787 returns to Manchester after technical issues…

Via BBC:

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner jet has been forced to return to Manchester Airport following “a technical issue”.

The Thomson Airways plane was traveling from Manchester to Sanford, Florida but circled over North Wales for 30 minutes before returning.

The holiday company said the incident was not connected to a fire on a parked Ethiopian Airlines Dreamliner at Heathrow Airport earlier.

Doesn’t sound major, but the volume of issues will ground this plane again any day, me thinks…

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  1. I have a *A RTW reservation that includes 2 787 flights -HND-FRA on ANA and LAX-NRT on UA next month.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. ill pass on the 787 , does not look good. Though problems could happen on any plane, but with the 787 it has been too many .

  3. As an avid OMAAT I must say this plane is not for me, not even coach domestically. I’d rather fly Spirit air next to a chicken !

  4. The press just mentions every 787 incident and ignores the same incidents on other planes. Sure, it is a high number of issues for a relatively small global fleet, but I doubt it is any less safe than other planes. I would still fly it

  5. I’m not so worried about the safety issues as the wrinkles in your travel plans kind of issues. We’ll see as we find out more about the Thompson Manchester flight.

  6. Not sure if this is in any way related to today’s 787 news, but I just noticed that my reservation for SIN-NRT in January on ANA is now listed as operated by a 767-300. Yesterday, it was a 787.

  7. I would not hesitate to ride on the 787, in fact, I would be excited to take a trip on it. My only hesitation would be that a small issue disrupt the timing of my trip. As an engineer, I expect problems with any product right out of the gates. However, these issues popping up seems like Boeing needs to revise it’s manner of product validation as they are obviously missing some things.

  8. I’ll wait until these planes have been around the block a few times before i’ll get on one. Iron out the kinks then give a call.

  9. avherald.com says all bar two toilets broke which explains them not dumping fuel etc as it wasn’t an emergency.

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