. @Super80, the next time you visit La France, have a Coke with caviar if it makes you happy. Now having a chocolate bar with bacon, that is NOT Kosher.

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