20% transfer bonus from Membership Rewards to British Airways

If you have an American Express Membership Rewards credit card, British Airways is offering a 20% transfer bonus at the moment. I’m not sure if this is for anyone with a Membership Rewards card or just Platinum and Centurion members, but it will show up on your Membership Rewards online page if you’re eligible.

This isn’t really a reason to just transfer points without a specific goal, but this is a great time to top off an account for those of you that got the British Airways credit card with the 100,000 mile welcmoe offer last year. In some cases it even might make sense to transfer even if you don’t already have a sizable balance. British Airways has decent redemption rates if you stick to just one partner. For example, flying Cathay Pacific business class from the US to Asia with a stopover in Hong Kong is 100,000 miles, so take 20% off of that, and you’re looking at a pretty good deal.

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  1. weird. I did not get BA, but I did see 30% bonus on Air Canada.
    Needless to say I transferred 50 000 points.
    Thanks for the tip man. Seems random really.

  2. Hrm. I got a Gold Premier AMEX and I dont see the bonus for transferring miles to BA.

    Hopefully it pops up soon or something!

  3. Lucky,

    does the 100K on CX to Asia include South Asia (India) as well or only the Far East?


  4. This is great for those who received the 100k BA Chase sign-up bonus and who want enough miles for a CX F award from the US to Asia (150k).

  5. also pretty good if you have the 2 for 1 redemption coupon but not enough miles to make it count. Transfer over 150K and you’ve got yourself 2 FC tickets to europe.

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