A few thoughts on status matching

Now that it’s almost July 1 and the industry has changed a bit, I thought it was time for a status match post.

Back in February I posted about status matching to NW, saying that it’s basically a “free” status match, since I doubt the new DL system would pick up on those that have status matched with NW in the past and disqualify them. Now that it’s almost July 1, you could still status match to NW and have status through Feb. of 2010. This is particularly tempting because for the time being it still means upgrades on both CO and NW, not to mention when the time comes status in the new airline.

Similarly, now that CO and UA have announced an alliance, status matches will likely no longer happen between the two carriers starting on the alliance date (which could still be a year from now). Considering that CO is the only legacy carrier to match to top tier (Platinum), it’s awfully tempting to do a status match. Matching after June 1 would give CO status through Feb. 2010 as well, and since they’ll be joining the Star Alliance, miles might actually be worth something with them. While their current award prices are a bit higher than UA, Platinum members do earn a 125% mileage bonus, so that makes up for it a bit.

While I don’t plan on leaving UA, I enjoy a little bit of variety once in a while, especially if I can get top tier. While I think Star Alliance is by far the best, I’ve done basically all of the Star carriers and would like to try out the international premium products of CO, Dl, and NW, as crazy as it might sound.

Decisions, decisions…. so is anyone planning any status matches as a result of the new situation, or is everyone sticking to their airlines?

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  1. July 1 is not a magic date for all carriers.

    Continental was actually June 1 (as stated multiple times on Flyertalk by CO Insider).

    In some past years – before United started offering challenges – they were as late as Oct 1.

    So best to research the specific carrier before submitting a match request!

    incidentally,many hotel chains offer matches and Starwood for instance has a magic date of March 1 😉

  2. Excellent points, Gary. I’ve corrected the date for CO, but you’re correct, every program is different.


  3. One thing that I’ve been confused about from FT: I thought that UA status match challenges after July 1 would be good until Feb (or Jan) 2010, but I’ve seen some recent posts that say they are only good until Feb 2009. (The recent US changes have finally convinced my husband to switch over to UA.) Do you know which it is? (I suppose that I could just call UA, of course!)


  4. It should be good through 2010, although UA seems to have changed the qualification period from February to January, so now it would be January of 2010.

  5. Is there a contact person and fax number at NW that you’d recommend contacting about sending program statements and status match request?

    I know that http://www.ffocus.org provides some contact info on status matches for their members – but I don’t recall seeing NW listed.

    Thanks in advance!

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