A practice more hotels should consider….

Waiting in my room upon check-in at the InterContinental Hong Kong this afternoon was a letter inviting me for a free 15 minute “instant refresher” neck and shoulder massage at the I-SPA thanks to my Royal Ambassador status with InterContinental. I immediately made an appointment, of course, and it was fantastic. I was almost tempted to book another massage, and for every time I’m almost tempted I know there are many that would actually book one. Given that spas are one of the first places to see reduced business during a recession, this seems like a win-win. Offering such a massage generates goodwill at the very least, and more than likely results in a substantial number of spa bookings.

This is a benefit I could get used to. Now I’m excited about my hour long massage in Bangkok on Sunday evening courtesy of Thai Airways.

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  1. Le Meridien Chiang Rai was offering complimentary 15 minute massages pool/riverside when I was there in April. Spa was dead (as was hotel overall) so the staff were there… doing nothing.. little incremental cost and a very nice way to put spa at the front of your mind.

    My wife and I *did* book treatments (probably not prompted by the free offer) and they really were amazing. And the facility quite lovely.

    Of course, nothing beats free, but the pricing combined with off-season discounts, can’t be beat when it’s under US$50/hour at a lovely resort.

  2. If you’ve never had one, let me recommend a THAI massage. Not at all like a Swedish or Shiatsu massage that most Westerners get.

    The practitioner will manipulate your body in much the way an exercise or therapy physiologist would. Lots of bending and stretching of muscles and joints.

    The few times I’ve had the opportunity, the masseuse has been a less than 100lb (40Kilo) woman who had no trouble moving this 225 lb (100Kilo) body (think longshoreman and sack of potatoes).

    Came away with a jelly-like feeling of relaxation.


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