1. Probably not the best thing to post – back in the day I posted on flyertalk I got award points on AA for a BA award flight. Two days later they were gone.

  2. I got the same when I was too late to take my award trip with SQ, I flew QF old J, shame but got the miles on BA.

    The fare basis bought my BA entitles him to get miles, carriers have agreements abt those issues.

  3. Everyone here assumes him posting on his blog is worth less to him than 8,500 Alaska miles, even if they take them back (which I highly doubt). Thanks for sharing!

  4. C’mon folks, these miles didn’t post accidentally. I was rebooked on Emirates in a revenue fare class (and Emirates isn’t a BA partner), so as far as they and Alaska are concerned, I WAS on a revenue fare. This wasn’t an accident like AA posting miles for a BA award flight or if I had been rebooked on another BA flight and earned miles.

    And if they end up taking back the miles, so be it, no big deal.

  5. not exactly profitable if you paid all that YQ to begin with :p although it’s certainly icing on the cake

  6. This happened to me and I was so scared to post about it that I anonymized it… you are a braver man than me! But then again, you probably don’t really need the butt in seat miles at this point.

  7. Why didn’t you opt for Emirates miles ? It would have given you a lot more in terms of First time bonus, plus the First Class bonus, I would guess anywhere between 15000 to 20000 in total.

  8. This isn’t an error on either Alaska or Emirates part. EK got paid by BA for the fare and AS got paid by EK for the miles. It’s safe. Geez, all these worrywarts.

  9. Wait so were you traveling on a BA ticket when you got rebooked on EK and not one to lose the opportunity to earn a mile, immediately whipped out your Alaska Airlines Number to be put on the boarding pass??
    Did I get that right?


  10. @ ThunderStorm — That’s correct. It was a paid fare class so was eligible for mileage accrual, so I gave my Alaska number.

  11. Thanks Lucky. Very smart quick-thinking. I flew Emirates to DXB a couple of years ago and didn’t get a damn thing šŸ™

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