750 free Delta miles

Frugal Travel Guy reports:

Some people can register and collect 750 Skymiles. Some can’t. Katy got them. I didn’t. Go figure. Here is the free 750 mile link

It worked for three out of the four accounts in my family that I control, so now I’m just waiting for the miles to post. While DL miles aren’t particularly valuable to me, it at least keeps them from expiring.

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  1. I always worry about links to web sites that are not part of the domain of the company for who the promotion is for. E.g., “pgs01.com” for this link when the promotion is for Delta. Not saying anything is funny in this case, but it raises my suspicions when I see it.

  2. I am NEVER eligible for Delta promotions and everyone else in my family is always eligble. They claim it is totally random but that’s impossible. I travel a lot…maybe I should travel less on Delta??

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