A Drive By Visit To The House Of Miles, Colorado Springs

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A Drive By Visit To The House Of Miles, Colorado Springs

To wrap up our mattress run staycation, we did a drive-by of the House of Miles which is actually fairly close to the Radisson Hotel in Colorado Springs.

For many, a visit to the House of Miles is a pilgrimage of sorts to the Mecca of the frequent flyer world with a chance to meet the the oracle himself, the sage of Colorado Springs, the founder of FlyerTalk, MilePoint, and BoardingArea, Mr. Randy Petersen.

Although Randy and his staff are known for their warm hospitality, I figured I’d be relegated to just driving by given that this was a Sunday. Still, having been in the miles and points game for over a decade, I was excited to see where it all began. I’m not sure what I was expecting — maybe a pantheon to miles? An Amex Centurion lounge setup out front? A red carpet?

We plugged the address, 1930 Frequent Flyer Point — no joke — into Waze and off we went. Pretty soon we ended up in a light industrial park, and I was really starting to question our ability to “outsmart traffic together.”

If you blow a tire on the way to the House of Miles, you might be in luck
If your car breaks down on the way to the House of Miles, you might be in luck

But Randy seems like a no nonsense kind of guy, so I kept the faith that among the sea of auto-repair shops and store-your-stuff locations, we’d find what we’re looking for.

And sure enough, at the end of the street, we came to Frequent Flyer Point, which is actually just the name of the spur on which the House of Miles is located.

Frequent Flyer Point
Frequent Flyer Point

In other words, I doubt that anyone else can get an address on that street, so factor that into the equation before you pack up and move to the Springs in search of the ultimate status symbol.

We drove down Frequent Flyer Point to find a rather non-descript single-story building, not unlike the others we had passed on the way in. There was no sign, not even a street number. In fact, given the state of the overgrown landscaping, it seemed like the building might be vacant. Maybe Randy packed up shop and headed to the bright lights of Silicon Valley, Austin, or even Boulder? 

The House of Miles
The House of Miles

I later realized that the building does have a House of Miles sign on it… I just happened to arrive by the wrong mode of transportation to see it.

Ah, there's the sign
Ah, there’s the sign. Is that cool or what?

Google Earth indicates that even had I arrived by air, I might not have noticed as the paint seems to have faded a bit over the years.

Google Earth view, circa 2015
Google Earth view, circa 2015

For the record, it sounds as though the best chance to see it from a commercial flight is to arrive into COS from the southwest.

Anyway, I then headed over to the double glass entrance doors and was soon informed that I was entering a “triple miles zone.”

Wonder what year that is from?
Wonder what year that is from?

Peering through the glass revealed a well-kept office — complete with indoor plants growing nearly as voraciously as those outside — complete with five clocks on the wall for keeping track of time around the world. But rather than New York, London, Tokyo, and so on, they were labeled Ben, Gary, Seth… (Just kidding, I have no idea what time zones they were set to.)

Welcome to the House of Miles
Welcome to the House of Miles

And that was the extent of my drive-by visit to the House of Miles. It was definitely pretty cool to see the place where it all began.

Maybe someday I’ll get to go back for a tour. And, you know, not feel like I’m casing the joint.

  1. 🙂 Casing the joint. This could be a report straight out of the Airline Repo TV programme. Were you trying to repo some of his miles?

  2. Travis – next time just shoot me an email that you’re in town. Even on a Sunday, we’ll come in for you! Hope you had a fun trip.

    Meagan (BA’s critical content manager)

    P.S. My first job ever was the summer before I started my freshman year of high school. I was a hostess at The Airplane Restaurant! At the time it was called Solo’s. I guess it was a predictor of my future as a travel website manager.

  3. Meagan —

    You just needed a stint at the Radisson, and then I’d have had an inside source for every part of this trip report, LOL.

    Thanks for the offer! Will definitely keep that in mind, probably the next time Carlson runs a killer promotion.Looking forward to it.

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