9 Muslims Kicked Off D.C. Flight

Wow, the year just started and we already have our first story. Via NBC Washington:

WASHINGTON — The Council on American-Islamic Relations said that nine American Muslims, most of them headed to Florida for a vacation with family members, were removed from an AirTran Airways flight Thursday afternoon at Reagan National Airport.

The group said the incident began when another passenger complained about something that was said while boarding.

“We were talking about seat placement,” one of the detained passengers said. “We were in the back … started talking about safest place to sit. Maybe someone gleaned into that that we were planning to do something to the plane.”

AirTran acknowledged that nine people were detained for questioning after boarding Flight 175 headed to Orlando International Airport.

I don’t think any commentary is required here. Wow.

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  1. I thought it was interesting how vehemently Air Tran denied doing anything wrong… even refusing the group any compensation once the FBI cleared them.

  2. Totally agree. I hope they sue big time and win. The whole “safest place to sit on a plane” conversation is one I hear all the time on Ted with once-a-year flyers, but it doesn’t seem to be an issue then.

  3. good for air tran. waiting until you are *sure* someone is going to take down a plane is a sure way to let it happen. they had perfect reason to be cautious, given what was said.

  4. Perfect reason to be cautious given what was said? I guess using that logic, I can now easily get a row all for myself by just accusing the people sitting next to me of talking about things like what rows are the safest on an airplane. Sheesh.

  5. targus,

    Are u serious?

    What they said was:

    “We were talking about seat placement,”
    “We were in the back … started talking about safest place to sit.”

    I made the same comment to my wife on a flight just last week….

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